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All right, good afternoon and welcome back. Welcome back to the uh, you Oklahoma podcast where we save you money on your Home Insurance Tulsa, and we give you advice for the best coverage at
the best price. And tonight we’re gonna do something a little different and that’s our podcast are doing so well and we are there a rated so highly now we’re getting feedback from our listeners and our readers, which is great. We welcome it. And uh, so we’re going to take some questions from our readers and listeners. Take your insurance questions right here. And believe me, we know how people have a lot of insurance questions and they’re fascinated by insurance and if insurance is very, very exciting, Home Insurance Tulsa to say the least. It’s very exciting. When I was a kid and my parents wouldn’t get their home insurance, toaster bill, you know, we gather around the table and we rip it open and we couldn’t wait to see, you know, what kind of coverage do we have?

Do we have enough? Should we her how much premium go up this year. Yay. Dad. Got the home insurance also bell. Oh God, it was like Christmas. It was so excited. Home Insurance Tulsa is just exciting and fun. Fun. I Dunno. Component a home insurance. So man, what else do you have right there? You got your, your most expensive thing you’ve ever bought. You got your home, you’ve got the greatest city on the planet. Thompson and you just have everyone’s favorite topic. Insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa. Put them all together. That’s the Trifecta of happiest right there. Home Insurance, salsa. All right. Our first question comes from a friend of ours, a friend of the show. She listens quite often. Uh, this is Dr Jennifer wrote in and Dr Jennifer is a veterinarian and Jennifer Jennifer says, hey guys, and ensure you Oklahoma. I was on ensure you Oklahoma.com. And I couldn’t find the answer to this question.

So I’m writing to you. I hope you find the time to answer my question. I Love, love, love your podcast, love, love, love the Bra, the blog. And I love ohm insurance costs. So. Well Dr Jennifer. Thank you for the compliment. And it warms my heart when we get questions like this from people like you. Okay. So now one other question. What’s your question? Dr Jennifer. Dr Jennifer writes, I have some dogs. Well, yeah, no kidding. She’s a veterinarian and some can and some horses and some chickens. What are you doing Dr Jennifer? I mean he got it home and Ezra there. Uh, so what’s, what’s your question? What did he, what did he get? He got off. I gave the chickens are probably the only decent animal you because you’re the only one. Uh, you know, providing their. Keep working for the money for the man, you know, providing eggs.

Bless her heart. Those chickens work so hard to. Anyway, the question is, are these animals covered on my Home Insurance Tulsa? Could. I didn’t have any problems with problems with my own insurance salsa because I have these animals. All right, great question. Great question. Um, yes and no. Are the animals covered? Nothing. Unless you have mortality insurance to the policy. If you ever explained to them dog. And you want to add more talent insurance. So if the dogs don’t get hit by lightning or run over by a car or attacks by a, um, an eagle or a coyote or a cow or whatever it might be, and it gets killed. Yeah. Then I guess you her replace, but it probably wouldn’t be worth it. Chicken, you know what quite frankly, chickens or $3 a store, you just upgrade them six months, then they started laying.

Yay. So no cats starting a diamond doesn’t, you can’t swing a dead cat without gas anyway. So on your home insurance policies where you need to be more, uh, more concerned with is what kind of liability doozies, animals present on your home insurance policy. So let me flip it around instead of are they covered on the policy, what kind of liability do they provide you and will your home insurance to pay for that liability? All right, excellent question. Alright. So, um, yes, they provide liability if you have someone that comes to your house and they go out into the air and see the horses and they get kicked, uh, that’s what, uh, caused an attractive nuisance and attractive nuisance been you and something that might be attracted to a simple minded person, they might go over to it and because they’re attracted to it and they might get hurt.

Therefore you have liability. Yes. Your liability coverage. You, if someone comes over and gets hurt by one of your horses or bending by one of your daughters, now, what were they doing there? Why were they there? Were they invited on the property? I don’t know. But, uh, you know, if, if they weren’t invited them to another question and say, got, you know, on your, on the property, then yeah, you’re going to be covered for liability. But the, uh, your company owned insurance company might not be true. But now that gets us to another question. What about those gaps? Could they give someone cat scratch fever and that covered? Yeah, probably be covered under medical payment. Just an FYI. The chicken. Uh, I don’t know what kind of liability and chicken could provide. Well, if your chickens got out and they were out in the road and someone swerved to miss one and they drove through the desert to someone’s fence and a guy doing an accent, would you be liable for that?

Well, they would have to prove that they were missing the chicken and they did miss the chicken. Then they probably couldn’t prove that they were training and chicken. So I dunno, that was up near. We consult with our claims adjusters on that, you know, if some claims adjusters who just know everything, there is a lot of Home Insurance Tulsa So then we have the issue of the dog. Now, this depends on the breed of dog and there are companies that we represent a plus companies who as he asked you if you have some of these dogs and the dogs could be Australian shepherd, Doberman, rottweiler, German shepherd pitfall. And if you have those, quite frankly, those insurance companies just don’t want you. I know it seems unfair, Dr Jennifer, that you couldn’t get your Home Insurance Tulsa but also with mercury or Safeco insurance because they don’t want your dog because you to have a Doberman Pinscher and even though you’re a veterinarian and you have the experience and you know dog and the reason why you have the dormant venture is because you know that they’re not fear biters and they don’t.

They don’t just fight out of fear and so you’re going to have a nice dark, but someone could also easily train them to be fighters. And as matter of fact, in the United States last year, home insurance companies paid out over $2,000,000,000 be folks. I’m dog bite, claim to home insurance dollars a claim it. So yeah, that’s a lot of money and quite frankly, they don’t even go to court. They just paying because fights and sympathetic jury and all of a sudden it’s going to cost you even more so her Home Insurance Tulsa, you gotta be careful what kind of dog you have and believe your independent insurance agent know what kind of dog do you have. So he knows what the insurance companies, the shop for you, nor. So that’s it for the question that was today’s freshmen was great. We didn’t get to any of the others, but we’ll hopefully soon. And the question was from Dr Jennifer and it was what kind of liability or what kind of coverage do I have if I am dogs, cats, horses, and a chicken. And I wonder what else she has out there. Uh, you know, that could prevent, provide liability insurance, salsa need. He’s a great question here in the insurance agent about it. And until next time it’s home insurance Dalsa and ensure you Oklahoma signing off.