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Good afternoon, Home Insurance Tulsa pathology nation:this is ethan coming to you from peak medical technologies and we are a boise-based it consulting company that is worked solely with. If I was you I would stories for the last 15 years, so we primarily have been working with the the powerpuff product. We also work with copath product and anything and your it world that you need for your pathology laboratory. We can help you with we’ve done anything from full support. Customizations data pulling conversions, you, name, it we got it, and today we’re going to be talking about a password policies how to set them up for your power path. Productas, maybe where are where cap require certain standards for a password policies, password changing a password length and difficulties all that kind of good stuff and add, because power path is so tied to the sequel environment.

Obviously it runs on microsoft, sequel, server, always say it’s tied to that heavily. So it’s a little bit confusing. If you look in the power path products as far as how it works in an in what options you have and so hopefully going to take care of some of your your questions in and make a lil bit clearer for you today, alright, so as you look at if your dpa didn’t, obviously you are I’m, sorry I ate more assistant manager of power path. You no doubt have looked in the sequel, environment and I kind of hope through it or maybe, if you’re very familiar with it. You know what you know a lot of programming procedures, but how it interacts with microsoft sequel server. Home Insurance Tulsa So as soon as you log into power path right and you go into the world and click on the set up at the personnel for many pull that personnel form up, you have some very basic options here, as if you go in there always say you can set it to your password, never expires. So it’s pretty self-explanatory. Yeah that set the password that using is everything you can also check. That user must change password, and all that really does. Is that the next time that you log onto powerpath, it’s going to require you basically to change your password at that time? Alright, but I see just looking through here by the very basic level.

There really is nothing there that is stating anything as far as a policy for passwords. How often you wanted to change what the requirement is for the length and and difficulty does it allowed numbers and and or just required numbers and and different symbols things like that to basically take so where? Where where can you set it up and how does that all work, so power path and the sequel server back in for powerpuff is set up as with a call next authentication all right. So the idea being is that if someone wants to access the data within that sequel, server instance, they can do so via which is essentially a venti for those old-school. Guys, like me, that Home Insurance Tulsa idea they also other thing, is as direct access through setting your user account up through the sequel environment, meaning you set up a login that login is on the server level and then you grant access to an individual database meeting powerpuff now power pass authentication works slowly. If you log in through power path right, it works slowly through the sequel, authentication. Okay, that’s a big misnomer from people. So I’ve heard a lot of lot of people come to me over the years and sent you think we need the weirdest single log on for a hospital environment, so we want to be able to set it so that their their windows login can basically authenticate them through park.. You can do that from the sequel side, but not to the park on top of keishin okay. So so that’s really kind of not saying that I’ve I’ve seen the product be able to do up to this point and maybe in the future version potentially, but it’s just not set up that way.

So so, how do we set up these password policies? Okay, so the first thing you want to do is:is that I’m sure if you take a look at a login in there that you double-click on when I log into sequel environment right? So if you want to fall on with me, you have your microsoft sequel, server management, studio open and you going to click down the security that you had drill on the security tab on the left on a little plus sign on that, and then you drill down on the logins which are under that that’s important that you’re actually on the server end of this and not under the database. Okay, is it I’ll say it I’ll say it again, so you have a login that login isn’t a service-level and you’re, basically I grant access to on the database level guy. So you may have talked about test me:a powerpuff production so that one login you’re, basically going to grant access to either or all right. So when you click down under, the logins, you know I just want to pick any login that you want to look at the double click on that and, Home Insurance Tulsa basically, where it says, enforce password policy. What is that policy? Where is it exist? That’s what we’re really going to be discussing today and figure out how that works when you create a login within within sequel, server that enforce password policy is checked by default and if you’re, not sure of what that policy is, and that kind of thing until you can figure this out and test it out for yourself. I would definitely on checked that box until you have it, have it all kind of dialed all right. So the first thing is:is that you’re going to have to basically get into active directory and that that maybe something that you have to ask your your your server to your networking team for your security team for ohio, lottery organization setup? You definitely want to be able to either.

We know talk somebody through that or get access for yourself. So once you get out access to a server or a machine that has active directory on it, right, baby basic going to go into the desire to remain right and obviously the sequel server has to be on the network on this domain. Also, all right and you basically want to be out. Looking at the you want to look at the desire to me once you’re in active directory, anyone click edit and then under computer configuration. You run a drill down on the following areas:okay, you know the drill down on policies, windows settings, security, settings account policies and then password policies all right at once, you’re in the password policies, you see a bunch of different options and there that you have to play with all right and once you want to go ahead and make the changes that you want and I would definitely recommend making small changes and it in a test environment. And then, basically, you want to make her desire changes and then save them, and it basically once you have that in place. Home Insurance Tulsa Any sequel server that rides that that resides within that windows domain is basically going to pick up that policy and you got to make sure that you are on the demand level and you’re not on the individual computer level. That’s definitely a big thing you want to make sure of so just make sure of where you are and what changes you’re making all right once you have that in place again, so any sequel server that is within that that environment is going to not pick up that that password policy, and so when you, when you check that enforce password policy within sequel server. That is what’s going to activate it. Okay, if you have any questions, we’re always here to help you can get us at peak medical tec.Com. You can also get us on on area code 208-639-8828, while he’s around you have questions that you can email us at info at peak, medical tec.Com have fun and good luck with your password policy for your pocket instance.

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