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All right. Podcast number one 77. And our last podcast we talked a little about personal property coverage and the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value and how much do you really need. Um, and again, it gets down to personal preference and we recommend you talk to your professional, independent insurance agent for making a decision. Now today, this topic is going to be what do we do? We have someone who has their home insurance also with us, uh, and we’ve gotten the coverage and we got everything over to the mortgage company for their closing. And we always quote auto and home insurance together. And what I got an email from this person says, well, what if I like my current carrier? And I want to say was, and it’s, we, we get that question frequently. Uh, but his simple answer is you can do it.

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You can do whatever you want, but all insurance companies want you to insure your auto and home insurance salsa together. And it made it worthwhile to do it. So this house isn’t even a very big or expensive house. Uh, it’s a little over a thousand square feet, but the savings on the home insurance, Tulsa premium is $250. If you insure your auto and home. And then the savings on the auto insurance is $70 every six months or $140 a year. So total savings of over $400. If this person will put their auto insurance with the same company as their home insurance salsa. So it doesn’t make sense to have them separate. Now that being said, offense with this first month to do or power to him, he’s free to do it. Um, we get paid more because commission is based on a premium page, but it doesn’t make sense to have auto and home insurance on what, two different carriers.

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It just makes sense to keep them together. Um, so when you talk to your professional insurance agent, they should be letting you know this. They should, uh, you should know how much you’re saving by keeping them together and, uh, you should always have them together anyway. I mean, the point is when claim time comes, if you’re a good client, you’re treated better. And quite frankly, having auto and home insurance, Tulsa together means you’re a good client so you don’t have to. But I’m here to tell you, all companies give big discounts. If you do. Oh we had one the other day and it was only a $70 difference whenever. I don’t know why you’d want to have to the reinsurance companies anyway and have two different places to call if you needed help with your insurance. So our theory is, look, where are your professional independent insurance agency?

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Why wouldn’t you want to be with us for everything and not just home insurance, Tulsa, we start with that, but we use your right everything else because people like to have one insurance agent that they call and get good quotes from. So anyway, that’s who we are and what we do. And that’s why you should always have the aro and home insurance together with the same company and the same agency. It makes it easier to move around if you need to look, the first people that are going to be canceled are the people that have mono-line business with a company. And quite frankly, some companies won’t even take your home insurance without your auto insurance. So it just makes sense to keep them together, save money, live better, all Mart. So anyway, it also depends on what part of the country you live in. Here we are in the Midwest, we get a lot of hailstorms claims and quite frankly we’re getting into that season.

And if you don’t have your auto and home together, you know the other benefit is a lot of companies offer auto and home together and we’ll actually have a single deductible. So if your home and auto are hit by the same thunderstorm, you’ll just have one doctor would have pay and not more than one, which can be awfully handy and make me both be happy when you’re saving $1,000 or $500 whatever it might be. I’m there dual deductibles. So it all depends. You know what the surface of your house is, what the service of your vehicle is, but it doesn’t matter how hail proof it is. Hail in the Midwest can be big and damaging. If you ever look around and see what someone’s car looks like, you’ve been hit with a ball team hammer as a hailstorm and those don’t come out. Now you have a little bit of hail and it’s not too bad cause you have your dark colored vehicles parked in the sun for awhile and you’ll probably see that they’re going to pop right out because as you heat them they come out.

But if not, then you’re covered. So, uh, anyway, that’s, that’s what we have to do about that. I would definitely always keep your auto and home insurance with the same and I would make sure that you have the best coverage in place and it gets down to you calling the best professional insurance agent and just tell the agent, are you a price person or a coverage person? Sure. A price for, don’t let them knock it down and get your bare bones. If you’re a coverage person, best thing to do is sit down with the agent and make sure you’re getting the best coverage for the lowest price. That’s your best insurance value.

And usually no, it’s, people get the best coverages so, and they don’t, they don’t have to worry when it comes to claim time, they know their stuff can be covered if it’s legitimate claim. So, uh, you know, roofs in Oklahoma, so we say that they’re going to last a long time. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Some will, some won’t. So what good. That’s all I have to say about that. Your rough, this isn’t going to last forever and Oh Paul and eventually the hell server’s going to come a long and destroy it. Now you don’t wait and for a hailstorm to destroy it all, you get it prepared where it needs to be repaired and you go, are you sent to home? The better it is to withstand hail damage, sun damage or wind damage. And you know, I didn’t use to think that metal roofs look so great, but I’m here to tell you that might be the way to go.

A good metal rough, which is good day, you know, can stand up to damage. Now here’s the other thing you have to think about when it comes to a metal roof, a lot of companies exclude, um, um, uh, they exclude cosmetic damage. So if you have a metal roof and it’s been damaged by hail, quite frankly, yeah, it might not be covered because it might just be cosmetic and not actually a problem with the roof. And there’s not a problem with the roof and it’s still protecting and not leaking. It might not need to be, might not need to be replaced. Hey, you have an ugly Gentoo metal roof on your, you know, it’s hard talking to people about their premium at the time they purchase. It’d be a lot easier to talk to the claimant, not the, uh, insurance purchaser because, uh, people are having claims in a little bit of money that they saved on their premium, goes out the window. They don’t think about that anymore. Whereas, uh, you know, someone’s going to buy insurance, you want it as cheap as they can and, but that’s not the same person that has the claim Because if you have claims, you know, you don’t care how much you paid. So, you know, it’s a difficult balance that we, that we trade off there. But yeah, that’s just a fact. You want to talk to the claimant’s not the purchaser. And if the claimant as good coverage, they’re always happy. Although I’m a purchaser of coverage and they know that’s problem with insurance, right? You don’t know how long it’s going to be for your claim. I mean, too much. You’re not happy. So we tried to strike a balance between the two and get them the best carvers they could get.