Uh, let’s see, this is, I have to count up because we’re coming to the end. If you haven’t listened to all of our podcasts, this is number one 82. And we’re only gonna do 18 more after this on home insurance. Tulsa, this is an important topic because we live in Oklahoma and, um, you know, if we’re not getting bad storms and hail or getting ice or [inaudible] that we’re getting, you know, 110 degree beaten down some that just and sun can chew up your Brook. Boy, I tell you what, so home insurance Tulsa’s very important topic and that’s why our, uh, our podcasts, I’ve been focusing on it. So, uh, just a couple more about the home insurance Tulsa and then we’re going to move on. Uh, we might do some home insurance, broken arrow, but, uh, after this we might just talk about, uh, insurance quotes, Tulsa or insurance, Tulsa. Uh, but regardless, you know, on a day like today, it’s a beautiful day, 89 degrees humidity’s back because that’s so much rain this summer that we never get. And, uh, but it’s so humid. It sucks. My golf other done sucks. Like golf. It’s great to play golf if you have the opportunity to do so. And uh, but what’s happening at your house? Well, when it’s hot, it’s humid. Uh, we couldn’t talk about mold. Uh, we had a client recently that there was a warping on their siding on their out and uh, that warping could mean that moisture can get in under the shingles and you can get an entire layer of mold up under your shingles and even your moisture barriers not can prevent that. So you gotta make sure, especially in a climate like where we are here in Tulsa, Oklahoma or in broken arrow, Oklahoma, that you, uh, the house is seal. And if you have sightings that doesn’t feel, you know, maybe some cock helps or uh, just screwing down that siding a little more and things to help it.

No, I don’t know what’s going to happen with this one because the contract driver said it’s fine. And obviously contractors like to charge because they like to make money and they said it’s fine, but insurance company wants to fix our director saying, well, there’s nothing to fix so I don’t, I don’t know what’s going to happen with this one. But the, uh, the main point is we want to make sure your roof is right and not leak. You cause, you know, water in a house is just devastating to a home and water seeks the lowest level. So you don’t know if your rough, uh, as leak in it. You might not know where it’s coming from and if it’s, you know, it can come in one part of the roof, but the leak show up in another and it’s really hard to find. And this why it’s important to make sure your roof and roofing is up to date. And if there are, um, bad storms, did you lose a shingle or something that gets repaired right away? You definitely want to have that repair right away. We work with people, uh, you know, since we focus on home insurance Tulsa and our specialty is working with and helping the,

Tulsa County real estate in the Oklahoma real estate market with their home insurance, Tulsa. But anyway, we recommend the work a lot with a great company called home again roofing and they will get out and work with our clients and help them with whatever over repairs they have. That’s just real. It could be, Oh, it’s anything I’ve been speaking of that, Hey, not only have uh, a great company, if you have anything like for $1,000 class, we’re just going to come and fix it for you free, which is fantastic because you know, home repairs can get expensive, but the expensive part is the labor, not the materials usually. And your home insurance Tulsa, you know that it’s covered, but you definitely want to make sure you want a high enough deductible where you’re not turning in claims and


because the insurance company doesn’t like that. You want to wait until you have the big claim, big total roof repair or replace or something and not just, you know, little ticky tech rough claim shingle coming off or something. We’ve got to make sure you’re tacked out okay. And that it’s been done right. Uh, you know, everything has a roof in Tulsa. So when we are writing home insurance, Tulsa, we always want to, we have to know the age of the roof and different companies have different appetites when it comes to replacement costs on Rook, you know, we have some, uh, all States for instance, will give us a great coverage on a roof replacement cost of for 10 years. And then it titrates down for that where it’s still replacement cost, it’s just not a hundred percent replacement cost. And theirs is probably the best when it comes to rough coverage of all of our carriers.

So we try to put as many people with them as we can, but you know, there are per carrier, you have to have good credit. Everything has to work right. So usually does for our clients, we have good clients because we work in Tulsa’s real estate market with mortgage brokers and realtors and title companies and uh, whomever might need our services. Fact, we’ve had two great referrals from a mortgage broker lately. Uh, we close both of them for him, but we haven’t heard from him in a while. So we want to work with him again and we brought him the Bible. I’ll blond KNN. So anyway, anyway, Greg’s a great guy. Greg Freeman. It says retail mortgage. We work with Greg a lot. If you have any questions on mortgages, I would highly recommend Greg. We also recommend Steve Currington over it. T O C Tolan and concepts.

Another great one. And boy, his processor, Casey Jones, she’s just best she is. I know Mike. Um, I met her one day and man, she, that girl just doesn’t stop. All she does is work and she does a great job for Steve and told them in concepts. So whether you’re doing laundry or whatever in your house, you have a responsibility, you have things progress that you have to make and you also want to make sure everything’s okay. So this is a good time of year to move things away from the foundation. We definitely don’t want to have a whole bunch of like wood around the foundation because wood can invite termites. We definitely don’t want to have launch stacked up against a house, you know, like if you’re waiting for wintertime because things get in there in the summertime, guess who like blogs? Yeah, copperhead snakes.

And in the wintertime it could be possums or other vermin, uh, like, uh, uh, one of those raccoons. Uh, but also termites in the termites can then get in and start feasting on the wood and your house and you don’t want that. So, all right, uh, other things to do. You want to keep your bushes trimmed and nice. That does a couple of things for the insurance company, it shows pride of ownership, uh, but also it’s not overgrown where stuff is over the windows and whatever. And you know, cause if things go over the windows, if plant plans go over the windows, then it’s hard to see and it’s just one more way for things to get in your house and start wrecking. So, you know, you want to keep the outside siding relatively free of growing plants because growing plants could mean pesky animals don’t want pesky animals.

Um, but you know, as I drive around and I see a lot of people take that into consideration and they keep you outside of their house. Nice. But you know, some still do have trees grown up over that house and you know, if it gets over the house, and of course you’re getting things in your gutters, you’re getting leaves and pine needles and stuff in the gutters. And then the governor gutters can overflow if they overflow and then freeze. We can have what’s called ice damming. Just one more thing you don’t want in your house. So anyway, that’s it for podcast one 82.