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One, oh two, 102 few kids keeping track at home. I am, I cannot, I cannot wait to get outta here. It is poor as rain this morning. I think it’s going to rain tomorrow. And if you have a hole in your roof from hail or a from when you’re going to know it today. So those are the things that need to be called mitigating circumstances. You have a hole in your roof, you need to put a tarp over it or something over. So anyway. Uh, and that’s all I have to say about that. So this original content, we’re having a wet day in September, which is good. Our growing season’s almost over from you is going to stop growing here. So. Home Insurance Tulsa I don’t think we’re going to get second cutting your pay, but the good news is we don’t have to keep paying the guy to more lawn to mow my lawn.

So it’s Oklahoma. Uh, we are going. This podcast is brought to you by progressive insurance progressive where if you bundle you can save a bunch of money. Now we are going to be one of the few firms that actually is able to offer progressive Home Insurance Tulsa and we be able to write the auto and home together with that company. Now. That’s good news for those of you currently with progressive and it’s good news for those of you who want, you know, an overly burdensome a and p policy with a bunch of stuff on it and you just want your base. That’s what progressive office they offer the basic, their market is say age 25 to 35, 45 to 40 maybe before you started having a nicer home and the home where you need, you know, you want better or different coverage. You want, you know, guns insured or some jewelry schedule.

So, uh, yeah, that’s what we asked why, what progressive is good for, it’s going to help get in that market and then a get and maintain those clients. I’m, my God, just put an entrance and there mean trees on there right away. They understand how that works. They’re going to have to take that down and that’s all right away is when you buy a house and you do own the property, but other people have access to it. It’s called her right away and that would be in your. All right. Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by a phone call from a client that no one ever wants to hear from him. Mention about stuff, you know, that’s my recommendation would be if you are a business owner that you fire your worst client every year, just fire him. You can’t help them anymore and you need them to find services somewhere else and believe me, Home Insurance Tulsa your staff will be so happy. Did that. You’ll get the increased production out of it and you won’t miss the revenue one bit. I would recommend that and there’s people that I’ve seen and talked to that I know their company could benefit their companies I’ve worked with and consulted with that I know would benefit from it. So anyway, back to what we were talking about.

We were talking about progressive and their home insurance. Tulsa. That’s so great. Company progressive. The largest auto insurer in the United States and ensure you have, but we don’t write a lot of standalone auto policies. Maybe we should, but because of that we don’t write a whole lot of progressive and maybe we should pick up some more, but you know, incentive, sticky as just working with someone’s home first and then getting their auto. So we do specialize in home insurance. Tulsa. And these are policies. Everyone was a home, has cars, right? Not everyone knows cars has a home. And so we, uh, we write home insurance and then we write the auto insurance. And then that sticky business people don’t leave because the hard part is getting her client. The easy part is keeping them, quite frankly. And that’s why, and I’m sure you Oklahoma come, we provide white glove service like people have never seen before, like you’ve never had from an insurance agent or insurance agents.

We are the good agents. You were a great agency. We have systems and processes in place to, uh, to make sure that you are satisfied with your insurance. You know, Home Insurance Tulsa people spend a ton of money on insurance and they get some idiot insurance agent who has no experience and doesn’t know how to keep a client or make the client happy. Quite frankly, we are, they’re worried about is having enough money to play golf or have a mediocre lifestyle. Well, and show you Oklahoma, isn’t that we’re a company. We’re a business. We employ and uh, we know that our clients, our customers are number one and that’s who we constantly are striving to impress and ensure and keep his clients and get referrals. And then it gets me too. If you like our process, if you like what we’ve done for you, please give us a google review.

Please go on Google and leave us a review. You can go to, uh, ensure you oklahoma.com. Click on the map on Google and you will find us and, uh, know you will get. You will be able to leave us a review and hopefully we’ve earned a five star review. If we haven’t, you could let us know ahead of time so we can make it up. And then you can leave us a five star review please. If we are not exceeding your expectations as the premier independent insurance agency in Oklahoma, then I want to know about it. My name is Mark Morley. Home Insurance Tulsa I’m the owner and founder of ensure your opponent. Right now I’m stuck in some ungodly traffic in Jenks, Oklahoma. And a big part of that is because people in Oklahoma can’t drive and weather and we have rain and that means people’s cars are wet, so they can’t drive them how they normally do.

Anyway. Um, so how do we go about helping people with their home insurance also? Well, one of the ways we do it is partnering with mortgage brokers and mortgage brokers that we get as our partners refer US business and ask us to help a client with their insurance, her closing, because you can’t close on a home unless you have insurance. And unless the Home Insurance Tulsa is put into place to least four days in advance, you can’t close on the loan and that is just red tape in your life. You don’t need that kind of red tape and your wife. You need everything to go smoothly at closing, so that’s why mortgage brokers like to take it out of the hands of the clients. Is it just one more thing that the client has to do well and they give it to ensure you Oklahoma, and they know it’ll get done and it will get done. It’ll get done right for the right price. Um, and believe me, you don’t get in your house without closing. Mortgage brokers don’t get paid without closing. Realtors don’t get paid without closing. If you want it done, you want it done right, you call ensure you Oklahoma or go to our web page, ensure you Oklahoma.com. That’s the letter U and not Wyoming. You Click on the video there and see how we are passionate about helping people and our clients.


uh, our passion hopefully translate into providing white glove service at great affordable prices. Because what good is insurance if you can’t afford it, you know, believe me in Oklahoma insurance is expensive. Companies would love to just hook up there. Uh,

they’re a bank account to your bank account. Take out all your money every year or every month and ensure everything you have. Home Insurance Tulsa That’s not what we want. We want to make sure that we have the right. Um, we want to make sure we have the right amount of coverage, but also that you are assuming some risk. You don’t need insurance company to assume the risk of someone breaking a railing on your house. That’s something you can fix yourself. But if a tornado comes through that, something you want help with from the insurance company. So we recommend high deductibles a and ensure you Oklahoma. And in Oklahoma requires a wind hail deductible. And quite frankly, we usually put one percent or $5,000. So that’s how, that’s the state of insurance in Oklahoma. So until next time, signing off according one. Oh, two.