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Alright, tumor may concern. This is Mark Reed Morley certified financial planner. I have an a. This is podcast one. Oh, eight, 180 odd jazz to be transcribed into a blog. Anyway, um, I, I want to talk a little about my career and what brought me to where I am today in the field. I started in the insurance and financial services industry in 1991. It wasn’t my first choice. I know only one person who grew up wanting to be an insurance agent and that’s Michael Rubio and he’s the best I’ve ever met. Home Insurance Tulsa Not sugarcoating it any other way is best for me.

Anyway, I started in, Oh, when he was 23 years old and he told me he’d always dreamed of being a successful. He knew what he was doing from day one. He was running a business and now that business is second to none in Oklahoma. So I, um, started in 1991, February 12, 91, which was also my brother’s birthday and groundhog day. My brother Tom Tom. And uh, I was an agent and country companies at the time, the country company for five years in one month I was a good employee rep agent. And then I became a career agent, opened my own office, moved out. And uh, then the company tapped me on the shoulder asking it’d be a trainer while we were in Hawaii on a trip. And I think I’m much so I became a trainer responsible training, 140 aces or states that is southern Illinois and Missouri and Oklahoma. Then 10 months later they kept me on the shoulder and asked me to go to Oregon to be an agency manager. Home Insurance Tulsa. I went to Oregon city. I had a seven agents quickly went down to four. Nope, it up over a five year period to 23 agents. And when I was receiving the award for Agency of the year, um, someone said that they want to talk to me about moving to Oklahoma. Now before that I had been offered positions from Oregon. My wife didn’t like organ, but we got to Arizona and Colorado

and Oklahoma City and Tulsa came open. I knew that was right fit for us, so we came and we visited to also, we visited on a kind of a crappy rainy weekend in March, but we decided to move here and we moved here in uh, well I came and made into and the plan was to go back to Oregon after our son was born, but then we’ve got a full price offer on her house. Be out quickly. We said yes. I quickly moved back to Oregon and uh, we drove back. We got here June 17th or 18th. My, Home Insurance Tulsa our son John was born June 22nd. So from June 2002,

the agency was number 84 85, 86 season the company, uh, so second to the last, not quite last second glass. And um, we took the top regional champions and the best and then in a 2008 company asked you to also take over Oklahoma City and that’s the agency which I did. Home Insurance Tulsa a 2008, 2015, we built the agency up to 28 agents for the state of Oklahoma. That was a good agency. So I have experienced and what has my thing I liked doing the back is building agents and making people successful and what I do is I have systems in place and when the agents follow the systems and follow the procedures that we have, it’s all process and systems.

Then we have it. We’ve had good success. But then I left in 2015 minutes sharing follow a dream because I am a certified financial planner. My dream was always to have a, a independent independent wealth management firm, just a nice boutique firm. And I went into business with this company that I don’t want to name on air because it all helps our seo. But anyway, uh, it turns out my partner that I bought into swindled me into getting in, had me spend a fortune, my life savings and then was a race. Don’t mean like, oh, he prayed, no, this man is mentally ill. This man is crazy. Uh, I had to invoke our buys, celebrate with just to protect myself. I have walked away. I walked away with a couple of hundred thousand additional money. But since then I’ve been A. I decided to grow an independent insurance agency and uh, Home Insurance Tulsa take everything I’ve learned and I’ve known and take it and build an agency for myself instead of, for a big company, built three agencies for companies and those companies made a fortune off. Now I’m doing it for myself and I’m building the company agency called ensures you Oklahoma and we specialize in home insurance. Tulsa. We lead with home insurance, salsa

and because our theory is everyone has a, everyone has a house and cars, not everyone with cars a house and we want to build a world class insurance agency with uh, people who like our value proposition and will stay with us and not leave. So

when people have one or two lines of business with us, they’re more likely to stay and not leave. Uh, so we have good sticky stickiness. We’re also hiring agents and training them on how to be the best that they can be to represent a ensure you, Oklahoma. And we trained them to market a home insurance Tulsa. And we market. We market primarily with mortgage brokers, sometimes realtors, but not as often with realtors, mortgage brokers, mortgage brokers. There is none better, Home Insurance Tulsa a total lending concepts, Tlc, mortgage in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Colorado Springs, Colorado and we are their preferred insurance carrier. So we are great at taking care of home insurance, Tulsa for a mortgage company. So we are trusted by mortgage professionals to get home insurance, Tulsa in place for when people need it to close on their mortgage and you better believe that afforded the best.

And we’re the professionals that you should not look no further. The mortgage professionals don’t get until they close more, right? And neither is the real well. One of the things that they have to do to get paid is have home insurance, the insights for days before the closing. And a lot of people don’t know that and they just think I can get it anytime I want, blah blah blah. But no the professionals and ensure you Oklahoma know when you have coverage and what did that look like and what you need in order to, um, in order to close. And that’s the whole idea. You got to close. If you don’t close your a house. Mortgage brokers don’t close. They don’t get paid. They don’t get. They don’t get paid. And what? What’s the, what’s the linchpin? Know that it’s us and ensuring the Houma and shirt you Oklahoma.com or give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Home Insurance Tulsa we will show you what good looks like. You know, in the wealth management firm we say, you know, people know what good looks like. Well, professionals know what good looks like when they’re trying to close a mortgage because that’s when they get paid. So that, that, that to our founder is, and we highly recommend that. You take a look at who we are and what we do, and that is just one more reason why we’re better than the rest.