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Good morning and welcome to the latest ensure you Oklahoma. Our original content podcast. My name is Mark Morley. I am the founder and president of sure you Oklahoma locations in South Tulsa and all Mulkey we can serve you anywhere you are in state. Today’s podcast is brought to you by all state insurance company because as of yesterday, we are representing all state and we can now vote allstate insurance, which is great for our clients because the more companies we have to shop for you, the better rate you’re going to get on your insurance policy. So, uh, today brought to you by allstate. You’re in good hands. Don’t let mayhem wreck something, but if it does, I’ll say conflict sent. So, uh, today we’re talking about Home Insurance Tulsa and we’re talking about different kinds of rush you could add or different kinds of construction. You know, all homes come with a rope, right?

I mean, you need a roof, whether it’s one story or three stories, you have to have a rough, but the quality of construction can really affect what kind of, uh, are our, how well that rough holds up. There are shingles and then there are, there are some cheap shingles and just like cheap insurance, Dell shingles might look good when you’re putting them on. You might be a couple of bucks you’re saving, but in the end when they don’t last and their tennis paper and they get ripped with a little bit of Hail, then you’d be sorry. And then your Home Insurance Tulsa rates go up or it’s not covered because you have shingles. So what we want to make sure is you have good quality builder who has good shingles on your roof and it built how soundly, you know, we, we really want to make sure that we are ensuring a good construction home.

So the, uh, so we don’t have a lot of claims, you know, your home insurance also, policy is made for catastrophic claims. Claims that if you didn’t have insurance, could wipe you out like a lawsuit or even your roof being total or you know, a lot of things can happen with hail can be breaking out your windows, excellent and totally in your car. But we’re talking about Home Insurance Tulsa So one good quality workmanship. When good quality materials, there’s nothing wrong with know some builder grade materials, but it’s just not customs and the customs homes actually that might have the most problems because you know, they used to put shake shingles on everything and actually a homeowner’s associations would require, if you’re getting a new roof to be replaced with shake, well the problem is these daughters putting on shake shingles on the Home Insurance Tulsa that were just paper thin and they would get destroyed and it costs a fortune to replace those shake shingles.

So, uh, some homeowners associations have changed and that allowed the asphalt or composite shingles and it just makes sense in somewhere like Tulsa because eventually the home insurance companies aren’t going to want to keep paying for new shake shingles on your house and they’re eventually going to not cover it. And then you have a nice house with no coverage for your rough because your home insurance isn’t gonna cover it because every time a little storm comes along, they get zero kids total and people don’t want to pay up to get an upgrade. The rough that can be more hail resistant. So it’s just a cycle that perpetuates itself a, you’d be better off with metal or. Actually I think Elon Musk is actually inventing a shape single that is not only hail resistant, but it is a solar and so it can help heat and cool your house in the wintertime. Imagine how nice that would be a rough that can’t be damaged and it’s solar to help.

Cool your house. Boy. What a great invention that would be. I wonder how much that would cost anywhere your Home Insurance Tulsa policy might give you a break if you have a roof like that because it’s so nice. Or they’ve also toyed with making shake shingles out of recycled plastic or rubber. You only problem is no one wants a rubber roof unless it doesn’t look like it’s rubber. And then they might have it. And then if you had a rubber roof or a plastic rubber, it’d be very help resistant. You know, nothing’s held pro but it could be hail resistant and then you get a nice discount on your home insurance.

Home Insurance Tulsa is. It’s covering your probably your biggest investment you’re ever going to make. And so you definitely want to make sure that it’s covered right and your rough is the one thing that a can, that’s a big claim that you have stress shorter, you know, totally near your house from Oh, lightning or fire or, or something like that. Now, what if you have a chicken coop or a she shed or a gardening shed or a pool house, how is that covered on your hHome Insurance Tulsa? Well, I’m glad yet that would be covered as what’s called enough jewelry, private structure. And then I’m jewelry. Private structure can be fence, it can be a shed, it can be a chicken coop, it can be many, many things, uh, so it prevents you from having to have that structure covered separately. No offense, most down it can be covered if a year she shed burns or your pool house gets destroyed, you know, that’s covered as an private structure.

Also includes sidewalks and swimming pools, although I’m not sure what parallel can damage a sidewalk or a swimming pool, but I guess it does exist. So we want to make sure that you have enough coverage on your own private structure in the other day from someone they have a student going away to college and then a question on both their Home Insurance Tulsa and their auto insurance on their car insurance. Well, if your student is going away to school more than 100 miles away, then you actually get a discount and you know he’s barely covered or she just when she comes home from school. But the other thing, what is it about private property? What about the stuff they take with them in the dorms or an apartment? Well, a lot of people. I was looking at blog the other day and they were wanting to know what kind of renters insurance or where to get renter’s insurance.

Chances are if you’re a student away at college, you don’t need renter’s insurance because you have coverage for up to 10 percent of your personal property coverage away from home. So if you have a, a $300,000 house, you have $210,000 personal property coverage inside the house, usually 70 percent and then 10 percent of that away from the house, so you’d actually have $21,000 of coverage for stuff that you might put in storage or a student takes away to college. So he didn’t have a smaller house. Even if you have $100,000 house and $70,000 of coverage, you know the student has $7,000 of coverage way at school. That’s probably enough. So you have personal property coverage from your Home Insurance Tulsa policy and uh, it’s probably enough for any student away from school. Now that student also needs to know if they get their bike stolen, it’s not worth it to be claimed because it’s going to be less than the deductible.

So even if your school has a personal property, chances are it’s not enough to make it worth the while to get in a renter’s policy or to have a claim because the deductible is going to be higher. It’s personal property. Even if their golf clubs get stolen, it’s just not enough to get above the deductible. So your Home Insurance Tulsa also probably isn’t going to kick in, which might make you think I need a renter’s insurance policy for college, which, you know. Yeah, yeah. I think it might be a good idea. Talk to your independent insurance agent and sure you Oklahoma, go to ensure you oklahoma.com. Click on get a quote and get a quote for your, uh, your students renter’s insurance policy for $200 a year. You can have a policy which is $100 deductible and it’s gonna cover their personal property because unfortunately, as we all know, Ed College, some people have sticky fingers and things tend to get missing. So anyway, that’s it for the Home Insurance Tulsa ensure you Oklahoma number 53 podcasts. This is Mark Morman signing off until this afternoon where we recorded another podcast.