Home Insurance Tulsa | Questions and Objectives

All right, good morning. Welcome to the 75th podcast, the 75th, ensure you Oklahoma. All original content podcast today brought to you by mercury insurance. Mercury, a little known company here in the Midwest, but in California they’re a big bass player. That’s where they’re domiciled. Domiciled means that’s where their headquarters is. Not a branch office. That’s where they’re out in California. They’re a big company, but they’re getting bigger everywhere else and how things are going well if it’s a great company and we’re able to save some clients a lot of money with mercury insurance and they can be anywhere in the state and they’re still writing a good business. So if you’re in a movie where you are, where we have our office, ensure you Oklahoma office, that’s where I’m headed right now. It’ll Mogi Oklahoma. That’s right Home Insurance Tulsa That was our second location. We were very happy and proud to open that office.

We have an office in agent opening and Okmulgee. We could probably fit two agents. This could be a part time position for someone wanting to make a little extra money or it can be full time. Someone that wants to break open and just absolutely kill it. And Mogi Oklahoma where there is, um, you know, in the desert, it’s not hard to sell water. And in this case the desert is old fogy in our case it’s white glove service because no one provides the white glove service that ensure you Oklahoma provide a white glove service, means fast roads, fast callback, always available. And uh, here to answer your question and objective, objective advice and not trying to sell you stuff. They not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. So that was our second location. And our first of course, when in Tulsa.

And we recently added the 405 area code in anticipation of our Oklahoma City expansion. That’s four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. Um, but we, we have a few offices to better serve you and local phone numbers no matter where you are in the state of Oklahoma. So give us a call and when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa they were talking about mercury insurance added. Have a quiet dad is paying 1600 and $1,748 and mercury came in about 1148 and she said, well, but I don’t say you’re going to be able to help us on her auto insurance or home insurance, salsa and a boy that doesn’t make sense, does it? I mean that doesn’t make sense. That are. The auto insurance would be $600 higher and not able to save money on their auto insurance. But sure enough when we got together and we looked at the combination of Home Insurance Tulsa, her auto insurance with mercury were able to save her a lot of money.

Over $700 a year, you know, $700 is a lot of money and that’s money that can go in the bank. It’s money that could go for retirement. It’s money that can go for kids’ education or just a entertainment and getting out with the family. So it’s money that goes back into society and not just a sec. A rat hole somewhere. So at least say people on home insurance, Tulsa, we don’t just save them money and get a new client. We’re actually helping the economy by spreading around more money. It’s just a, a, a macro economics the equation. And the more money someone has, the more money they’re gonna say. So whether they’re saving money with home insurance, salsa or uh, or, or saving money on Home Insurance Tulsa with ensure you Oklahoma, or if they’re a saving money on the auto and home combination with Home Insurance Tulsa and ensure you Oklahoma, you know, that’s money that goes right back into our client’s pocket and we are happy to be the ones to put it there.

But imagine this, imagine you have insurance and you, uh, you want to get a quote because it’s been used for years and she looked around and I hope I ruined listening. Knows to look around every two or three years for insurance quotes. And, um, once, once you do, when you look around for insurance close, I hope you’ll take a look at a good independent insurance. They just like drew you, Oklahoma and you go to ensure you oklahoma.com. Check us out, see what makes us different or give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, five, five, zero one, and we will show you the independent insurance agent. Different. It’s a big difference in white gloves, serving and saving money on the Home Insurance Tulsa and it is a giving you service like you’ve never had before.

Well will really amaze you as a few years from now if the opportunity presents itself and we’re shopping other companies for you because your current company, even with us as raised the rates shame map, but we want to make sure you’re getting the right coverage at the right price and just because you’re home insurance company raises the race, doesn’t mean that they’re a bad company or we’re gonna switch from them. You know, they may be so low that they are raising rates a little bit and we still like the company was still like the coverage. We’re going to stay with them worrying, stick with the mercury insurance if they’re the best for you and the grace that is and ensure you Oklahoma. We know what we know, what the where you should be and what should stay with. So for your own insurance salsa. If you’re not with a good independent insurance agents, I’ll tell you right now, you’re spending too much money or you’re not getting the right coverage.

I actually talked to a captive insurance agent. When you write Home Insurance Tulsa policies, he doesn’t fuck replacement cost coverage on personal property. That means if your house burns to the ground, all of your personal property, the contents inside argue me are going to be settled at an actual cash value basis and not replacing the car. So that five year old CV, instead of getting a new one, you’re getting the 50 bucks. It’s not worth. Is that what you want? That where you want to be with Jesus comes back? I don’t think so. So, uh, that’s just one example of a captive agent trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by taking away coverage because he’s afraid that you won’t, like his price. Isn’t that terrible? He’s just selling on price and that I’m valued. Well and ensure you, Oklahoma. We sell on value for Omi insurance.

Told you’ll get the best coverage that you need. Um, and at a great price. We’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Cheap insurance is like cheap Sushi. She parachutes packers and she funds you jumping operation. You may like the bill when they get it, but it won’t be long and you’ll be regretting that. I’ll tell you what I have here at bad Sushi. I haven’t. Thank God for, you know, you hear people ask and they get sick or they die or something happens. That’s not bad. That’s no Bueno. So far the best and Home Insurance Tulsa and calling. Sure you Oklahoma. Go to [inaudible] dot com. Check out our website, ensure you Oklahoma Dotcom and the you is. Why is just the letter U and not why? Oh you sure you Oklahoma, uh, your Home Insurance Tulsa need, but we’re also taking care of your auto insurance and your umbrella policies with professional objective, nonbiased insurance agents, just looking out for you and doing the best for you, providing the white glove service you deserve.

You really just want to make a phone call and save 15 percent. Or do you want to make a phone call and getting professional insurance agent instead of a call center, make the call to nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero zero will say more than 15 percent, but even better than that, we’re going to get you the coverage you need at a great price because we are a good full service white glove, independent insurance agents. So until next time when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, give us a call and ensure you Oklahoma.