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Hey, good afternoon and welcome to the neck blogging, Stallman Stallman, um, ensure you, Oklahoma, brought to you today by progressive insurance when a low cost auto or home insurance is your goal and you’re not making an established or progressive might be the way to go. We can definitely get you a quote on progressive insurance for your Home Insurance Tulsa, give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. I just started doing this podcast because a friend of mine was just telling me how a friend of theirs is telling him how cute and cuddly raccoons are. And I got to thinking, boy, raccoons are cute and cuddly when it comes to, uh, you know, damage in a home. A raccoons can get into a home many different ways and you definitely want to make sure that if they do home Insurance Tulsa is in place.

You know, raccoons can get in through a chimney, they can get in through a crawl space, they can, uh, maybe it was just an open door, but once inside, boy they can do a lot of damage to the structure of the house, uh, to the wiring of the house and they get inside the house, the personal property. And so when it comes to home insurance calls. So you want to make sure your personal property is covered how you wanted it covered because of one of those, a cunning little run in and start damaging your personal property. If they chew up your couch or your chair or some wiring to your TV or stereo and they get in and damage. If you don’t have replacement cost coverage on your personal property, then you’re going to get actual cash value for that property. And what is actual cash value?

You know, as we accumulate things in our lives, do we actually need replacement costs and everything because we were actually going to replace everything we have in our own. I mean, how much of us have junk in our own that we would never replace? Or you can get actual cash value for, for your insurance, and maybe then you could replace the things you want to replay. So, uh, what is the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost? If one of the cunning little runs gets in and does damage to your house, go replacement cost coverage would take your five-year-old dv and you could replace it with the like making models same size. The insurance company will reimburse you for the replacement cost of that. I, that’s great. You get a new parole, you have no TV. You’re going to do what? You have an old bed, you get a new one.

Even if one of those cutting little runs little raccoons got in and shoot up your new tempurpedic mattress, you get a new for all. Now, what is actual cash value of the home insurance tosser? Well, actual cash value and Home Insurance Tulsa. That means you would get the depreciated value at claim time. So if you have home insurance and you are, and you have a five year old DVD paid $1,200 for today, the actual cash value for that might be 50 bucks or 100 bucks and that’s how much your home insurance claim would pay you or your policy with pace. So if you want your Home Insurance Tulsa to buy you new role, you have to have replacement cost coverage on your policy. Raccoons are nice animal, they’re vicious animals. They want to rip your face off and they want to destroy your thing. So if a raccoon gets in and goes to destroy your thing, make sure you have replacement cost coverage on your personal property.

If you ever professional insurance agent like the guys that ensure you, Oklahoma eight, three, two slash seven slash one, zero zero, they can make sure that you have replacement cost coverage on your personal property and sit down with that agent and review your home insurance policy to make sure you have the coverage you need and want. And you need to do this at a nice bright sunny day when there’s no possibility of a claim on your home, not on a day when the tornado headed toward your house, because your agent can’t help you. Then you can’t change the coverage ham if there’s a pending claim, the APP. So we want to make sure that your Home Insurance Tulsa to follow it and covering you for anything that can happen on the outside of your house. That’s also true when it comes to replacement costs on the rough mercury insurance carriers will provide you replacement costs, coverage on your house, on your roof.

If you’re rough in seven years old or new, or if it’s older than seven years, you’re going to get actual cash value. Know that’s Kinda just the way it is. In Oklahoma. Some carriers may offer more, some might not even offer it, but the fact is a rough are fragile and Oklahoma, but replacement cost coverage of a rough works the same way as it does on your property. If you ever replacement cost coverage and your roof is five years old and it’s a $20,000 roof, it might only be worth 12 or $15,000, but with replacement cost coverage, the company’s going to pay to replace the roof. Now, if your actual cash value, they’re going to take it depreciated schedule and depreciate the rough, write you a check and then you’re responsible for the rest. When you received that check, you might or you might not replace the rough, but if you don’t, then you have to know that the roof isn’t covered anymore because you’ve already received a check for.

A raccoon could also do damage to a rough, I guess they could get it. They can damage your installation which you never get. You hide your attic, which would cause a rooster appreciate faster. So one of the ways to protect your roof, make sure you have good insulation in your app. If you do have good insulation, Europe’s. I can’t get as hot in the summertime and it’s not going to deteriorate is fat. There are a few different tips on how to protect your yourself and your professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma and give you tips on the Home Insurance Tulsa to make sure you have the right coverage and how to mitigate a claim. So if there is a claim on your home, uh, when rips off a bunch of shingles, has arranged for the next couple of days when you can’t get a roofing company out there, it’s your responsibility to ensure that claim doesn’t get any worse than that.

So that might mean getting up on the roof and putting a tarp on it. Hiring someone to interpret you know those big blue tarps on your roof and it’s going to prevent rain from getting in and making the claim more extended your responsibility as the homeowner a home insurance Tulsa is meant to cover things that are sudden and accidental. A wind storm, hail storm, a, a lightening strike, a raccoon chewing stuff. Other than testing the house, I could be sending an accidental what is not sending an accidental, not covered. There’s normal wear and tear out of the rough or on a home or on personal property for that matter. Those are warranty contract and not on the insurance. So if you’re an addict doesn’t have adequate inflation and it gets too hot then and deteriorates the rough and you’re not going to have the coverage for deteriorated rough and actually, if it’s old enough and it’s getting deteriorated enough, then your home insurance is going to actually put restrictions on it, not provide you with replacement cost coverage anymore, but actual cash value of that real because the value might be very low and insurance company doesn’t want to insure a give you a Home Insurance Tulsa for something that’s not worth very much.

It’s just not worth insuring it. And if something’s not working a lot and they provide coverage, that’s worth a lot, then they’re afraid of what’s called a moral hazard. Or there might be self inflicted damage to a roof in order to get a new row. Now, uh, we don’t think our clients would do that, but you never know when there’s money involved. Someone might do something stupid and insurance companies don’t like that when it comes to home insurance. So for the Home Insurance Tulsa race, give you a professional insurance agent, a call and ensure you Oklahoma nine, one eight, three, two Jews, seven, one zero, zero. And sit down with your professional insurance agent to get the right coverage for your home insurance. Tulsa, the last thing you want is to spend money on a policy and not to have the coverage that you need. So until next time I’m signing off of the insure you. Oklahoma podcast is brought to you by Progressive Insurance, progressive insurance company.