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All right, we’re getting started again on the old original cast of ensure you Oklahoma. I’m sure you will call me.com and find out more about us. I’m driving in traffic right now and every time I come to a stoplight and there’s two lanes to get everyone through and then it goes down to one lane, but in Oklahoma everyone gets into one lane to get through like the other lane doesn’t even exist and they think they’re being polite but they’re not for being stupid because they just don’t know. They’re just not following the rules of the road. More people can get through the light if you have two stacks of people and then you slow down and merge because you’re through the light. Home Insurance Tulsa Otherwise you sit through the light and not enough people get through the noise. A bad drivers are bad drivers and not following the rules of the road makes you bad driver and these are the people whose insurance rates are high and they wonder why because they suck it dry.

Now usually we talk about home insurance costs on this one and we will talk about saving money on it, but we also talk about stupid drivers today. We’re very excited because we have a brand new agent who started with us in the agency. Uh, Shannon Harris is his name. Shannon comes to us with experience from another independent agency and he is willing, ready and willing to help people and uh, with their home insurance, Tulsa and he knows what he’s doing when it comes to quoting insurance with different carriers and making sure that our clients get the best coverage at the best cost, the best insurance value. And that’s who we are to have an employment contract and project. Anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa we do have professional agents here to help you. You can go to ensure you oklahoma.com. You can check out our facebook page, you can give us a call at nine.

One, eight, three, two, two, seven at four. Oh, 5:55. Oh one. And then we’ll get all. You will get your policies in force. We’ll provide you the white glove service and we are famous for you will get a service and price like you never expected because you never had because most insurance companies and agencies don’t know how to treat people and want to cram stuff down your throat, tell you what you need instead of advising and that’s not what we do. And so we are professional insurance agents. We are looking for additional professional insurance agent. Join our team and become part of this group of professionals who knows what we’re doing when it comes to, when it comes to ensuring home, auto or anything else that we specialize in personal lines, but we are more than happy to help with other insurance like commercial, whatever. But when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, you can’t beat our white glove service and our professional insurance agents when it comes to that. We also have our eyes on a couple other agents that we’re looking at a to join our team and once they do, once they do, we’re going to.

We’re going to keep expanding and making sure that we have the locations to serve you. Today. We have locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma, uh, to prime locations to help our clients. We’d like to spend to Oklahoma City sometime, but we just need to get the right agents on board the right agents, you know, that’s easier said than done because we only want professional agents that provide white glove service. We’ve talked about that. And right now we’re going to pause for station identification and go into staples and get the business cards for two of our new agents, Jeff loud and Shannon Harris. These two guys are ready and willing and eager and hitting the ground running, writing business band. These guys are helping people snapping necks and cash and checks these two. All right everybody. We’ll be right back with the new. Home Insurance Tulsa I went to finish this episode of the insure you Oklahoma podcasts.

I’m not even sure we’re going to call this one. Maybe one. We’ll come back. We’ll discuss what to call this. Ensure you Oklahoma podcast, episode number 84 of the podcast. All right, we’re back. I just got done picking up a ensure you Oklahoma business cards for our two new agents. Man, we are growing. We are growing fast and furious and you know, other insurance agencies and companies don’t know what to do because we are a, we’re coming to harden the market and you, Oklahoma will be the largest personal lines insurance agency in the insurance market. So, uh, with that said, let’s just, we’re gonna name this one largest insurance agency in Tulsa or largest personal lines insurance agency, obviously specializing in home insurance, Tulsa. Uh, but we also write auto insurance, umbrella insurance. Oh, you know, Home Insurance Tulsa we write a lot of different things and the lesson we want to do is this email or this google reviews.

So I got to figure out how to fix that now. But anyway, regardless or as running Lutz sends it regardless of what else would you say supposedly at Ronnie Lott. I like that kid anyway. He’s an orioles. The oreos are 50 games below $500. My God, Fifty Games. What do you do? Burn the place down. Home Insurance Tulsa baseball should demand new ownership. That is terrible. When did you then, and you know, purposefully losing that many games off of this debt team, there needs to be something against that. You know, say competitive and build your fanbase. Take, take a page of the St Louis Cardinals playbook and do the right things and build from within. Have a good farm club and affirmed system and that way you’re always bringing up talent. And then all you have to do is add to that talent set up trying to buy something because the dodgers have done.

Look at the Yankees, have done. Look what the Aes have done. I’m not the age the angels are going to make the playoffs. They actually might not. Those three teams might not make the playoffs, are going to make a wildcard, but that’s it. They’re not gonna, they’re not on top. And that’s what you get when you don’t have a good bench or you don’t know how to recruit and ensure you, Oklahoma. We know how to recruit. We know how to recruit good agents that know what they’re doing. And, uh, uh, liked to ensure our clients and help them with their home insurance, salsa. And when they do, we make happy people and unhappy people. Send referrals and happy people are fun to work with. So, uh, and ensure you Oklahoma. That’s what we do. Now I’m going to pull in here and get a coffee for, go back to the office. So here I am at the window and I would like a double short resume latte made with heavy cream.

A smile. Thank you. Okay. So anyway, we’re back to recruiting talent and getting talented and the right people. You know, Jim Collins talks about getting the right people on the bus. We talk about getting the right insurance agents in the seat and helping the right people. So Home Insurance Tulsa that’s what we do. And ensure you Oklahoma. Hey, where am I? One, two, three, four working on home insurance, Tulsa. Uh, we’re always providing the white glove service that you’ve come to expect from us and you just know you’re not going to get from someone else. You know, state farm may have their discount. Double check. We’re working on a discount triple check, which is just better. It’s like six minute abs instead of eight minute abs or we’re working on, you know, give us 20 minutes and we’ll save you 20 percent. But anyway, the fact is if you give us a call or go to our website and sure you Oklahoma.com or one of our phone numbers and we’re going to help you with home insurance.

All set. We’re going to save you a shit ton of money and you are going to be happy, happy, happy as a uncle says. So I’ll give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One a. you’re going to be happy. You did. This is going to be a pleasant insurance buying experience for you. So until next time I am signing off. Have a job number 84. And what did we decide? We’re gonna. Call this one. I don’t know. I’ll start recruiting. I don’t know.