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Oh Lordy, this is the insured. You won’t call him a podcast is a Tuesday afternoon.

It’s not real hot and Muggy, Muggy as hell. Anyway, we’re here to talk about Home Insurance Tulsa We have been getting so many referrals lately. We can’t keep up. We’re looking to add additional staff to best serve the clients. Tulsa and Oklahoma City. And I, uh, we have three people today who need our services and meet the insurance in place asap for closing on a home and a wall foreclosing on homes. Some of them got great deals on these homes are good for them. They’re fantastic, but at home insurance to insure you Oklahoma home insurance is what we do and we do it so well and we have so many mortgage brokers sending US business. We can’t write it all. We need more people. I’m more professional insurance agents to help us out. Help us write this.

If you are a self starter, if you’re intelligent, if you like to help people know, ensure you. Oklahoma might be the place for you to work or just a place on some extra money in your spare time, but we are professionals and Home Insurance Tulsa We know what people want and people need for their closing and we are willing to help them get it. We will do whatever it takes to help a person get into the home that they love. You know, today I had a mortgage broker call me and say, hey, we need to be under $2,000 a year for the home insurance salsa. And I said, boom, how about 1750? About that? Less than 10 percent under what they needed at that, you know, that really helps the person get into the house and happy strapped with their budget. So when it comes to home insurance guy and ensure you Oklahoma, know what they’re doing and we need more people.

We need more people to give us a help us serve the people and also the home of buying homes and moving into new houses and makes sure those homes are properly insured. You know, the last thing you want to do is invest your, your biggest investment ever in your home, and then have your Home Insurance Tulsa not be the right coverage for you. And uh, you know, that’s not gonna Happen in industry. You will fall and we’re going to make sure you have the right coverage at the right price and get into your, your person who is closest for you and in time for your closing of your house so you can in on time and not worry about your home insurance. So why join our team?

No quotas. You do it. You want to do so, a 10 home insurance policies a month. Good for you. You want to do five per month? Great. I don’t think you’re a very ambitious if you only want to do one a week, but that’s what’s fun to do. That’s fine because that home insurance told us, uh, you know, we’re ensuring people’s biggest asset and making them happy. Nope. We don’t insure just Home Insurance Tulsa We ensure auto and home together. A lot of our companies don’t accept them. I know line homes, which is fine to have auto and home together and that’s great. You should have that anyway, that gets your maximum discounts and a maximum coverage, maximum discounts. But anyway, you been. Talk to the professionals that ensure you Oklahoma. We will get you a gift, you the right coverage for the closing and for your vehicle.

So why join us? How about time freedom and a time flexibility and income flexibility. You can make as much money as you want. This agency’s already set up. We’re up and rolling. We are making money. We, uh, we have a turnkey business for you to join. Oh, you have to do is get licensed or maybe you already licensed and come and join us. Come and join us and we’re gonna pay you. Well, we’re going to pay you good renewals and renewal. Just some of the best reason to even come with us. Renewal Commission. You sell something this year. You can pay that every time the insurance pays the premium, you get a commission. It’s not like selling a house or a mortgage where you get paid when you do the business and you get paid once. This happens over and over and over again. So if you have thought about a career in insurance or if you just want a part time job, selling insurance, maybe making some extra money for the household and come and talk to me because we are looking for professional insurance agents who know home insurance stuff. Who wants to represent is. Sure you won’t call him. Give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero, four, four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five. Oh one. And you will get the coverage that you need and you could have a job or a career. So insurance with us.


for Home Insurance Tulsa or just your bench independent coverage needs. Call us or check us out online at nine. One eight or it is sure you, Oklahoma.com and there’s a little join our team tab that tells you a little more about why you join us, but there’s also tabs that have auto insurance and home insurance and business insurance, the different liability coverages on all of those and what you need, but what we need today are good insurance agents and we’d like to expand all over Oklahoma. That’d be in northeast Oklahoma and South West Oklahoma, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. If you have a penchant for helping people and you want to get paid more, more than more people, you help. The more you get paid to wear the agency. We’re the company for you where the career for you, you won’t go wrong doing what’s right. Can you come to help people with their Home Insurance Tulsa further closing, and I’m telling you, we get more referrals than we know to deal with.

I have more people to talk to and help and I can help right now. I need more people. Just today, we have three more people that need our help for their Home Insurance Tulsa Isn’t that great? Isn’t that great? That we’re doing so much and getting so many referrals and helping so many people that we can’t keep up with it. We need more people and more help, so if you think this might be the career for you, I would encourage you to do one of two things. Go call it, go talk to a couple of insurance agent and ask what they think after. This is the how would they start if they represent a what’s the best part of selling insurance? What’s the worst part of selling insurance? What are you going to get out of this career? How are you going to help other people?

We can. There’s plenty of jobs out there where you know for yourself, but the best jobs are the ones that you help other people. Get what they want and that helps you. The more people you help, the better off you are and the more people you help, the more money you’re gonna make. What a great career. We have no cost of good sold, no inventory, no accounts receivable. We have unlimited distribution potential right now driving on memorial drive. I’m stuck in traffic. I could insure half of these vehicles in one year. I’d be a richer man that I don’t mean just rich, rich, rich, rich, these there are cars and cars and cars, and look what I’m looking at. Ford explorer, GMC Sierra, a Chevy Equinox. I mean, there are so many cars out here to ensure I can’t even count them all and all these cars are going somewhere.

Guess where they’re going? Yeah, they’re going to their business that business might need or they’re driving home, driving home to see their husband or their wife and guess what they’re pulling into their house and that house needs insurance. Insurance allows people to do what they normally wouldn’t do if they couldn’t accept the risks themselves, and that’s why we pay insurance companies a little bit of money and they accept the risk for us. As a matter of fact, in Oklahoma, it’s not a little bit of money. It’s a shit ton of money. It’s a bunch of money and that’s why we get paid as well as we do so for Home Insurance Tulsa go to ensure you all for a great career selling and serving people in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and selling a home insurance to go to assure you will come, but whenever you do, check out, get a quote on your home insurance call center today. Make sure we’re helping you and doing the right thing, and then when you see how we do business and ensure you Oklahoma, then you can come work for us. We’d love to have so for home insurance and ensure you Oklahoma. This is the end of the 60 seconds, all original and sure you Oklahoma. I know.