Home Insurance Tulsa | Renters VS Home Insurance

All right, and welcome to the next installment of the insure you Oklahoma podcast. Today we’re talking about Home Insurance Tulsa. Today’s podcast is brought to you by mercury insurance. Not a nationwide company, but a good, uh, a plus rated a regional player. Great auto and home rate. When we look at home and turns toss, we definitely take a look at mercury, mercury insurance for home insurance costs anyway. Okay. There’s our plug for mercury who was bringing us to sponsoring today’s podcast. Thank you. Mercury’s. I was just driving by a large apartment complex and he was like in Tulsa. We have a lot of large apartment comes with. So what do large apartments? I was like, this has to do with Tulsa. Well, quite frankly, even if you live in an apartment or if you rent a home, you need insurance, you need renter’s insurance. Why? Well, in the previous podcast we talked about liability and we gave this great story about the German shepherd at, uh, the Tulsa drillers stadium last night.

He got away from his owner and, uh, ended up running out onto the field and the, uh, play catch or play fetch with the shortstop. Now, if this, a German shepherd wasn’t a friendly dog and fit the short stop, there would be liability whenever it happens. Like that liability is a sign. And uh, then, uh, the person who is liable for the injury is responsible for indemnification. And indemnification means that you are making the person whole. Again, in this case, a dog bite can prevent someone from working. There can be medical attention needed and there could be paid suffer. So it’s out Home Insurance Tulsa, or at least a renter’s insurance policy has liability coverage. You could be out this money yourself. So we always recommend if you have a few live, uh, if you rent and not own, you need renter’s insurance course. Renter’s insurance doesn’t cover the same thing that ohm insurance, Renter’s insurance will cover your personal property, but you don’t care about recovering the rough or the siding or windows or the auxiliary private structures or anything on the outside of the home or even quite frankly, anything on the inside of the home, you know, whatever would be covered for home insurance.

Tulsa, no you don’t. You, you really just want to make sure that your personal property is covered and liability coverage. Now you know you don’t have less liability because you rent the next year on the home except you know you. You wouldn’t be liable for anything that would happen on the property. That would be the home owner’s responsibility and there would be covered on their home insurance, but you could have liability like we said, for dog bite catfight snake bites. If you are at someone’s house and you do damage to their property, your liability coverage can cover that. So todd have Home Insurance Tulsa, but it is renter’s insurance and that covers your personal property, your tv or computer jewelry, gun, your clothes, your toiletries, your furniture, your stuff. Hanging on the walls, your decoration, uh, anything like that is all covered with your, uh, with your renters insurance because you don’t have insurance.

So why do you need renter’s insurance if you just have some personal property and might not even be that much? Well, a little liability coverage or you know, what people don’t realize is that they have more stuff that they say. For instance, if you just have 100 cds, you know the cost to replace a CD at 10 bucks a piece, that’s a thousand dollars right there. If you have a jewelry or guns or close or sign or anything like that, that your own that’s also covered on your renter’s insurance because you don’t have Home Insurance Tulsa. The other thing people don’t realize is if your car is broken into and your personal property stolen in your car. Let’s say you have ski boots on Roller Skates or um, you know, a bicycle or anything else you might keep in your car, golf clubs and your car gets stolen or broken into and stuff gets stolen.

Well, that’s not covered on your auto insurance. You would file a claim on your renter’s insurance or your Home Insurance Tulsa, and uh, that’s how that would be covered. Personal property subject to deductible now because that’s a good point. We don’t have a high deductible now. Renter’s insurance, we don’t write as high deductible as we, right on the home insurance also because we’re just covering personal property now of course the liability coverage there isn’t a deduct hold back on personal property to rent. So something gets stolen, Burns crash, flooded, drowned, whatever, and then covered on your policy. Then it is subject here, deduction deductible. So just a, a renter’s insurance. We might have a 100 or $500 deductible. Whereas on a home insurance policy we’re going to have, you know, as high as $5,000 deductible. And that’s just because we’re also looking at ensuring the outside of the house and it takes nothing.

Then the thousand dollar claim on a home they could fix yourself. So we always recommend maybe a higher deductible and home insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa and Oklahoma can be expensive. Renter’s insurance isn’t very expensive. It’s basically based on the location of the house or the apartment or the townhouse or whatever it is, so it’s not too bad. You need a better coverage on a home insurance Tulsa policy. Then you do a renter’s insurance policy, that’s for sure, but you know your personal property isn’t any less valuable just because you rent rather than own and you want to make sure you have the right coverage on your renter’s insurance policy. Now a standard default may be $20,000 of coverage and you may think that’s okay. $20,000 worth of personal property, but you know, quite frankly if you start to add up everything you have no, just pull out one drawer in your kitchen and take a look at it and see how much those knives, how much you know, silverware, silverware, it can be, you know, a thousand dollars for a nice set of silverware if it’s Oneida or one of the big company.

So you want to make sure we have the right coverage and so maybe instead of $20,000 we have 30 or $50,000. You know, your golf clubs could be $800 and subtract your deductible. Those are stolen or broken, however you break them, you know, hopefully you’re not breaking them over your knee because you had a bad shot at a golf course. But, uh, yeah, except not covered, actually has not covered for risk for directors and for anyway, you want to make sure that you have the right personal property coverage and whether that’s on your Home Insurance Tulsa or if it’s on your renter’s insurance. But like I said, importantly, we want to make sure we have the right liability coverage and the right personal property coverage. No, never reminds me, you might also have, um, you know, some really nice collectibles that would be covered on your home insurance or your renter’s insurance, Tulsa. And we want to schedule any nice jewelry or collectibles, guns or anything like that. You want to schedule it so it covered for dress against direct physical loss and that would have noted. So that’s part. So anyway, sit down with your agent and ensure you Oklahoma. Give him a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero, and I want to again, thank mercury insurance for sponsoring today’s podcast.