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Alright, podcast number one, 40 2:00 AM, 1:40 June. We’re going to talk about giving and why we’re thankful for all of our clients are carriers, our representatives or agents. This is the insurer you Oklahoma, all original content podcast number 43 where we do talk about home insurance, Tolson, but we also have a myriad of things that we talked about like finding a pen. Sometimes we talk about that. It’s not always easy to do when you’re in a car and you have to rummage through your briefcase. Was this, what is this in my briefcase? It’s a, a Mercedes Benz book because that’s how we roll kind of a big deal. All right, so now twice. Home Insurance Tulsa we’re right in the middle of this podcast is the day before thanksgiving, the year of our Lord, 2008. And we are all about giving. So thank you to everyone who reads our blogs, everyone, our clients, uh, we hope to make you sleep better at night knowing that you are safe and secure, that if anything happens that you will be covered and it might not be pleasant, but at least you won’t be facing financial ruin.

And that’s what insurance is all about. Not facing financial ruin if something should happen. It’s not about fixing every little thing that could go wrong. It’s about the big things. It’s the, you ensure that things don’t happen very often, but when they do, they quite you out. They, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, like a rough, a rough on your home insurance. Tulsa is total, could be 15, 20 grand, and getting a rough replaced is subject to storms. If there’s a big storm, a lot of people in the town get hit roughing prices are gonna. Go Up, supply and demand. It’s just basic. Adam Smith talked about it, uh, you know, the father of economic theory, Scottish man, but bit of an odd man, but nevertheless are nonetheless, nevertheless, nonetheless. Anyway, uh, he talked about supply and demand and when, when supply is short and demand is high, prices rise, when demand is low and supply prices fall, how it works.

Um, if you’re behind a slow bad driver, barely see over the steering wheel and has the handicap sticker and a little Toyota Corolla and you are running late to the thrive offices, you get annoyed. Supply and demand, I guess, man, she’s all over the road like she’s drunk and it’s not even 10:00 in the morning. I don’t know. Maybe we stop people from driving. It’ll be great when we have self driving cars and old people to just get a nose and they will stay in their lane and do what they’re supposed to do. Home Insurance Tulsa I assume the self driving car will also be smart enough to turn off turn signal that old people love to Speaker Livan what a great song by Elton John. I leave on my brother. Do you still feel the pain?

What a great time. And uh, speaking about John, he’s on his farewell yellow brick road to her. You know, I always get skeptical of these kind of tours because usually, you know, it’s all studio musicians who can play the music and then you get the artist and they can’t sing anymore. A Paul Mccartney, for instance, got his voice, his shot. He kept saying he can’t hit those high notes. Why would you go see Paul Mccartney? Except I guess you want to see, say that you saw a beetle before there were none left. His ring goes. Could be the last one left. He’ll be the last one to make it a Paul. Paul. Looks like he’s in pretty good health. Ringo is a lot younger so he’ll probably live longer. Home Insurance Tulsa if you think about green dot with the people he hangs around with traveling Wilburys, they’re all dead. Roy overson, Johnny cash, Tom Petty. And Ringo was the only one left. So

yeah, he’s got longevity. He’s a nice guy. Talks about peace and love all the time on the twitter and the other person I’m thankful for is Matthew Elliot. Matthew, if you are listening and helping transcribe this, hope this brings a smile to your face. Now you’re famous because I gave you a shout out in my very, very popular blog gets ones or twos and listeners each year. Anyway, matthew was a great guy. We’re working with them on a couple of different things. Home Insurance Tulsa It’s amazing how hard it is to get others to do work that I’m trying to. You’ve done for matthew, but we’ll get it done. All right. Anyway, so back to home insurance calls. You Bet your ass a ringo starr has his home insured. Now he doesn’t have home insurance salsa because he doesn’t live here, which is a shame. The only reason he doesn’t live here.

If he doesn’t know what a great city, this is what we have to offer, but if he did, I bet if you spent some time here, he might want to stay. You know, just little things like the Bob Dylan collection, which we have a couple good cigar shops, great country clubs. I don’t know if bringgo plays golf, but the other day on twitter I saw that he was going to work out in the morning in a hotel in Los Angeles. So good for you and wrinkle. Keep it up, man. You’re looking good. You know, it will say drummers are a diamond does and then it could have been anyone, but who else could have sung? Yellow submarine are octopus’s garden and I mean it’s. You can live it, own it for you. Home Insurance Tulsa Anyway, back to the home insurance blog, this thanksgiving, what you need to be wary of, making sure you have the right insurance because if you don’t and you, your a idiot son comes home and he decides he’s gonna fry a Turkey and he does it under the overhang on the back patio.

And uh, of course the oil pours over and it’s flammable and all catches on fire. And then you have a mess on your hands and your house is burning down and it’s not a happy thanksgiving. And all you’re giving thanks for is to be alive. You’re not, or you’re going to give thanks to ensure you Oklahoma because we had your back on your insurance policy, which this is also a good time to bring up. It’s, it’d be nice to for your, when you’re an idiot son in law comes over and does that. Why not make sure that this moron has enough life insurance so that when he blows himself up, frying a Turkey, blows himself up diving for ocean perch because he didn’t come up. He came up too fast. Home Insurance Tulsa Make sure he has enough life insurance and you know what, mom and dad, if he doesn’t, you might want to consider buying it.

What did you pay? $500 a year. Call it a daughter and grandkids insurance. If you’re a son in law dies and he doesn’t have life insurance, guess we’re daughter and grandkids are going to move. Oh, I know you love your daughter and your grandkids, but do you want them living with you? Do you want to get up every morning, two screaming kids and help get them off to school that we’ve already done that by a life insurance policy on that idiot $500 a year to ensure that the kids and grandkids don’t move back in with you. Home Insurance Tulsa It seems to me that that is well worth your time and uh, you’d be wise to do it. Every parent should have a life insurance policy on their idiot son in law and uh, or their idiot son or their daughter last, she’s the breadwinner because your son married a strong woman.

But anyway, if they’re not responsible enough to do it, give it to him for a Christmas present. And that’s it. That’s all they get because they’re not responsible. So you get a life insurance policy that protects you and nothing for them, which is fine. If they’re not bright enough to get life insurance policy, Home Insurance Tulsa they shouldn’t have been spending money on Christmas gifts anyway. People really annoyed me. So, uh, yeah, that’s right. Ed, ensure you Oklahoma. We do it all. Life Insurance, home insurance, auto insurance. We can do everything. So anyway, that debt from the ensure you, Oklahoma, all original podcast studios. Until next time we are signing off.