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All right, we’re just listening to the news. Oh, by the way, this is the ensure you Oklahoma, all original content podcasts where we save you money on Home Insurance Tulsa and all of your insurance needs. We were just listening to the news and we’re talking about in Oklahoma where, um, uh, you know, obviously we are ensure you Oklahoma and uh, we do ensure and make sure we have home insurance also, right? For our clients. And I told him, sure in Tulsa where we’re taking the money. But anyway, we were just listening to the news and we once again are talking about weather and Oklahoma and right now it’s a nice morning. It’s about 84 degrees and the dewpoint and a humidity or low. So it’s just a beautiful morning. If you were about to key off, you’d be pretty happy, but then the news came on.

Different parts of green country. There can be different weather today and it can be thunderstorms or it could just be hot and humid. So the last time to think about home insurance now in the one that’s under storms coming that could produce a sale or a straight line wind or damaging conditions, no time to think about Home Insurance Tulsa is when the sun is shining and there’s nothing to worry about, but even in Oklahoma, our sunshine and 10 beats down on a house and it could make us susceptible motor claim later, you know it could make a rough and couldn’t eat up are rough, but anyway, the time to think about the Home Insurance Tulsa isn’t one bad whether it’s approaching the time to think about home insurance talk is when the sun is shining and then when bad weather is approaching, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit on the front porch and watch her role in.

Enjoy the spectacle that is Oklahoma weather and don’t worry about it because you are now paying the insurance company to worry about your own insurance. Tulsa, and that’s what insurance is. It’s a transfer of risk. You are right now. If you don’t have insurance, you are assuming all the risk for your home. Anything that could happen to it, you’re assuming the rest insurance or just fine if that’s what you want to do, but most people don’t and so what they do is they buy a Home Insurance Tulsa and they transfer the risk to the insurance company and they have to pay the insurance company. Take that risk right now. That’s called the premium and the insurance company looks at your house and they say, okay, if you want the Home Insurance Tulsa, we’re going to charge you this much because your house is older and has a new roof which is gun but as older heat in there, so we’re going to charge you x amount of money.

So we will take that risk and you decide whether you want to pay that amount of money to the insurance company and get their home insurance. So and then you no longer have the risks and you can sleep at night. You don’t have to worry. If you didn’t have to worry about it. It might prevent you from doing something because all you’d be worried about is your home and try to mitigate a claim and said you transfer the rent or home insurance called side and to the insurance company, so let’s say you have a nice home and it comes back and it’s $2,500 or $3,000 a year to it to buy home insurance. Also, insurance company looks at your risk and says, we’ll take that, but for $3,000 a year and you say, holy Moly, mother of God that that’s more than I wanted to spend.

What am I? You don’t insure the whole thing. You ensure the whole thing up to the value of my own, but you don’t have to start paying until after a thousand dollars or $2,000 or even $5,000 for the insurance company is going to say, you know, there could be a lot of small claims on this home insurance policy there. Less than a thousand or less than 2000 are definitely less than $5,000. Yeah. Okay. We will reduce your premium by $500 a year. If you take the first 5,000 or $2,500 of responsibility for your own and that’s your deductible, your deductible is the amount of retained coverage that you have at the amount of coverage that you are responsible for. And so if something happens that cmo and pay out of pocket and if something happened that you’re just gonna pay it. So now everyone’s happy. The insurance company says, yeah, these people are willing to assume a little more risk and uh, we’re gonna assume the big risks, that catastrophic risk and for that we’re going to give you a home insurance Tulsa and the claim is going to pay us a premium.

And so what you’ve done is effectively negotiated with the insurance company and how much risk you are doing to zoom, how much risk they are going to assume. And it gets you to a premium for your home insurance policy that you are comfortable with it you’re happy with and fits within your budget. And the insurance companies happy because they know they’re not gonna have any claims and less the big one. So everyone’s happy all around. And this is what we recommend to our clients all the time I ever deductible. What you can afford. The insurance companies happy. You’re happy, you saved money, and the insurance company isn’t totally on me. You know it is your house. It is your responsibility. You can take responsibility for your own. There’s nothing wrong with that. And then you buy a home insurance policy for the big stuff. The big stuff that know couldn’t happen.

You’re taking care of the little stuff. You know the when, when the shingle blown off, when a window breaks, when I don’t know, maybe there’s even a small fire and it doesn’t cost that much. Or if there’s a water leak or if something happens, but you a home insurance for the win. And the win is when the tornado hit, when the lightning strikes, when the house, when that happened, I gladly paid $5,000 out of my pocket. And the Home Insurance Tulsa Company is gonna pay for the rest out of their pocket. And we get a new replacement. Costs. Talk a. That is the best model. Unless you anticipate having a lot of claims, you wouldn’t want a lower deductible and let me tell you a lot of claims on your home insurance doctor. You’re not going to be happy because you’re going to be dropped by home insurance. Talk to carriers.

They’re going to raise your rates. There’s going to be things that you know like so when we want to do and we want to ensure the little things that can happen and we want to pass along or trade off our premiums to give the liability to the insurance company in the form of a home insurance policy for when the big things have been. You know, the catastrophic things that if you didn’t pass it along to the home insurance company, they were like you out. Most people don’t have an extra $250,000 to replace their home. They just don’t. So that might wipe out most people, but if you think $250,000 complete, hold on will wipe you out. Wait until you have a million or $2,000,000 lawsuit because you were negligent and you don’t win that lawsuit. Now we’re talking big stuff, you know, you might actually recover from a $250,000 million dollar claim and that would be, that’d be hard to do.

Most people still can’t do that, but almost no one can or once bounce back from a million or $2,000,000 loss. And so that’s why we transfer the risk for a, in the form of a Home Insurance Tulsa policy to an insurance company and they look at the risk and they tell you what they will assume, that risk score and that’s called the insurance premium. So for more money saving advice on home insurance, salsa policies called the guys that ensure you Oklahoma, go to ensure you oklahoma.com. Or give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And we’ll happy to sit down with you and figure out how much that you want to assume. And I went to on the floor under the home insurance company. So until next time, this is ensure you Oklahoma with your money saving Home Insurance Tulsa also steps.