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Alright, welcome to the insurer, you Oklahoma number 39. All original content podcasts talking about home insurance, salsa. Oh my insurance. Dalsa what most people get home insurance tall and they don’t ever check their race or sit down with their professional insurance agent for a professional review. Today we’re going to talk about why you need a professional review with the professional insurance agent like the guys in ensure you Oklahoma. Today’s podcast is brought to you by mercury insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa Mercury actually just had a rate decrease on both auto and home insurance. Now would be the time to get a quote from your agents and ensure you Oklahoma and make sure you’re not paying too much for the coverage that you had. A last night. We have pretty big storm and also, I mean it’s just one of those big rolling dry lines that come through and shakes the foundation of the house and you can hear it all night long and he just pounded on the uh, on the side of your house and on your roof.

And luckily last night it was just, you know, studying or storm, we didn’t get too high. And when we had no damage at our house, just a lot of water and a roof is fine. Every time we have a big storm like that, I want to check my home insurance. Tulsa. I want to go outside. I want to look at the room, make sure there’s no shingles missing and no water damage. We actually had some water damage not too long ago on her. Relatively new rough water came in and drift right on. Um, our smoke detector in the ceiling Home Insurance Tulsa and went through the roof through the attic and dripped onto the smoke detector on the ceiling, which of course set off the smoke detectors and our alarm doesn’t work, but I don’t have to call about home insurance. Salsa on that one because it is a, I’m going to get a call, the roofing company that installed it and then I’ll look and see where it’s leaking.

So anyway, it was only a bad leak when it was really raining hard, you know, I’m not sure if he came in through events or through something else, but I just got to get that check. So we had a nice spring. We’re in the summer now and, well we had no tornadoes in the area, no to the up, so our home insurance also wasn’t used for anything, which is great. We didn’t even have hailstorms came claims out of her home insurance salsa, which helps. That helps. Insurance companies put more money into reserves and then they have to raise the rates and a lower rates or better. No, you having some insurance company, mainly your captive company, state farm or farmers, those company. And what they do is they automatically buildings fall rate increase. He went through a no claims to beef up their reserves and they justified it by saying that her adjusted loss ratios that her body body body, Home Insurance Tulsa but they’re going to have small random three to five percent. And the reason they’ll do that is because they know that their clients won’t leave depot because most people aren’t smart enough to shop home insurance, Tulsa, uh, every two or three years and get with professional insurance.

Professional insurance agent and professional independent insurance agent were shopping this year coverage for you every couple of years anyway. And such a huge benefit to our clients. And ensure you Oklahoma, and we do that. Um, uh, so especially if you’re roughing eight or 10 years, a new pen you definitely want to be shopping at because don’t give you a discount and a replacement cost on your rough if it’s not your, once again told older, you know, if you have replacement cost coverage on your roof and they don’t automatically taken off, then you probably don’t want to shop it because no one knew what was going to give you a replacement cost coverage on your Europe for your Home Insurance Dawson. So, Home Insurance Tulsa uh, it’s important that you’re looking at a good independent insurance agency, like ensure you, Oklahoma. It’s important that you’re the professional insurance agent who can shop multiple companies with you and knows what to put on a home insurance policy and what to leave on a, you know, one of the things that are going to start asking you about his dog.

Do you have any dogs at home? And if you do it and you have certain greed, you know, some companies just aren’t going to cut you because some braids are more likely to bite another. Um, it doesn’t matter how much you say that your pimple is nice and it was environment is environment, nature versus nurture argument, but it’s not true. Pimples a bite, Home Insurance Tulsa a bite out of fear. If you can’t reach down and take a bone out of your dog’s mouth or take their food away from you from them and they are passing to you and they’re submissive to you, then you could have a biter on your end. And the problem is that insurance companies are showing out something like $2,000,000,000 a year, the dog bite and they’re just not going to keep doing it. If people have bad dog door are irresponsible. Pet owners, I know of what I speak, I have a, we have a doberman and companies that won’t touch us because of our dobermans are not fear biters, but they’re easily training and, and people will train them to be cleaned up and just have a favorite station for pimples, bad rottweilers, bad bad German shepherd, classic fear binders.

So when you’re looking at home insurance, Dalton, if you have one of those dogs, pit bull, German Shepard, rottweiler, you know, you definitely need to be with the independent insurance agent because they are going to really have to shop insurance for you to get something that you want to get them into. Good. So be careful. Make sure you have good coverage that you want from your independent insurance agent and have them shot mercury insurance or Safeco’s, another good company. All the same progressive also been company that we represent all. So Home Insurance Tulsa when it comes to own insurance, also called the guys had been sure you Oklahoma, don’t have bad dog. Have a good rough, have pride of ownership in your house and you’ll get good coverage from a good insurance agent. Uh, you definitely want to make sure that, uh, your agent knows everything there is to know about you because they didn’t give you the best rates possible.

If you have a college education, new row, good job. You’re a professional, you don’t have extra liabilities at home, like a home based business or bad dogs or something like that. Even trampling, uh, your home insurance agent and ensure you Oklahomans gonna be able to give you a nice coverage. Now if you have a commercial flat roof, you’re so big, you know, tar and a flat row, well they say there’s only two kinds of flat roofs that leak and those that Willie, so you’re probably not going to your replacement cost coverage on because there is a lot of repairing that goes on with them. But you need to talk to your home insurance policy. The agent about it called the guys that ensure you all call me at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero, a curtain drug and a and a claim full and a nice rough 131st and elwood having convenient place, Home Insurance Tulsa but they sure have a nice roof.

And at night coverage I’m driving by a nice billboard for a. They already know what it is. That’s how bad of a billboard in it. They didn’t explain who they are or what they do, so no one knows. It’s just a waste of money. That’s not advertising. That’s not marketing. That’s lighting your money on fire. You know, lighting your money on fire takes a lot of different forums and part of it could be having a home insurance policy so you don’t understand or doesn’t have the coverage that you want us to have. Why bother having it at all if it’s not going to cover the things that you need covered. So if you need a covered, if you can burn it, crash it, rank, get blown away or whatever. And uh, you need to talk to a commercial insurance agent, to Oklahoma for home insurance. So before you have to get lawyers involved, just make sure that the right thing, right coverage in place.