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Good morning and welcome to the newest episode of you. Sure. You Oklahoma podcast. Today’s podcast. Home Insurance Tulsa We’re talking about home insurance, Salsa and pace. My guest is brought to you by our newest carrier, allstate insurance. Uh, you can be in good hands when you go through, ensure you Oklahoma, so that, that gets our list of eight plus carriers to state a Safeco, mercury, allstate and progressive. Uh, there’s really no one we can help ensure you, Oklahoma. So when it comes to home insurance, salsa you want to call right now, I’m driving by some, a trailer and they don’t have very good rough and they’re not in very good shape. They might actually be uninsurable unless you go through some high risk company like foremost insurance, which is owned by a farmer in case you didn’t know that. So anyway, I’m driving today to a client’s house and then a meeting, another claim for breakfast, but I’m driving by this beautiful South Tulsa neighborhood and I’m looking at the home insurance, Tulsa rough here.

I don’t know why in a place where we have male and a when and uh, all sorts of things that can destroy a rough or the architecture and Calsa has such large groups or in Oklahoma it’s just the same or other parts of the country. Uh, we have these very large rough, very of Ip and they’re pretty a state bar drugs. Even for a small ranch home, the roof will be higher and larger than in other parts of the country and that just makes a rook. There’s just more to damage and there’s more of a claim on your home insurance calls. So when it comes to claim time, I guess they think it looks like, but it will cost more money. I just quoted a home, uh, in northeast Tulsa rather small home actually, I think it was only 1400 square feet Home Insurance Tulsa And the cost to replace the house on the insurance claim on their home insurance poster was over $8,000.

That’s just for a small home. The problem is when we have hailstorms here and large, uh, neighborhoods get destroyed or the Ruskin we replaced that actually they have, we have a hard time getting materials to the roofing company. So you could be two, three, four months out, getting your roof replace. Your home insurance isn’t paying it at that time, but it could be awhile and uh, and then the price goes up, you know, it’s simple supply and demand as the supply curve goes down and the demand goes up, the cost of goods will increase course. Um, but you know, what made me more people are starting to get smarter on driving by a church right now. And that church has a nice metal rough. I’ve seen more metal roofs on owners lately, uh, Home Insurance Tulsa and they just don’t seem to get his damage. So there’s not a claim on the home insurance salsa.

Personally, I’ve had to replace a on my home and, but neither of my burns I’ve ever had damage. And then of course have metal roofs. So maybe metal roof is when you go. And if you do have a metal roof or hail resistant rough, then you will get a discount on your home insurance, social support. So you need to let your agent know when you have a, a good hail resistant refer. Not other things that can help are of course a better shingles, not your standard builder’s grade flat shingle, Home Insurance Tulsa but maybe the nice three d architectural shingle. Uh, they know they will come, they will call it a 30 year shingle. I’m here to tell you it’s not a 30 year shingle. That’s why you only have a three year warranty on it. But in Oklahoma and in 30 years, single just doesn’t exist. So as the other thing is you have to have good home insurance, Tulsa because you want your gutters to be replaced to the gutters will take on a lot of damage from hail, but especially from refers climbing up and down and carrying pallets of, you know, the, the whole stack of shingles and you know, they’ll just destroy the gutters.

So you have to make sure that those are a replaced as well. And it gives you good opportunity. Maybe replace them with a better gutter or a smaller gutter or whatever you might want if you’re painting your house or whatever. So again, it makes sure your home insurance tosses the coverage you need and you want. And so there are no surprises at claim time. Hopefully you’re sitting down with your professional insurance agent like Jeff and mark over there and ensure you Oklahoma. Uh, Home Insurance Tulsa if you are, then you’re getting a full insurance review and a full insurance review is the best way to make sure you’re covered correctly. We recommended sending that once a year with your insurance agent and reviewing all your coverages. And then the advantage that the guys that ensure you will have is that they wait when you sit down, if you’ve had a major increase, they can shop your insurance with different companies. They know which companies have and rate increases and rate decreases and they’ll know which ones are the best for you and which ones are maybe not the best for you.

Remember, we’re not talking price with talk coverage. We don’t want cheap price or we didn’t want a cheap price, Home Insurance Tulsa but we don’t want to sacrifice coverage and value for that. So whenever we look at cheap, you know, we also want to make sure we have good, she’d been good in and cook together, but sheep are not good. You might as well not having like buying Sushi and a gas station or you know, when you go into Walmart and you see the Sushi there on the shelf, but you can’t see the guy making the Sushi. Well, how fresh is that? I wouldn’t need to day older, two day old Sushi. You shouldn’t have cheap Sushi, shouldn’t have insurance, just common set. So if you want to make sure you have good Sushi it in the raw, if you want to make sure you have good insurance, go to ensure you Oklahoma and get the home insurance.

Also that you need home insurance thoughts. It’s going to be one of the most important policies your bi because it’s ensuring your largest investment that you’ll ever make probably. And that’s your home. Uh, you know, owner, expensive. That’s why we pay for over 30 years. And we want to make sure that we have the right home insurance salsa on them, uh, and whether that Safeco or mercury or allstate or progressive, we have to make sure that we have the right amount of insurance and the right kind of insurance, you know, the last thing you want is a total loss. And then you realize you don’t have personal property replacement cost, personal property replacement cost gives you new for old. Home Insurance Tulsa If you have a five year old TV, it’s probably worth about 50 bucks. But if you’re a replacement cost and you have a total loss, you’re going to get a brand new TV making model and you’re not going to get a, you know, if you had some crappy little tv, you’re not going to get some big 65 inch TV.

So anyway, personal property replacement cost is important. Also, if you have a newer roof replacement cost coverage on the roof, it’s the same concept. New Girl, if you’re roughing destroyed, you can get a new roof instead of, you know, just the actual cash value, actual cash value of a $20,000 replacement costs. You could be eight or $10,000 and then you’re coming out of pocket for the rack, but have paperwork that’s not fun. So, uh, the clients of ensure your, I don’t have those kind of surprised because they sit down with their professional insurance agent and ensure you, Oklahoma. It makes sure that their home insurance doses, the coverage that they need and the coverage that they want. And it’s the, uh, it’s a good value of insurance. It’s not cheap insurance. But if insurance done right, uh, you know, we’re all in the tendency to look for cheap because we’re fitting something into a budget. But the last thing you want is cheap insurance. So we’re gonna sign off here in a second is again with mark from ensure you Oklahoma. Today’s podcast, talking about roof coverage on your home insurance salsa. And today’s podcast is brought to you by allstate insurance. You’re in good hands with allstate. Do not let Mei am ruin your life or your month or your week or your year. Get good coverage. Call the guys and ensure you Oklahoma. They will get you the best and it might not be all thing.

It might be something else, so give him the guys. I’m sure you will call them a call. You’ll be glad that you did. Home Insurance Tulsa