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Alright, are you here? Are you listening? Thanks for tuning in or thanks for reading a blog post 86 knew I had that much. Anyway, welcome and I’m glad you’re enjoying the ensure you Oklahoma all regional content podcast that we broadcast constantly and then we transcribe it into a blog for you to read on our website are fascinating. Read. Punctuation isn’t so great place to run on sentences, but I want you to know that we do this for your own good. We do this to provide you a service and Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, it’s better than using the twitter, although the twitter is kind of fun. You can get on there and argued with complete strangers, but anything just give your opinion and you know, they’re going to call you an idiot, which I actually kind of fun. It’s better than facebook. Facebook is all like, you know, I get it, but now all of a sudden everyone is a fan of frank.

You know, I’m older, I see younger people praise you. But upgrade aretha Franklin. They couldn’t name three songs, you know, they weren’t big fans of Aretha Franklin. You can’t be a fan of Britney spears and a risk that just doesn’t have. So that’s what facebook has. It’s all these want to be social climbers that claim everything after, you know, read the Franklin fans or they want to attend every event in Tulsa because they just want their name out there and they’re just trying to make themselves look important when they’re actually just lose her pain in the ass. People who wanted attention of a purse society, which neither here nor there. So anyway, on today we’re toggling on our blog, we’re talking, I’m actually driving into a polk county. This was the first expansion of our agency and we’ve started writing home insurance, Tulsa down here about six weeks ago. Pretty happy about that. Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, whenever you have a business and you’re expanding, that’s always a good thing. The last you know, you either, there’s either people put their foot on the gas and I’m, I’m a foot on the gas side guy. You all know the foot on the brake type guy. Maybe that’s you. Maybe that’s your wife. Wives, like put their foot on the brake a lot.

I’m sure you do, but, uh, I got this white car pulled out in front of me as the accounting aspect. So am I looking for in Okmulgee, I’m looking for someone who wants to get after it, get after it in a big way and build something big and I want us to come who are just a scale, like if we write it up, home insurance to all son and uh, and then we’re going to be able to grow because those people will all need a cop without their radar radar anyway because we write all of there are homes and then we’re going to write their autos and their kids and their umbrella policy, you know, all those things add up. And next thing we know, we’re the largest in a mob on our way to becoming the largest in green country in northeast Oklahoma. So that’s all we do.

That’s why we do what we do, um, is to become the biggest and the best and to help our clients truck parking all you can eat ribs, good fried chicken fried chicken. And you’ve never been to the Sobrato steakhouse or now it’s called something else down here. A bogey county. I suggest you go to a good buffet. Duck Creek Casino. Good place. Uh, I don’t know about duck creek and never been there, but, uh, know I guess if you like gambling, that’s where ego but not a gamble calling. Ensure you Oklahoma or visiting. Sure you will call me.com. Those aren’t gambles. Those are the real deal. That is you want to gamble, go ahead and call one person, then go with them and see if they have the best insurance for you. Home Insurance Tulsa You don’t want to gamble Conan. Sure. You Oklahoma or we’re gonna. We are going to a shop your insurance to five or six different companies to make sure you got the best.

All a plus rated companies. We’re not gonna have any. We don’t do any fly by night stuff. We have all good companies and uh, we’re, we’re growing and we’re growing rapidly. You know, I talked to this one guy today, he’s working for another agency up in Kansas and they, they don’t write much home insurance. Tulsa, because you know they’re in Kansas, but they also don’t do much. They don’t grow much. They’re not growing or expanding or doing anything the right way. Where is industry, you, Oklahoma, that’s all we want to do is do the right thing for people the right way and that’s how we’re going to grow and uh, and brings you blond and make more money. And that’s by having more a home insurance, Tulsa

clients than any other agency in Oklahoma. Home Insurance Tulsa once we do that, we’re good to go. You know, I’m driving by the state farm guy here, got some bs initials behind the same. They are, you know, they’re, they’re nothing bs. If you pay enough money, you can get some initials behind your name. And these guys make. They want you to think that you think that there is not insurance because car sales are slow or real estate slow there in it because they love it. Ps, you know how many professional insurance agent you have? Our founder and owner, Mark Morley, started in the insurance industry in 1991. He knows what he’s doing now. He’s turned another page and he’s a and he’s starting his own independent agents. Got Tired of building and working for someone else. I was doing it for himself and the clients have all of his great.

So home insurance, Tulsa podcast, you’re reading the right blogs, a look no further. You know you went the best. Forget the rest is not what you want to do. I mean, why in the world would you want substandard insurance? Why in the world if you were looking for a new. Home Insurance Tulsa, I don’t know, let’s a Ford Mustang. Would you go to the first Ford Mustang, Dr. and just buy whatever he gave you. No, you wouldn’t. You might get on the line and find a five or six different dealerships. Ask what options they have on the car cause you know, the model, but they could have a bunch of different options and then check the prices. So yeah, it’s a Ford Mustang. Yeah. You’re probably for a Ford dealership. Do you want it to go to the Ford dealership or you stop it? No, you don’t.

You shop around, you use the web and you get the best rate or you get the best price for the Ford Mustang. What if you have someone and it’s for the end of the month and they are going to give you $500 less because they have a quarter to me and they want to do something. That’s where you want to buy. The same thing with home insurance, salsa you want to be. You want to shop around and you can do one of two things in shop around. I’m here to tell you, you can either sit down and make four or five phone calls and then have to evolve the information and then you get four or five phone calls back. You have to sit around, wait for them, Oregon email, and then you take them all and compare them all. Okay? That’s the old way of doing it. Here’s the new way you call it.

Sure. You, Oklahoma and they shop for five countries for you. You made one phone call. Home Insurance Tulsa You’re getting more information to one person. They’re shopping for five companies for you. They call back with the best or you know, maybe two of the best quotes for you and you’re done over finished. You don’t have to keep messing around, isn’t that better? And then when those rates go up, what do you know you call back and go, Yo, Yo, Yo Jeff, my rates went up and help me out. And that suggests going to do So. Call us at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And let one of the professional insurance agents ensure you, Oklahoma, help you out.