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I guess this would be insured you, Oklahoma podcast number one slash 27. Today we’re talking about care, custody and control. And this podcast is brought to you by our newest carrier encompass encompass insurance, um, if your higher end a plus rated company that people want additional, better coverage, better coverage on the roof that are covered on everything else, and they do a great job with more expensive homes in nicer car. Same Great Conference for bull. So encompasses insurance. Give us a call, we’ll see what we can do for you. So today we’re talking about delivering a horse. So here’s the scenario. You have horses, you have a farm truck and trailer. Home Insurance Tulsa, do you have a bunch of horses and you have a friend who needs their horse delivered to a new stable. So what do you do? You say, okay, you hook up the truck and the trailer, now the trailer may have no insurance on it because it’s just a horse trailer. What? What’s going to happen to it? Unless you get into a neck, but you’re also putting someone else’s large dangerous animal in your trailer.

So you now have care, custody and control of that animal. So if something happens, who is liable? That’s the question. Well, I’ll tell you who’s liable, but then I’ll tell you who, what’s going to happen and who’s going to be sued, who’s going to be showing everyone, the owner, operator of the truck and trailer your friend and you the animal owner because attorneys are going to go up to you because you are a doctor. All right? So you, you’re afraid now has the trailer hooked up to the vehicle and something magic happens when a trailer is hooked to a vehicle,

it is now part of the vehicle and covered under the liability portion of the auto insurance policy. Isn’t that nice? So if you’re hauling a trailer and the trailer breaks free and causes an accident, you are covered because it happened while it was connected to the change or the truck. Now if it’s not and if it’s unhooked and just sitting in a parking lot enrolls and smashes into, some cars are not covered for that unless you have covered on the trailer. So you have to make every effort to make sure that you have coverage for that. Most people don’t need it and you only need, you have liability coverage for the vehicle and the trailer based on, Home Insurance Tulsa, based on the auto insurance policy. Now, let’s say you stopped to get a hamburger on the way because it’s such a long drive that your wife’s that young, she can’t understand normal thinking.

So it’s just what you’re doing. You’re doing it for her because she can’t and someone would get hurt if she breaks out of the trailer and then go in and smashes someone else’s vehicle because the horse is scared. And what they do is they kick and they, uh, it caused a Ruckus and they damage a bunch of property that isn’t yours. And it’s not your horse. Well, you had what’s known as care, custody and control of that animal, your responsible for the care, custody and control. Home Insurance Tulsa unfortunately it didn’t work. It didn’t happen. And the horse got out of damage. Someone else’s property that will fall under your liability insurance from your home insurance houses. Yeah, that’s right. So when you tell me what could happen at my house or someone getting get hurt, I don’t know what could happen at your house, but what about something that happens away from your house?

That’s where the liability insurance from your home insurance, Tulsa is, comes in handy. Now, if you are someone that has horses and in truck and trailer and you’re doing a favor for a friend and taking a horse over to a nice boarding stable, then uh, you also need an umbrella policy. So an umbrella policy is an additional million dollars or it goes up a million dollar increment. So it could be $5 million above the underlying liability limits of your auto insurance and your home insurance policy. Because if this forest now out on the road and someone hits a Horse, and, uh, fortunately in this story, say the horse lift, Home Insurance Tulsa but the people then they crashed their car and they’ve got a 10 car pileup and 10 and five people died. You better him, good liability insurance because if you have low liability, you’re going to end up having your wages gone.

The sheet for the rest of your life to pay off that debt or you have home insurance, Tulsa and you have liability insurance and uh, you have an umbrella policy, so that’s where all this comes in handy. You might not have insurance on the trailer, Home Insurance Tulsa but the trailer is covered as long as it’s attached to the vehicle, not for comprehensive or collision. So that would be not an at fault accident or, or vandalism not going to be covered unless you specifically put that out in the policy. And uh, your liability coverage is stems from your home insurance, salsa. And then anything above that would probably be $300,000 would go to your umbrella policy. It’s our job as insurance agents to think of all the stuff that can go wrong and that can happen. And that is just one of the many things. Uh, so what else could happen?

Well, I’m here to say that the owner of the horse would probably also be sued and they better have good insurance, good liability insurance as well. This was at a commercial operation. So that’s. So the person holding the horse doesn’t have commercial insurance, a commercial liability policy. Hey, you’re doing a favor for a friend that happens all the time. That’s what happened. So that’s what can happen. Um, it’s just one more example of liability. Liability coverage is probably your most important coverage because it covers what you have, what you can earn, and what you stand to inherit. So if you don’t want your wages garnished or your inherit a lien against your hair, then be sure you have the right liability insurance. And that could be the right liability insurance for your home insurance, Tulsa, or it could be a, an additional umbrella policy. Now, you can’t just have an umbrella policy and have crappy home insurance, a liability you have to have, if you know, responsible people take care of the old thing. So depending on the company, Home Insurance Tulsa

uh, we want to make sure that you have the right coverage in place. This horse trailer gets stolen or crashed or something that happened, who cares? It’s a couple thousand dollars, five, $10,000. But if it’s nothing that can compare to the damage that had frameworks into my ability plans, so that’s why you want to make sure you have the right coverage for liability and you didn’t get about the trailer, not the truck. You probably need to write liability by trailer hitch. Who Cares? It’s not that much money. You can recover from it. You can recover from minor financial setback. He can’t recover from major finances sometimes, and that’s where the insurance comes in. Now we’ve said it before, if you want to just attach your bank account to the insurance company and let them take all your money every month, answer you for everything that doesn’t make sense is show you for the things. Insure yourself against the things you can’t afford to lose and a and self the things you can afford. Because you know when it gets down to life, that’s just life, man. Home Insurance Tulsa That’s life. That’s what all the people say. Riding high in April.

Shut down in May. I mean, come on. That’s for today. And if, if you have the right coverage.