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Hi, welcome to podcast 64. Sure. You Oklahoma information podcast. That helps. Our goal is we’ve strived to help you save money, get the right coverage and get the right insurance for your Home Insurance Tulsa. Uh, we are ensure you Oklahoma. This today’s podcast by all state insurance company. I was just on the floor. I’m protected from mayhem, was all independent agencies that provides insurance real honored to be one of those agencies. We are growth that they have chosen us and we’re even more thrilled about the great rates and the help that we’re giving our clients. We have a client in Oklahoma City houses about $870,000. We were able to ensure that for only $3,000 a year, so when it pumps the home insurance policy,

we are your one stop shop. We are the place to get your home insurance fall and then we bundle that with auto insurance. I’m trying to be even more in a nice lady Laura called today. We’re going to help her this afternoon where their Home Insurance Tulsa or auto insurance and to do so. I’m making people happy, making people happy with their own insurance, making sure the roof is covered correctly. If I remember when we voted Laura, she has a nice new house, the new roof. So we’re going to be able to give her a replacement cost coverage on the rope and today we’re going to get her information about her auto insurance. We’re going to be great for her. She’s going to have one place to have insurance. And uh, in the future if our rates go up, she was just going to call the one phone number and we’re going to be there for her to help her because we are truly an independent insurance agency. We’re not beholden to one company. We are beholden to our clients and we can shop companies three to four to up to like 10 companies. It’s usually not necessary to do that much, but what we’ll do is we’ll shop as many companies as necessary to get the right coverage at the right price for our clients. And then if need be down the road, because we are independent agents, we will shop it again and make sure we have the right coverage for ruling. We are truly representative of our clients, not representatives of the company. So instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole,

we will find you the right coverage for your specific situation. It takes a little more work. Yeah Home Insurance Tulsa Those other guys don’t even have to put one company. We put five or six. It’s more work, but we’re willing to do it because we believe that this the right way to run an insurance agency I’m speaking of that are our clients. We appreciate all the positive google reviews. If you have any questions or you want to see what other people think, check out our google reviews and we’re up to 25, five star reviews that make us happy

people. We’ve made big enough fans for them. Taking the time to go on honored and blessed to have people. We are humbled by their feedback. You know, people see the light before starting to see the life insurance. Term Insurance does not captive insurance agencies. It’s not independent insurance agencies helping the clients get the best company. It’s not an online right. Pray for you. You don’t need your advice to a professional insurance agent. That’s important. You know you get that new home feeling of a new beginning in your life getting into a home. Do you really want to name your price and just put it on price? For what I knew my professional insurance, I sit down with you and explain what you have, what you need, what you have, what may be using gold out, what he would recommend her. She would recommend buying back, but it’s important that you get the coverage you need for the right price.

You’re not going to get that unless you’re with an independent orientation. I’m driving by a beautiful building right now and this building has an all metal rough, that all metal roof is a nice discount on Home Insurance Tulsa because it’s hail resistant. Now in Oklahoma or in Kansas or in Colorado, there is no such thing as hell proof because hell just gets bigger, but there is hail resistant so those rubs resist hail damage or your basic a asphalt shingle for your basic ones. Dr. Resist at all and your shape grew up. Oh my God, that is not going to resist one bit. So you want to make sure you have at least a good 30 year shingle, which in Oklahoma there’s no such thing as a 30 year shingle because of just the intensity of our weather. But I can speak from experience. I have two barns with metal roof.

One of them I’ve had for 16 years, I’ve never had a problem with rough and in their my time I’ve replaced asphalt shingles on my home twice. So a metal rough can save you time, money, aggravation, frustration, and quite frankly they’re making them nice enough where it looked good and there’s not a reason to not have a nice metal rough. I understand that you on musk is making a shingle for homes that looks like your basic composition or asphalt shingle, but it’s actually solar and it can be used to heat and cool. Your home will provide electricity for your home. Now that is genius. Why isn’t something like that come along before I hail resistant solar? Rough. That can provide a cursory for your house. You want to talk about being off the grid. That’d be a way to be off the grid and that would be a great way to get a nice discount on your home.

Insurance companies start to offer discounts on Home Insurance Tulsa for that kind of shingle. You can bet that ensure you Oklahoma will be the first ones to represent those companies to provide the discounts. So if you want the maximum discounts, a, you want to get a hold of. The guys didn’t insure you. Oklahoma for home insurance called. I’m driving by a very large bank building and it’s a commercial building and they advanced fault shingles and I wonder why they do that instead of a metal roof to save on insurance costs and prevent damage from hail. But anyway, that’s not my issue. That’s theirs. They should probably have a metal roof. Uh, here’s another building with the metal roof size. Oh, here’s the building with the flat rough. There’s only two kinds of flat roofs. I understand there’s the ones that do leak and then the ones that will leak and refers seem to try to fix that by just putting more and more tar on it.

I’m not sure how that helps, but apparently it does help to prevent leaks. But for home insurance policy, you probably don’t have a flat roof and you’re probably not going to just have a bunch of tar up there. Although there was one I saw on, oh, is it 10 slash 29 chestnut in Ann Arbor, Michigan at a flat roof with tar and couples on there by now. But I don’t know who they have their home insurance Tulsa with, but I don’t think it was in. Sure. You Oklahoma Home Insurance. Want to call it a or give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two 70. One hundred or four. Oh, five, three, two, 2:55. Oh, one. Until next side. This is ensure you Oklahoma discussing home insurance to have a great day.