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Oh, good afternoon and welcome to the next episode of the insure you Oklahoma Home Insurance Tulsa podcast, where we ask ourselves, does our home insurance tall adequate for the home that we want to ensure? Are we getting the Best Bang for our buck? Home Insurance Tulsa Are we paying too much or we’re not paying enough because we don’t have the coverage that we think we have this and many other questions or sure to be answered this afternoon on the ensure you Oklahoma podcast, given sure you Oklahoma call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero and sit down for an insurance review with a professional insurance agent with years of insurance experience. Today’s broadcast. Today’s podcast is brought to you by allstate insurance, allstate insurance out of Northbrook, Illinois. It is the newest addition to the ensure you Oklahoma, uh, February of, uh, their battery of companies that we write business through. Yeah, that’s all state used to be completely captive company or now they allow us independent insurance agents to write home insurance, Tulsa through all state. So again, we have another a plus rated company that we can quote from to make sure your home is properly covered. This afternoon we’re sitting outside on a beautiful day in Oklahoma,

although it is quite cloudy and there is a chance of rain whenever we have heat like this and humidity coming up from the Gulf. We’re never too far away from a storm in Oklahoma, which means we’re never too far away from home insurance. Tulsa claims. So is your home insurance, Tulsa, the coverage you need with the company you need.

Have you been with the same tired old company for years and years and years and you just keep accepting the rate increases and the policy changes and you’ve never shopped around? Well now’s your time to shop around. Give the guys at, ensure you Oklahoma, a phone call and have them shop three or four different companies with you with just one call. This is the advantage of being with a good independent insurance agency like in sure you, Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. You can get the best coverage by just making one phone call to a professional insurance agent. Your Home Insurance Tulsa

must be done correctly. I’m sitting outside this beautiful two story brick and frame house and I know that it’s insured correctly because this is a client of ours or sitting on our clients back patio by the pool. He’s got a pinion wood in the chimney to beautiful afternoon our feeder in the pool and his house is covered for anything that could happen. The roof is only a couple of years old, so it’s covered for replacement cost coverage. The House has recently been painted so we know this good client of ours has pride of ownership and this is the kind of risk that a plus a preferred rated companies want to ensure good homes with good owners. Now the Home Insurance Tulsa coverage on this home is rated as a frame home even though it has some masonry veneer, some brick veneer on it, it’s less than 50 percent brick, so it’s rated as a frame home, but we also added earthquake coverage to this home.

Now, if it’s an old frame home, it can absorb pretty good shock and sway and it’s going to be okay. It’s like if you made a, a, a home out of popsicle sticks or a little model home out of popsicle sticks and you shook it around a little, it would be okay. Nothing would happen. But now you take some slices of some, uh, some Mata and you put it on there and you shake her on that. Motsa could crack and fall off. So that’s why in your home insurance, Tulsa policy needed to make sure if you have some brick, it’s a good idea to get a coverage or earthquake coverage because even these little tremors can cause damage to brick or stucco is not even that bad. You’ll, you’ll be okay if you did, if you have stucco, but you still might want to get it because as homes move and uh, you know, from Earth movement that you could have a claim an earthquake coverage is not normal or is not on a home insurance, Tulsa policies and less attended. Hopefully your insurance agent is, was good enough to sit down with you. And explain what you have and what you don’t have. And if you don’t have earthquake coverage, I’m telling you it ain’t covered. So hopefully they told you how to cover it. For earthquake.

Earthquake was only about a week ago and I was laying in bed in my house, was shaking around me. Things were creaking and uh, animals are freaking out like they tend to do. But I knew my home insurance, Tulsa had the right coverage, so were covered fine. Now the night or two nights before that, we also had a storm. What happened in the storm? We got a lot of things blowing around. Uh, we lost a couple branches on a tree and our patio umbrella got bent in two different places. Now. Are those things covered? Yeah, technically they are, but you know, a new umbrella is maybe 100 bucks and the trees aren’t that much. And so it’s well below our deductible. We carry a high deductible of $2,500 because we know if there’s a claim that’s less than $2,500, we probably don’t want to claim it because if we do, our rates could go up, we could get canceled or when the next big claim comes, we definitely will get canceled.

So any small claims, less than 24, $2,500. Our Home Insurance Tulsa policy, we eat that ourselves and we, uh, uh, we get it fixed, you know, an umbrella. I’m just going to go get it fixed. The tree that we lost, not real worried about it, chopped it up and we’ll have nice firewood for bonfires out by the pond and sometime. But anyway, uh, back to home insurance, Tulsa and deductibles, the higher, the highest deductible you can afford is what should it be placed on your home. You don’t want small claims, you know, if you got hail damage and it broke a window, even, it’s not enough to claim on your home policy. That’s normal wear and tear and you should replace it yourself on this house, this client’s house, there’s actually a door that needed to be replaced, but it’s from a normal wear and tear and it was not the result of a storm or a any sort of claim.

It’s just something that needs to be done and it might be a thousand dollars, but it should. It should be something that they covered themselves and they’re going to do that because again, they have pride of ownership. They’re good homeowners. We have them insured with an a plus rated company, but if that a plus rated company starts to, you know, have more losses than our other companies and they raised the rates higher than the other companies, then we’re going to shop their insurance for them and get them a different policy in a different company. We’re also gonna make sure that we shopped their auto and home together because you always want to keep those together if possible. For the multi policy discount or multi policy discount can actually make up for increased premiums on one or the other. So it is beneficial to have both a, your auto and home insurance with the same company,

especially if you have a home fire and you have vehicles in the garage. And the, uh, if the house burned down, you could have a common deductible claim, which means one deductible is going to cover the autos and the home because if you had two cars in the garage and a complete home, that could be three total deductibles, one for each car and one for the home. But a lot of companies put have a single occurrence deductible, which is great for tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, struck by lightening, things like that. So the best way to make sure you have your home insurance, Tulsa covered correctly, is with a complete insurance review. What the professionals down there and ensure you Oklahoma, come down and talk to one of our friendly agents or give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And we’ll make sure that your home insurance, Tulsa, is what you need. You’re paying for what you get and you know what you have. More importantly, the last thing you need to do is be paying for something that you don’t even know you have or that you don’t even need, and that’s what the guys in ensure you. Oklahoma, we’ll do so make sure your home insurance Tulsa’s covered correctly and you have the coverage you want and the coverage you need at a fair and reasonable price.