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It is 5:20 on Friday and we are just now leaving the office at home. Uh, we were helping Laura in Wagner get her home insurance taken care for, closing A. Laura was smart enough to think ahead and we’re going to be able to help her out and carrot. Great quote for closing, but where, where, where are the other agents? It’s Friday at five, 20 in the summertime. It’s beautiful day. Ninety one degrees. Not too hot to play golf, but where are the other agents? I’ll tell you where they are. They’re not working. They’re at home. They’re already on the golf course. They’re ramping it up and having a beer right now when your friends that ensure you Oklahoma are just now leaving the office at five slash 25, 21. What we did today was we helped out for people with home insurance also made them all happy and saved the money, got them what they needed for their closing.

So when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa also you know where to call it and sure you Oklahoma, go to ensure you don’t go home and leave us an objective review on Google. We sure would appreciate that. But uh, go to ensure you oklahoma.com and check out the video and the other things on there that set us apart from others. Right now. I’ll tell you what, you can home insurance Tulsa from us. You know what’s setting us apart. We’re still working on Friday afternoon, Friday evening. We don’t take you for granted. We don’t take for granted. We don’t take anything for granted. We are here working and loving what we do. Boy Jeans, your insurance agent love what he does or she does is just their passion or passionate enough to stay there until five slash 20 on a Friday because it’s our passion and assure you Oklahoma at our passion is actually home insurance.

Yeah. Insurance homes in Tulsa, Oklahoma is our patch. We are passionate about selling insurance and serving our clients and making sure they have the best insurance experience. They can have a and we don’t sugarcoat things. We tell you what you need, what you don’t need. If it’s going to cost you more money, you know what we’re going to tell you, it’s going to cost you more money. So for Home Insurance Tulsa, call an agent who cares? Call an agent who cares enough to stay at the office till after 500 Friday. Liked to been home. I got to cut the grass tonight, or I would have liked to have been playing golf, but you know what I like. Even more than that, it’s helping you, helping our clients, helping our clients with Home Insurance Tulsa. Tall stuff because nothing better. There’s nothing I like better than that.

Running our business, running our company, getting us off the ground. We now have locations all over the state. We have two phone numbers of nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One, zero, zero, nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One, zero, zero. Or if you’re over in the city or the western part of the state. We are four. Oh, five, three, two, two, 55. Oh, one four. Oh, five, three, two, two, 55. Oh, one. Give us a call. We want to help you with your Home Insurance Tulsa for Jennifer and Wagner. Today we shopped five different companies, so we got her the best. The best today happened to be mercury insurance. Her hope we’re going to be able to help growers or auto. She does have one ticket, but we’re going to help her out. We’re going to take care of Jennifer. It’s going to be great at her home until August eighth, which is great.

We’re gonna. Get everything she needs. We’re going to get the coverage bound and the deck to her mortgage broker and the title company so they have everything they need for the closing. Um, that’ll be it. And I will take care of her home. And her auto. Good news for her is her roof is brand new. So for home insurance she’s going to get replacement cost coverage on the rough, which is great. She’s going to love that because of a storm comes through, even though her house is built in 1942 with a brand new roof, she’s going to have replacement cost coverage. So she’ll get new parole. One of these storms come through banners or a badly or you know, punches, holes in there with a ale, a mercury insurance will buy her a new roof and it’d be great to bolt started. Real big expensive house, so we don’t have a real high deductible, only a thousand dollars, but that’ll be.

That’ll be great for her. So phrases that are still working at 5:00, 5:30 on a Friday, you know who to call, ensure you Oklahoma. I dairy right now to call one of the other guys. I dare you to make a phone call to an insurance agency right now. Which one of the big companies and see if their agents are still working. Let me give. Let me clue you in. They’re not. They’re not working at all. They don’t care. They make a little bit of money. They’re happy. They’re not business people or employees or agents of the company. The name insurance agent comes from. They’re not representing you and Home Insurance Tulsa there representing the insurance company. So when they, when they tell you something, they’re telling you and representing you, they’re representing the company you call. Ensure you, Oklahoma or go to ensure you oklahoma.com for Home Insurance Tulsa and we are insuring you.

We are representing you to the company. We take your information was shopping around. We go to all the companies and say, look, this is what I got. Joe Client here. This is a good rest. I need a good price for it. No, you don’t want to give me a good price. Forget it. I’ll go to someone else and I can do that because we represent so many different companies that I can go to whoever, whomever, I want you for the insurance for the best coverage and the best price for my clients and I do that all day and all night, Home Insurance Tulsa baby. I’ll be up working tonight. I’ll be working tomorrow. How many is your insurance agent working tomorrow? Let me tell you. He’s not. He’s not. He’s just Joe Schmo. How much experience does he add? I’ve been doing this 27 freaking years, 27 years and I still love it.

I still love that clients and still love helping people. I love it. The more people I help, the better I do. My God, what a great fit anyway, if you know someone else wants to join a business like ours, if you know someone else would. The Passion, the drive, the desire to help people. If you, if you know someone who has a servant’s heart, give him my phone number. Nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven. One, zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, 55. Oh, one. And I’ll put them to work. I’ll give them a career like they never. They never thought they could have a job. They can be looking at home insurance. Also helping people insurance or home insurance or car insurance and their boat or their umbrella and I can get passionate. They have that dragon blood. If they, if they have what it takes to punch through and work and making it and they don’t want a job, a job just over broke.

They want a career. We’re going, they’re going to make so much freaking money and a career that no one could ever tell them they have to retire from. It’s going to be a career. Where were they? Keep working and they keep enjoying it and they keep coming in and helping clients and helping people. Why would you ever get tired of doing that? We’re not punching clocks here. We’re not making widgets. We’re not chopping wood or helping people or helping our clients, helping our clients and Home Insurance Tulsa We’re passionate about what we do and our passion comes through to our clients. Our clients know we love what we do and we love helping them. Why would you want to be part of anyone else? What was the last time you called your agent x? You got your agents that maybe some service center in Hong Kong or Israel or something instead of talking to someone local or maybe just a, you know, call there in Bloomington, Illinois or you know, concord kinetic.

Really there where you want to talk to people or do you want to talk to an agent who’s local in the four? Oh, five, nine, one eight. Working for you. Making things happen. Snapping necks and cashing checks. SORTA. It’s about helping people with home insurance tells you don’t like it. Go to one of those crazy captive guys. Will Cram what you are into, what they have. No way to have. No agent is not doing you any favors. You’re doing himself a favor. Call us home for your Home Insurance Tulsa. Tell us any. Get the right coverage at the right price. And I talked to this Jennifer today. Miss you as she couldn’t believe it. Slipping out because we were so good, so good, so good. So good. Like Neil diamond set for home insurance to call us and ensure you will get a taste of this dragon blood people that just want to serve and help. Tell him next time out.