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Yes, this is the ensure you Oklahoma. All original content. My name is Mark [inaudible] podcast is brought to you by progressive insurance, progressive or flow Lynch, you name your own price, but it’s also great for younger clients and although I didn’t go home, uh, we specialize in Home Insurance Tulsa did you hear me? What did I say? She spent a lot. Sure. Oklahoma specializes in home and auto insurance, home insurance, home insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa So today we are continuing with our question and answer part of the podcast slash blog. And I have a young man with me, 18 years old, master James Reed, who is soon to leave for the University of Arkansas to begin as freshman year. Say Hello James. So James, tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy? What are your hobbies? Playing Golf, fishing, and spending time with friends. Do you own a home? Nope. Have you ever worked in the house? In my own house. I never lived in a house where you own a house someday. Eventually. Alright. So you understand why it’s important to have good home insurance? Salsa? That’s our seo, no.

Okay. But you do own a car, right? What kind of car do you have? A 2016 Hyundai Sonata. Twenty 16. You have the newest car and the house? Yeah. That’s interesting. Okay. And who insures the car? I don’t know how well a lot of young people don’t know who insures their vehicles, let alone who insures their parents’ Home Insurance Tulsa So, uh, when these younger people reach out to us and they’re looking for just good insurance coverage for the price they need to get to and from school to and from work, uh, they don’t have a lot of experience that insurance companies can look at for driving. They surely don’t have a lot of credit. A lot of times we look at progressive insurance, progressive games. Have you heard of progressive? Progressive? They have the name your price tool and is your company where instead of having their own line.

Okay, good. And so you know about flow and flows, friend, that funny guy, his name is Jamie. Jamie is funny on those shows. Anyway, a progressive also writes Home Insurance Tulsa But today we’re concentrating on what progressive can provide for a younger person just starting out in the world and maybe James isn’t the best example was only 18, but he could be. This could be for anyone in their twenties, maybe it doesn’t own a home, it’s going to be married soon, but as a job and just needs a break on their insurance. So we have a client right now where we’re with Joseph. I don’t want to give Joseph lamps intended release relationship for to appear on the blog, but Joseph was with another insurance company and he was paying an outrageous outrageous premiums because there’s previously uninsured that company for three months now. So we’re able to move from over to progressive and we’re saving about $80 a month.

That’s almost a thousand dollars a year and once he gets married I will be able to put he and his wife together on their own insurance salsa and combine their autos. So bundling the home and auto gets your discounting. Married, gives you a discount. Previously insured gives you a discount, but probably most important discount is the home insurance. Tulsa bundled with the auto insurance. Does that make sense, James? Yup. Uh, why does it make sense? Why do you think insurance companies give a discount if you have your auto insurance and your own insurance? Same company or business to give you a lower price. That’s right. You have two lines of business. People have two lines of business. Don’t usually shop around and jump companies. They have better retention for the companies. People who own homes and less claims on their auto insurance. And those who don’t. Isn’t that an interesting stat here on the podcast?

And when I try and drive this into the blog doesn’t translate into over. Alright. So where are you going to college? University of Arkansas, Arkansas. Razorbacks woo pig. And what are you going to major in? Economics and math. A smart kid. Okay. That gets me to the good student discount. If you have a b, average or better cumulative or over the last few semesters in high school, you get a good student discount on your parent’s auto insurance. This is very important because without it, your insurance rates are sky high. The discount also moves over to the, uh, your auto insurance rates in college, so it’s very important to keep a good grade point average in college. So James went to minimum grade point average. You need to keep a college with a three point seven five. And that is the stay in school? I think so. Oh, well. So James gives three point seven.

Five. His auto insurance will be reasonable. Uh, so won’t be too cheap because he’s still a college student and young, but it’ll be more reasonable for his parents and I’m sure his parents don’t mind paying the tuition bill as long as you has a three point seven. Five grade point average. So that gets me to. You leave for college in August 11. August 11th. Excellent. And have you started packing yet? I’m not really. Okay. Well, what’d you do? What are you going to take? Which probably just the basic stuff. Bedding, clothes, school supplies, fishing poles, probably a computer, video games or anything? No. Okay. No video games. Well, James is actually not a very good example of this, but when kids go away to college, do they need their own renter’s insurance policy? Was the question, I’m sure all the listeners or we’re about to ask themselves when you were talking about going away to school.

Well, Renter’s insurance is just another form of home insurance and uh, it protects students, personal property subject to deductible and renter’s insurance is pretty low. One hundred or $250 deductible, but they also get liability coverage if they should cause damage and be liable for someone else’s, uh, damage to the person or to their property. So technically as a parent you have 10 percent of your personal property coverage away from your home. So in our case, if we have $200,000 of personal property protection on our Home Insurance Tulsa policy, 10 percent of that would be away from home. So it covered James’s stuff up to $20,000. But because we’re not just covering personal property, we cover our home and everything with it. We have a high deductible thousand dollars. So everything that James just explained, these taking the school computer issue, moles, a toiletry items, whatever, if it all got stolen, it would probably be a couple thousand dollars, but if one thing got stolen, it might be under a thousand dollars and it wouldn’t be worth it to claim on your home insurance policy.

So that’s why that variation of the Home Insurance Tulsa is a renter’s insurance policy and it might be a good idea to get your student or renter’s insurance policy a for school unless they’re just taking things that can all be replaced in James’s case. Sounds like everything can be replaced. Maybe accept the laptop, but we’re going to hope that he hangs onto that, doesn’t lose it. So we’ve met a, a, an interesting blog post today and interview with the young man going to the University of Arkansas. We’ve talked about Home Insurance Tulsa and we talked about auto insurance for young people and how we can place people with progressive and specializes in getting these young people insured. Especially the ones like James or econ and math majors going to have a great future progressive ones to get them as clients and hope they stick with them, but I ensure you all go home.

Well, we don’t have to just talk or stick with progressive. We can shop your insurance coverage. It’s up to seven different companies. Make sure you gain the right product at the right price. Note, I didn’t say she pretty sure you don’t want cheap insurance insurance for a good price. Cheap insurance is like cheap. Sushi are cheap. Bungee jump jumping. You know when your pants, you might feel good soon afterwards. Your girl reading. So for the independent insurance advice and white glove service, call the guys that ensure you Oklahoma Nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One. We can help anyone in the state of Oklahoma with independent objective, unbiased Home Insurance Tulsa advice and coverage. Until next time, uh, this podcast, 80 signing off.