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So a podcast, one six, seven one 67. Um, this is the podcast or as I like to call it higher and cast pirate radio. I don’t need you. I don’t need, I do need youth listener. I don’t need you, the radio station to tell me what I can and can’t do. I don’t need a TFCC to tell me what I can and can’t do. I am broadcasting live from the 2016 Ford f one 50 in Bixby or homeless today. This is the uh, oh original content podcasts of ensure you Oklahoma. And uh, we talk a lot on here about different things and mostly we talk about, oh, I’ll need that. Mostly we talk about home insurance, salsa. Well we talk about independence and insurance and why it’s important to you as an independent insurance agency. So cause we can put it together for you and uh, put together the right package for you.

It’s a beautiful day. I saw my neighbor installing a rain tech, a rain system on his gutters, which is nice. That means his gutters won’t get full of junk. And then, uh, you know, blocked the downspouts and the leaves off the top and the water goes right underneath. It’s pretty cool actually. I’m not sure how it helps you with your home insurance salsa, but surely it could. If you’re in Tacoma, Washington, I you wouldn’t want to look us up on sure. You, oklahoma.com you’d want to look us up on ensure you america.com. Uh, we are a regional carrier, but we do have the ability to write insurance all over the country, uh, with our different carriers. So anyway, when it comes to your home insurance, Tulsa needs your best call.

Sure. You Oklahoma at (918) 322-7100 or (405) 322-5501. And we will get you hooked up with the coverage and there’ll be the backpack. Well, we do have some carriers that are better than others that give get off. Depends on the rep side. What’s you’re looking for? Some are as, as a response to that as others. And shame on them now. We’re not going get great service and you don’t get great service and you don’t have good credit and good claims history with a good company. Sorry. Insurance companies want good risks. Even a nonstandard company wants a good risk. Uh, there just be a little cheaper than the standard companies.

So I mean if you’re a nice home and you don’t have siting falling off, you’ve got an American flag flying in the front yard, you pay your bills on time, you have good credit and we’re going to take care of you. We’re going to get you a great policy at a great price. But you know, if you don’t have good credit and you don’t have pride of ownership and you know you don’t pay your bills and your insurance policy lapses or you cancelled by one, you know you’re going to get screwed. You’re going to get, it’s going to be high premium if we can even get you coverage at all. We had a client together and last week called for home insurance and they been canceled for two water claims. And the ironic thing is these were two water claims in two different homes and not just in the same house, but there were both within five years. Now that we have to pay a little more for insurance until next November when one of them falls off. Um, but until then they’re just gonna have to pay and hope they don’t have another claim. You know, that’s, that’s what we hope of course. But that’s why you have insurances in case the unexpected happens and you don’t want to go without insurance. The other thing is your mortgage company makes you carry the insurance and if you don’t have it, they’re going to force place insurance on you and you moron idiot.

So this guy decides to turn into the other turn lane of oncoming traffic. And so we can’t get by when we need to cause he’s netting. I’m on memorial headed north out of big speed for some reason. We’re doing construction on the bridge and you best dot speed on the bridge and Bixby. If you know anything, you know, not speed across the Bixby springs speed trap, which is the bridge, the speed limit is 45. If you go 48 or 50, you’re going to get pulled over. Do not try it. And as the Oklahoma fixed the Oklahoma speed trap right by Tire Barn and Tiwan is Mexican grilling, can FEMA, and apparently there’s a dispensary over there too. So if you’re coming across the Arkansas River to get your weed at the Bixby dispensary and do not speak if you’re coming across the Arkansas River to get, um, I have no idea why this stuff is, why there’s construction going on, what they’re doing.

But if you’re coming across the big state river, the Arkansas River and the Bixby bridge, uh, we’re part of the movie texts was filmed with Matt Damon, Matt Damon, Matt, what’s his name from movie texts and the outsiders, that man, I can’t remember. I’ll remember it here in a minute. Regardless, and not your, regardless, because you’re, regardless is not a word. But if you’re going across the bridge to go to your home insurance, Tulsa, do not speed. Uh, uh, are you will get caught. You will get a ticket. People who speed across the big branch gets tickets. Uh, that’s it. And uh, snitches get stitches speeders get the tickets. That’s just how it goes. I think this is a project that is being done because money’s being thrown at it. Not because it needs to be done. Just one more, one more example of blatant government waste and we wonder why our taxes are so high. We say it’s just a million here, a million there, billion here, a billion there. But it all counts. It’s all money. And believe me that Kamala Harris, once all of it, she wants your guns, your money, your health insurance,

um, and she’s not gonna stop till she gets that. You want to vote for that? Go ahead. You’re not going to get my money, my guns. You’re not taking away my choices. How come? The lapse is all about choice unless it comes to choice of health insurance or choice to have a gun or choice to keep my own money that I’ve earned. I don’t get it anyway. If you’re going by mom’s family diner, great place to go. And we also, we used to have a beef jerky shop here in town, which I thought was great, but apparently not enough people thought it was because they’re out of business. And you know, we’ve had this complete auto repair here. It’s a nice machine shed, nice metal building. Uh, we ensure those all day long. We are a, uh, um, an independent insurance agency that writes personal lines coverage and are the coverages we, we do.

We will write commercial insurance all day. You’re the veterinary hospital. We Love, love, love writing, veterinary hospitals, liabilities a little higher because of a dog fight, uh, potential, but the rest of it as just a mom and pop shop. But we love to write and we write them all over green country. So if you are a veterinarian or no one, no, tell him about ensure you Oklahoma, you’ll be glad that you did, uh, because you’ll get great service from someone who knows veterinarians and knows about a veterinary needs, wants, needs, resources and obligations. Uh, as I am married to a veterinarian, Dr Morley, and if you want the best and veterinary care, go to Avalon veterinary clinic and see Doctor Maureen, she will be the best. Just like if you want a good fast hamburger or breakfast, you go to Mcdonald’s. If you want beer, cigarettes and gasoline, you go to QT. And if you want, you know, just great pizza would be pizza hut. When was the last time you had Great Pizza Hut Pizza? The recipes haven’t changed. They’ve always been a great pizza. Ever since we were a kid, you were like the original franchise and they’ve just gotten better. He’s just four main good. Whereas all the other competitors are crap. It’s bad foods. So anyway,

visit us that ensure you won’t call him a.com. Give us a call for an objective. Hey, this guy’s texting and driving. Should I home it? Hit. That’s why. Oh, I hope you pay through the nose for his auto insurance. All right, that’s it. I think today. What were we talking about? What was the main topic was, uh, what’s on the hail? Uh, we talked about a Tacoma, Washington.