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We’re keeping an eye on the severe weather as it moves into the Tulsa Metro from the south and the southwest, you noticed generally from Tulsa down to the south and off to the west toward the Oklahoma City area. That’s where we’re seeing the bulk of the activity as we now move into the morning hours and we have several severe thunderstorm warnings and ongoing at this time now as storms that are moving into the Tulsa area, producing a lot of lightning out there and we’re going to take a look out there and we’re seeing that lighting moving in from the south and from the southwest. First of all, we’re taking a look on the top part of your screen there. That is our downtown Cam. Looking off to the South River Spirit Cam on the bottom as we’re looking off to the south and southwest as well, so plenty of lightning out there Home Insurance Tulsa and we’re gonna see that lighting and theater pushing into the Tulsa area here over the next 15 to 30 minutes.

A lot of thunder out there, so maybe if folks just went to bed here over the last few minutes, more than likely they’re probably going to get up again because they’re going to hear this thunder and the heavy amounts of rain. Now there is some potential we could even see some hail with some of this activity. First of all, I want to go in to the Tulsa Metro area and look at this first world warning here. This first severe thunderstorm warning, this goes until 1230 and you notice it does include northern areas of Mogi County and southern sections of Tulsa County. Here’s the severe thunderstorm right now extending from mounds down toward the Victorville area, also toward bald hill and it’s lifting off to the northeast at about 20 miles per hour, so it is going to move across most of central and southern Tulsa as it continues to work its way off to the north and to the east. Now Home Insurance Tulsa

rotation, we know it all. We’ve heard it all before, so when it comes to home insurance calls. So we want to make sure you have the right coverage for your own before there’s a hook, echo spot and headed your way or the dry line or whatever it might be. A, uh, in near Oklahoma weather. So welcome back to ensure you Oklahoma is all original content podcast. My name is Mark Morley. I’m here today to talk to you about home insurance, selfless and they were brought to you by progressive insurance. We just paid a lady money on our own, on our auto and home insurance, also with progressive. And I’m so excited she’s going to be such a great client and a you. We love when we can help clients like that. So when it comes to home insurance that let us know how we can help you go to our website and ensure you oklahoma.com.

Give us a call at nine. One eight, three, seven, one zero, zero. And let me see if we can eliminate them. Home Insurance Tulsa Red Tape from your life. All right. Back to the podcast and back to Oklahoma weather. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. We have dry lines. Okay. Code. There’s the a tell tale sign of the commerce cloud and rotation ahead of it. That could mean tornado. Whenever we hear the word word, a rotation, you know, we think of the worst. We think of the images of moral Oklahoma and the a home down there where they were completely destroyed, nothing left foot slab and we hope they had the right home insurance and if they did, then they’re probably okay. If they didn’t, it could be a lifelong struggle to give back financially because if your home is gone and you don’t have home insurance calls to your mortgage company, still knocking on the door and anything short of bankruptcy is not going to get rid of that money. You owe bankrupt. You might not even. Anyway, so make sure you sit down with your professional.

We were talking about when we’re talking about dry lines, hook goes, tornadoes, earthquakes and everything that can happen in Oklahoma. You know, even if it’s not a bad storm, even if it is just Home Insurance Tulsa even if it’s just, you know, some drunk guy driving his car into your living room that’s covered on your home insurance. Tulsa, if you have it, if you have it in place and it’s done right, what you want to do is make sure that you have the right coverage in place at the right time and that means getting with a professional insurance agent, like the guys that ensure you Oklahoma, go to ensure you oklahoma.com. Click on our testimonials, click on the video, you’ll see who we are and how we like to do business and how we make, uh, we, we started out with customers and then we make people, clients for life. And the best part of what we do is we make friends, we make sure our friends are covered correctly. So for home insurance, Tulsa, and a blustery day, ta Ta looks like rain on a blustery day.

Winnie the pooh would even say, make sure your home insurance, Tulsa is a in force and you have the right coverage. You want to make sure the roof is covered, especially on a day like today, a lot of heavy rain. We need the rain for our hay crops and for our, for our grass, for livestock. But beyond that, we definitely don’t need it in our living room or in our bedroom or bathroom. So for the, uh, want to make sure our home insurance tosses covered correctly, if it’s not in your roof is leaking and it’s on your hardwood floors to get destroyed, that’s not going to be covered. So if you want to make sure your hardwood floors, carpet and paint a personal property on the inside are all covered correctly, Home Insurance Tulsa then give us a call at ensure you Oklahoma and we’re going to make sure you have the right coverage at the right price with the right company.

Uh, usually when we get someone talks to us, we know which company is the best to talk to and get quotes from. But sometimes we don’t. We have to go to work and quote three or four different companies to make sure we have the best coverage for someone. So for home insurance, Tulsa, call the guys at ensure you Oklahoma Nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And you’ll make sure you’re covering correctly or go to ensure you oklahoma.com. You know, I’m driving by a pizza hut right now and they seem to have a nice thick rough that doesn’t look like it ever be damaged and I’m going by the Bank of Oklahoma building. They have a metal roof. Metal roof is something that you may want to consider next time because they are hail, resistive resistant. Also Nolan orthodontics and the ice center all have metal roofs.

IBC Bank has a metal roof, you know that’s gonna, that’s gonna make their insurance cheaper and it’s going to help them in the long run when they have no claims on their home. Insurance. Tulsa also because the hail isn’t going to damage those roofs. Now I’m going by western Sun Federal Credit Union and they Home Insurance Tulsa just have a regular shake roof, not a shake roof, a composite shingle roof. So that is one that could definitely be damaged, but now the daylight donuts has a metal rough. That’s good. Not a lot of damage can happen there with hail, but I’m going by some homes. I’m going by one home here especially, and it’s got a lot of trees hanging over, which means there could be a lot of debris on the roof and in the gutters and it could damage the roof. So they’ll definitely want to get that fixed sooner than later.

You want to take trees away from the roof. Although Home Insurance Tulsa it could prevent hail damage, it could exacerbate other damage to the roof. So again, roof, metal roof, good shake roof. Not as good. Definitely get hail damage, a flat rubs awful. Those will, Home Insurance Tulsa they will leak a, your basic 30 year composite asphalt shingle is good. But just know in Oklahoma there is no such thing as a 30 year shingle. It will not last 30 years. The intensity of the sun. Uh, and uh, and those storms we get just deteriorate their profession 30 years. So for home insurance, Tulsa, you want to make sure that you have the right coverage on that roof going by our vast bank and they have a, an asphalt shingle roof and can be damaged. Burger King, good job, Burger King, metal roof, uh, anyway, looking at a whole bunch of different kinds of roasts here and it’s just, it’s an interesting little survey I’m taking of roofs here in Tulsa, O charlies chicken metal, rough, good job. Now this new tropical cafe brand new and they have a flat roof, a flat roofs either leak or they will leak, you know, that’s the old axiom on those.

Same with mcgraw. I can’t believe that it might be a pitched roof and then be hail resistive, which would be the best for them, but they didn’t call home insurance. Tulsa. They should call Home Insurance Tulsa or call the guys that ensure you Oklahoma to make sure that they have the right home. Insurance. Tulsa. So check out the website and uh, ensure you oklahoma.com or give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Make sure we have the best coverage at the best price with the right company. No surprises. When the dryline Hook, echo or a rotation or anything else starts in Oklahoma, when when taft price starts breaking in and telling you about his, about what’s happening in the weather, that’s the last time to think about whether the best time or home insurance toss at the best time to think about home insurance. Tulsa is when there’s nothing happening and you know you’re covered. All is good and you have nothing to worry about. Maybe you can walk away from your insurance agent saying, boy, that guy did a good job for me. I’m thrilled we’re covered correctly. The guys that ensure you Oklahoma really know what they’re doing, so give him a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero.