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Good morning and welcome to podcast number one, three zero, 1:30. That’s a big number. A big number. Alright. Today we’re going to shake it up a little bit. We are still going to focus on home insurance tall. That’s going to be a main one of the topics today, but we are ensure you Oklahoma. You can visit us@ensureyouOklahoma.com and for those who aren’t familiar with the world wide web or the web or the Internet, that would be www.ensureyouoklahoma.com and the you is just a capital you but today I am. I’m going to take a different route when we talk about home insurance also. Has anyone seen the car commercial and I can’t even tell you what kind of car it is. Home Insurance Tulsa. It seems to me like it’d be more of a carwash commercial. I don’t know what they’re selling and the girl says the rainbow by the rolling stones.

She doesn’t say about rolling stones, but it is and this is the girl that’s so young. There’s no way she even heard that song before. She’s a rainbow and now I want to punch them, advocate about the rolling stones, the rolling stones or managed their money was all managed by Mick Jagger. Home Insurance Tulsa, and he made sure that they all became wealthy, wealthy people and didn’t waste the money on stupid things. Now they had all the trappings of rock and roll because they are the greatest rock and roll band ever. But a, Mick made sure that they all had good investments and good insurance to cover those investments. Yes. Uh, so when, uh, Keith Richards had a home in Easthampton make, made sure he had good home insurance. It’s funny that he would get home insurance and Tulsa and not in East Hampton, but that’s how the story goes.

And One night there was a big rock and roll party there. And uh, basically got, destroyed. The house got destroyed. I think Keith Moon was there a x. You tried to drive his Jaguar through the front door if it weren’t for Mick Jagger, making sure that Keith has good home insurance, that it was a, you know, this wouldn’t have been covered and they would’ve had to pay for it themselves. Now, back to the rainbow with this cute girl who has no idea what she’s saying. She just thinks it’s a cute by some old guys back in the seventies, you know, the sixties, I’m sorry, back in the sixties. The Beatles were the original British invasion. I mean, they let it. Then they, Home Insurance Tulsa they lead the British invasion and they were, they came in and had, had Sullivan, uh, they sold. They were the first band to ever do stadium shows and they made sure that, oh man, those were sold out and they would literally do 45 minutes shows maybe an hour.

And the fans were so loud that the band couldn’t even hear what they were playing. So I’m guessing it wasn’t real good music. But anyway, then along came the rolling stones and the Beatles needed the rolling stones. Now let me make sure that you understand competition is good. I’m not saying the Beatles have gotten lazy, but you know, the Beatles could have put out anything and it would have gone to the top of the charts and I’m sold out shows, but along comes a man and keeping the boys and they give them a run for their money. And so what happens is the Beatles, John and Paul are forced to, uh, continue their genius and not getting lazy, which they did of course, Home Insurance Tulsa but just like the Beatles, the rolling stones were victims of the times, if you will. And instead of a, well I guess you could say they lead the changes of the times, but along in the seventies came this psychedelic term time when people were dropping acid and such.

And so the Beatles came out with a sergeant pepper couple other albums like that rubber soul and the rolling stones instead of just being bad boys and rock and roll. Like they were decided to get him a little psychedelic phase. And that for the song, she’s a rainbow comes from their little psychedelic face. Home Insurance Tulsa that’s, you know, if you listen to the song, that’s exactly what it is. But that wasn’t making Keith in the boys bad boys and rock and roll. Keith Richards is the original and the biggest and the baddest bad boy of rock and roll. Ozzie. Yeah, we got it. But as he is not key, um, so they quickly abandoned that, thank God and got back to what they were doing. And then they came out with great albums like a sticky fingers. Uh, let it bleed.

Couple others like that which got them back to the rock and roll routes and made them who they are now. Don’t get me wrong, the rolling stones are rock and roll horse. They also did miss you. But July, I know a lot of people like, and don’t want to admit it, but it’s a disco song. Mitch you is the disco song off of some girls. Some girls. It’s a great album. Home Insurance Tulsa talk about rock and roll bars on there. They also did a faraway eyes, a country. So yeah, Mick and the boys cranked out a country song far away. I listened to it. Listen to miss you again. It’s the disco song. They are rock and roll horse. And that’s why you hear their music on, you know, being bought by companies all over, because if you look at the cars that are trying to be sold was, she’s rainbow or it’s only rock and roll or there’s other one other song that they do a, they’re all being marketed to baby boomers who are listening to the rolling stones that time.

Yeah, that’s right. The younger generation may thinks it’s cool and funny, but it’s being marketed to me. I think the WHO actually sold out Bravo Riley to one, which of course will be a teenage handsome forever. So anyway, back to it, Keith Moon, we talked about Keith Moon, the WHO. He destroyed more homes than anyone in the world or hotels or anything. And uh, he was the original reason for home insurance. Tulsa, you know, I’m not even sure how many, Home Insurance Tulsa, uh, homeowners had home insurance before Keith Moon came around. But what happened was that they thought I better get home insurance policy in case Keith Moon comes around to visit me and drinks. Uh, what would he drink? He would drink a ginger and rye are ginger. And whiskey. I think it was mostly ginger and ry was his drink of choice and what if he did that and destroyed my house, so that’s why they made sure they had the right coverage.

All right, so back to the rolling stones. The original bad boys and rock and roll. Mick Jagger actually attended the London School of business. I don’t know if anyone knew that. He’s a very bright man. Well, I mean no one gets the top of anything without being bright and, and somewhat manic. And what obviously making Keith are actually for Keith to survive everything you did actually. Come on and let’s face it, let’s face it. We don’t believe. Home Insurance Tulsa Keith Richards, I mean he’s, he’s living a character caricature of himself. He didn’t do as many drugs as I say. He probably did quincy, but I, I’m guessing most of them was limited to look for alcohol, but I guess he was addicted heroin. I get it. But anyway, so the rolling stones, it’s only rock and roll, but I like one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever that spells out who they are and what they do.

She’s a rainbow is not, it’s a pussy little psychedelic song that I don’t even think people like it. Then I think it’s, I think she’s the rainbow is off of goats head soup. I think that’s an album. It’s awful. I think I probably still have it in my album collection somewhere. Wonder if that final is worth anything. Probably not. Anyway, so back to what we were talking about, uh, that is the insert you Oklahoma Little David Lou’s into rock and roll his street, the sixties and the seventies of the Beatles. Home Insurance Tulsa The rolling stones and the WHO. Um, as far as concerts go, I never saw the Beatles would have loved to see the rolling stones five or six times during the whole five or six times, both equally as great shows. I probably get more excited about the who of have. That’s not gonna happen anymore. After John Entwhistle died of a cocaine overdose. The ultimate rock and roller. And it’s 60 days of a cocaine overdose. Anyway, give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero.