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All right, let’s get started this morning with a podcast. I think it’s 1:38, one, three eight. And I want to talk this morning about getting the garbage out. You know, this morning I was getting ready and having my morning coffee. Oh, by the way, Home Insurance Tulsa this is the, uh, ensure you, Oklahoma are really all real, all original content podcast where we help you save money, live better. Walmart. Anyway, um, this morning I was getting my coffee

like I’m asked to do and my wife came in and said the garbage truck. Is that the neighbors? Now, Home Insurance Tulsa the good news is my neighbors aren’t, they’re not close to the front of our front lawn is 660 feet, so I have time and I ran out and I grabbed the garbage can and I took it out to the curb and I got there just in time and the nice guy immediate met me there. He met me there and um, can I pick up the newspaper and I got. Can I brought it in already to chores in one? You know, take the garbage out, bring the cam in through George. But I do them at the same time and got the newspaper. Well, as you could imagine, this will become an analogy for the insurer. You all original content podcast, and I’m.

Today we’re going to talk about taking out the garbage. I ran out of my home insurance, Tulsa and I got there just in time to have the guy take my garbage out. Now, how is this an analogy mark? Well, it works this way. If you’ve been with the captive insurance agency for three to five to 10:20 years, uh, you may think you’re getting the best deal, but in reality you’re not. So you need to take out the garbage. See what I’m saying here? If you’re going to be late taking the garbage out like I was today or almost late, I mean it was almost late and you will have a claim with that insurance agencies, insurance company, then you’re not able to leave for another three to five years. So the point is you want to take the garbage out on time, preferably the night before a claim, which wouldn’t be the night before. Hopefully it’s a few years before. But Home Insurance Tulsa the best thing you can do in best use of your insurance dollar is to shop your insurance every three to five years and to make sure you’re getting the best. Now, yesterday we were able to help three people with their home insurance salsa and all three of them are with plates, with different companies. Now what am what if those three all called a captive agent or captivate, see like your state farm or farmers, blah, blah, whatever. I’m

what if they had called, they would be. They would all got quotes from the same company and would all be the same square peg round hole. My point being is when they called insure you, Oklahoma, and actually one of them got on our website in [inaudible], Oklahoma.com and requested information. They were able to get the best insurance for the price. They were able to get the best insurance for what they wanted and needed for their home insurance. Tulsa, and this just goes to show, I mean we can quote someone and we’ll. We’ll run with five different companies, sometimes seven of seven different companies, and they will vary widely and price, I mean from the lowest to the highest could be a thousand dollars. Now Home Insurance Tulsa we don’t automatically go into the lowest because it might not be what’s best for the client. Lowest might mean higher deductibles. But my point being, if we quoted someone else who lives three to five miles away, we could invert that list and the highest dissolve, the lowest and you know, whatever.

And the reason is different companies have different appetites for rick and have different appetites for different kind of, um, clients and what part of town they want. So if you’re calling an independent agency and you haven’t taken the carpet out, you’re going to get one company that quotes all over the city or county or state, instead of calling a good independent insurance agency for your home insurance, salsa number four for four and a, they can shop all the different companies. And we’re talking a plus rated companies here. We’re not talking fly by night. Companies you’ve never heard of. We’re talking great company. So, uh, yesterday just goes to show when you help three people in one day, all with different companies, how much different rates can vary from one part of town to the other with different carriers. We played with allstate mercury and encompass yesterday. So Home Insurance Tulsa three different a plus rated companies. Uh, we were able to build the best policies now, quite frankly, one was a bare bones policy just to get her clothes and the others were a little more elaborate because they’re a little more elaborate people. But anyway, we

did what’s best for our clients and their home insurance tall stuff by a. and it was just fun to do a though. It’s fun to have all the different companies and believe me, they all call us and they’re thrilled with our work and what we do and body body body. But now we’re also caused trading on more commercial entities in larger homes. We have encompasses insurance which gives us great rates for bigger homes. And I’m just a more comprehensive policies and others. We picked up a carrier yesterday, Midlands, and quite frankly, they default to a bare bones policy and they’re floating engine is even, doesn’t even work with easy ways and it is basically a spreadsheet. I’m not sure how confident I am of them with the claim service. So I might, we’re not, we haven’t used them yet and I’m not sure we might give him a shot and see what they can do. Their insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa they’re an a plus or a minus rated company, which isn’t bad. It’s that great. Speaking of we are also now offering life disability amongst, from care insurance. Um, we have clients who need life insurance and actually we had one just on

Monday, we were able to save $500 a year on their term insurance costs. It was less than half. Now. Home Insurance Tulsa The reason was they had a 10 year term and we were able to put him in a yearly renewable term because they don’t need it for 10 years for sick and the aggregate is going to be less than the tenure. So that’s why we put them with that company. Um, so life insurance, we need to change our agency insurance license today. Racks. That gets me. So anyway, as an agency we’re doing great. We’re about to start breaking even on expensive, which is good for us,

quite frankly. If we didn’t lead with home insurance, Tulsa and we were just going after or auto insurance tall seven. Yeah, we would be doing much better. We’d be picking up more business, but I’m not sure how great to business with me. And we’ll see. We are working on our fto daily and we have um, our adds up that aren’t generating as much as I thought they would. Getting a bunch of likes and people doing it. We’ve got zero phone calls from it. So we’re gonna we’re gonna revisit that today, Marshall and see how that’s going. Um, but besides that, it’s election season and you know, it was only on two, three, four, five democratic presidents back where the insurance companies were coopt by Lyndon Johnson and they took over flood insurance because obviously they think the government can do a better. I don’t think they can. They also had, um, it was only one Democrat back where the government cooperation and took over health insurance, which we all know is a disaster. So get out and vote and I think that’s all we have for today. Let’s see what podcasts there was. So we’re done. Thanks Home Insurance Tulsa.