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All right, let’s get rolling with a number one 48 five guest, one 48, one four eight, ensure you Oklahoma, all original content podcast today or this afternoon. We’re talking about what you do after work and why that matters to your home insurance salsa. So it’s five o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon and Home Insurance Tulsa, most people are headed home. Some are still at work, some left for glue or earlier.


Well, what do you do after work or do you continue to work when you’re at home? Do you carry a briefcase back and forth? I think it’s amazing how many people carry a briefcase and don’t do anything at night and just carry back in the morning back to the office as less. It’s a security issue. I don’t get it though. You’re trying to look important. You sit on the train, you look at your stuff. I don’t know. But what is important is that almost all insurance companies now for your auto insurance have a, uh, uh, metrics, uh, safe cyber metrics, metrics, Tele App, telemetrics app, and it was just an app or was this device you’d have to plug into your car. Now you can do it on your phone just as easily and almost all of them do it. For instance, all state has one, and if you just sign up for it, one person logs in, you get an automatic 3% discount.

Well, my family has five vehicles, so we spend about $4,200 a year on auto insurance. So, you know, in 3% discount can be pretty big. That’s 120 10 bucks a months. Why wouldn’t I do that if everyone doesn’t go up to a 15% discount? And now for me, that can be $600. Why does it matter what I do have to work? Well, if you’re just going to go home and kick back net flex and chill, then you’re going to be fine. You’re just resting at home and you have your home insurance, Tulsa. But if you’re going to go out at night and you’re going to be out late and you like to go out and I’ll let the moon, when you have that telemetrics a app on your phone and measures what time of day you are out. So if you’re out late at night and measures and they don’t like people who go out late at night or early in morning because likely you’re not as well rested and you’re going to have, you couldn’t be more susceptible to an accident.

I know not everybody, and I don’t want to hear about how your early riser and Bubba, I get it, we’re talking actuarily there’s always an anomaly. There is always a unicorn. Actuarily they don’t like people who stay out late at night and or say Alto early in the morning. The other thing they don’t like is fast for a game or Jackrabbit starts. Now this doesn’t affect your home insurance, Tulsa, but it can affect your auto insurance and they’re convicted quite a bit. So what you want to do is make sure you’re driving nicely, nice defensive driver. Uh, you’re not slamming on the brakes. You’re of Jack Rabbit starts. It’s getting, it’s feeding back real time information to the insurance company who knows how to rate your auto insurance. Now it could have, you could have, Home Insurance Tulsa, you could be someone who doesn’t have good home insurance Tosa, but you’re a good driver and that might mean the difference between good rates in bad rates on your auto insurance. But why wouldn’t you do it if you’re automatically get a discount just for having it, then it makes sense that you do it.

So right now I’m turning onto a street and big V, Oklahoma Franklin Avenue and turning around, Home Insurance Tulsa, around here. Uh, and I don’t know what my telematics is telling them if I’m backing in and out and doing stuff like this. But regardless, I’m a good driver, so I’m going to get in. I just count on my auto insurance. No, I don’t know about the home insurance salsa, but I know an auto insurance. I’m going to be in good shape because I’m a good driver. Now, only one person in the household is to sign up to get the discount. If everyone does, it could be up to 15%. I have made sure that my kids are signed up. I don’t know if we want to send up my wife, she’s not a good driver and a well, I’m just saying that on this podcast probably shouldn’t announce that because of the insurance company hears me and I’m going to be in trouble and I will have a higher rate and I don’t want to hire rates, somewhat lower rates.

Everyone wants lower rates on their auto insurance, not just me. Everybody does. And so drive carefully and I do what they asked me to do. I originally changed my auto insurance from a company that I was with for 27 years to all state insurance through ensure you Oklahoma. And because they gave me a better rate, I saved about $1,600 a year by being with a all say commutual and for a lot of money. I have a kid in college and another kid in private school. So that’s, that’s money that I can always use. Home Insurance Tulsa, now there is no such thing as telemedics like that on home insurance, salsa and it’s just on auto insurance. But you want to take advantage of every discount you can get. My discounts just happens to be good on auto insurance because I’m a good driver. Now. I just saw someone take off from a dead stop and floor it.

It would not be a good person for this program. It’s just not a good way to have your auto insurance. Uh, if you go to Jack Rabbit starts and heartbreaking. But I mean, sometimes you have to, when you’re merging traffic or whatever, but you don’t always have to be a bad driver. In fact, you should always be a good defensive driver and watching out what you’re doing, where you’re going. I know I’m going to take a picture and I’m going to send it to Stewart Park on Fox business. Stuart’s an interesting cat. He was from London and now he’s an American citizen. He actually gave up his citizenship there and now he’s just an American, not just to me. I guess that’s pretty good. And American. So good for you Stuart. Uh, and what he was interested in is what’s going, uh, we’ll gas ever get below $2 where he is.

I don’t know about that. But here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the gas is down to one 98 for unleaded, which is phenomenal. I don’t know what is, is a New Jersey I’m guessing is probably 50 cents more. Well, why you want to live in a cesspool like New Jersey USA where it’s cold and wet and crappy and you’re in traffic all the time instead of Tulsa, Oklahoma. What does New Jersey have? The Tulsa doesn’t stress anxiety, high prices. I mean, Tulsa was kind of cold today. Uh, it’s only 45 degrees right now, the end of November. But it’s bright sunny sky. It’s beautiful. And I’m just thinking New Jersey’s cloudy. Crappy winter is just a crummy and gas is 50 cents more. That is outrageous. So anyway, that’s all I have to say about New Jersey gas prices. I’m guessing New York, Chicago and they’re all the same. They’re all high, too high. If you asked me, uh, I like living where we pump our own gas and this gas station is crowded and I’m guessing it’s because gas is so cheap.


You know, there’s different ways you can save money and I recommend everyone take advantage of all of them. That’s Ken, but not everyone can, I guess if you live somewhere crappy, I live somewhere great. And so we get cheap gas. She bought her insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa, we just, we do things the right way here. We’d play golf once a week cause we can, so, and that’s all I got to say about that. And so till next time, this is Mark Morgan is sure you Oklahoma signing off.