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All right, we are on podcast 141. Um, our podcasts have taken on a nice life for their own. We meander here and there and we talk about anything from sewer back up and some pump failure to a life insurance, disability insurance, long term care. Home Insurance Tulsa, and of course the ever popular when we always talk about is a horse home insurance Tulson did they only insure you Oklahoma. Our original content podcast, we are going to talk about home insurance to also of course about auto insurance. And mostly today we’re going to focus on the process of getting life insurance. Well,

if you have a family, you need life insurance unless you’re independently wealthy and that probably looks like whatever your number is, your goal for retirement. If you are there and you have that much money, then you probably don’t need lights. So if your goal in retirement is, say $3, million dollars, then if you have $3,000,000 in the bank, you probably don’t need life insurance. But until you get to that number, you need life insurance. Your bowls don’t die with you paying off your home insurance. Tulsa doesn’t. The goal of that doesn’t die if you die. In fact, if you haven’t paid off your home insurance salsa, then you are extra burdening your family if you don’t have license reps because now they have a home insurance Tulsa home that they can’t afford and they’re probably going to have to sell because you were too selfish. Home Insurance Tulsa. All that can be prevented with a simple meeting with your insurance agent to get life insurance. It’s not that big of a deal. Uh, the founder of our agency and our company, Mark Morley at age 51 years old, got $1,000,000 of coverage, about $1,500, $1,600 a year, not sin. He does have high blood pressure and he has asthma. So

the cost of insurance is nothing compared to the value and the peace of mind that are provided. We originally met with the client who needs life insurance for his wife for six years and a half a million dollars. And she’s 61 years old and it is our 62 years old. And it is only home Insurance Tulsa

$1,200 a year for half million dollars of coverage and the process looks something like this, we decided on the company and, and ensure you, Oklahoma, we only recommend she plus rated company, a loving affiliative pay will drag their feet and it’s not just policy in name only. Home Insurance Tulsa then we answer a few quick questions and then we turn you over to the um, uh, Intel, uh, app process and what that looks like is getting a phone interview and then having the process taken over from there. And so you don’t have to sit down with someone and answer uncomfortable questions about whatever it might be. You can talk to them about, you can talk to a stranger that’s far away, who doesn’t know you. You can be completely honest and, um, get the underwriting done that way. It’s also a lot quicker because you don’t have to worry about, uh, your agent missing something.

These are people who do it all day, every day and they make sure you get the application filled out and then be, Home Insurance Tulsa, any medicals that might be needed or records ask for. Gets all taken care of that one time and the policy gets issued in a lot quicker time frame than if it was just left up to the agent asking the question. These streamlined process for life insurance now has cut down on a has cut down on the underwriting time almost by half, and so if you’re in the need for home insurance, talk to a ensure you will call me. If you need life insurance, reach out to that same agent and they can shop beauty of independent agency, whether it’s for home insurance or life insurance or longterm care or whatever it might be is that they can shop multiple companies with you. They are pigeon holed into one company that might or does just have one policy and of course that cures what else you or day heaven is perfect and that’s what they want to sell you, but only an independent agency can give you true independent advice would be to get you the best price and the best policy and other policy doesn’t always have the best price.

Right? Because there might be something on there that you want that you know it’s going to cost a little more, but that’s all right. That’s how insurance policies work. You get what you pay for it and meredith tell Ya, a d minus rated company is probably going to be cheaper than an a plus rated company because an a plus rated company wants to stay in a plus rated company and they don’t want to.

They don’t want to give that up by under ensuring or under underwriting a policy or issuing policies that are not financially secure or actuarily accurate. And so they’re going to make sure that you get what you need. Now you might be paying more than your neighbor, but you’re also not going to have to worry about it later. You are a, you are with the right company and there’s May change later. Now, I recently talked to the, uh, some reps and from the lap longterm care insurance policy to take our company to take rate on their longterm care policies. And this is a company that was always the more expensive one and they’ve taken a less rate. Another company, other companies have literally doubled, tripled, quadrupled the premium of their longterm care policies. This company hasn’t quite doubled, but there is more money, more money that they have to collect in order to be financially solvent. The last thing you want is when you’re in a nursing home and they can’t pay their bills because they’re not financially solvent. So they did raise the rates so you don’t have to pay it. You can drop the policies, can reduce coverage, but you know, companies, uh, you know, unfortunately.