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Alright, podcast one. Oh, seven, 107 podcast. That’s a lot of freaking podcast. That’s a lot of blog posts. All right. Uh, we have great news, big announcements and ensure you Oklahoma. We’ve picked up a another appointment today and this one is with amtrust and the nice thing about amtrust is they give us a nice bop commercial policy and work comp. So we’re going to be able to help a lot of the work. Bob Policy or a CPP commercial policy can be any number of things. It can be a veterinary hospital, medical hospital, a small mom and pop shop. It can be almost anything and we are looking forward to really helping people out with their insurance needs. We still our focus on being the best writer at carrier have home insurance, Tulsa. We’re all over that. We are the best personal lines. Underwriters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We are the premier white glove, a world class agency in Tulsa. We’re at a 85 slash 16, 101st street in Pittsfield, poma or know Tulsa, Oklahoma. Seventy four, one, three, three. You can look us up on the World Wide Web, are you open with that? But anyway, you should know about our commercial business is more than just an accommodation for our current clients. We have a lot of current clients with um, they’ll have their home insurance, Tulsa with us and their auto insurance and uh, Home Insurance Tulsa but then they’ll also have a small business. A lot of our wealth management clients are entrepreneurs and small business owners and this is just going to be one more avenue of being able to help them. We’re also teaming up with a business coach here, payments business coach here in town, and I’m going to be able to write and help all of their business clients.

It also means we’re going to have to expand into other territories and areas to get the code that we need to get other. We have to get other states ram to ensure and other states. So, um, maybe 700. But anyway, we still do specialize in home insurance, salsa. And as a matter of fact, we, I’m not in my way right now to meet with a bunch of great, great mortgage brokers. These guys send us a lot of referrals and business and why do they do that? They don’t just. Home Insurance Tulsa They don’t send us business because I buy him drinks and some food. Occasionally they buy us, they send us referrals because we get the job done when they want to. John, they call ensure you Oklahoma. What does that mean? These are people, and this isn’t even enrolling. They send, if they want to get paid, they’re going to make sure that they go to ensure you all call them a.com because we’re going to get them the best coverage they can get and they call us and they email us and they say, Mark Shannon, Jeff, one of you guys, I need the best.

I need the best insurance that we can get for our clients. I need a good price and it fee good coverage. I don’t want just covers that. The mortgage company says, my client’s need. I want one. That is what my clients want and what they need. And so there’s no surprises at claim time. And you know what? That’s who we are. That’s what we do. That’s what we provide for these clients. We’re always reaching out and helping someone metaphor for we love. The more people we help, the better off we do. So when mortgage companies need home insurance, toaster, who do they call? They call the best. Forget the rest of Colin’s shirt. You, Oklahoma at nine. Home Insurance Tulsa One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. We don’t sell wigs. Were not a hair salon or not dry cleaners or not beauty supply. We are ensure you Oklahoma.

We ensure you Oklahoma, your home insurance tall. So your auto insurance. But take it from the professionals that, uh, when the professionals, the insurance, they call up, alright, started out calling the other fly by nighters. They’re not calling, you know, some big, huge company, huge companies where everything, if it’s the biggest, we’re the best. If all you needed was the biggest companies, if the biggest said that they’re the best at Ms Dot America would weigh 500 pounds. And Alvin’s would rule the earth. Don’t give me this about how great, how great a company is preserved the biggest or they advertise most, you know, a state farm, Geico and progressive. Home Insurance Tulsa. Spend $1,000,000,000 with a b on advertising a billion. Imagine what the rates could be if they didn’t waste their money on advertising. Yeah, they could have low rates that you pass that onto you, but instead they don’t.

They have higher rates. They don’t pass it on to you. Everything’s more expensive. They don’t. You don’t get the service. What was the last time you talked with state farm agent you to a state farm agent, state farm agent. You talked to their CSR or their assistant. They don’t do anything. They hire people and they go out and they play golf well and ensure you Oklahoma. You walk in and you’re going to meet the owner and president. You’re going to meet Mark Morley 27 years. Experiencing opens up and goes to work everyday because you have to know. Did you watch a yes. You like. So once again, we’re pulling up the Shimmy, Shimmy Mexican grill and bar on a 81st and south also.

Yeah, and so we’re here to meet up with some friends, friends of ours, a friend of mine for Novartis and you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve seen Goodfellas, these are friends of ours and I’m backing up where I parked here today and let’s see. Sure. We are in the space when the space space and I’m here and I’m here to help these guys. These are professional mortgage brokers who placed business all the time. All around the city. And why did they choose us? Number one, why are they not even sharp us? Why? Because we are insuring you Oklahoma. We are the uh, white glove world class premiere personalized agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And so when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, these guys that, a mec mortgage, Amex mortgage, they know who they’re talking to, they know why they’re talking to us because they get what they need, when they need and we are able to get them.

I got a call from them today. Something changed with the closing. Home Insurance Tulsa We had to go in and change a policy. Not a big deal. We do this stuff all the time, like water off a duck’s back. We work when we work and we work and you don’t get any better if you are an agent or if you’re a client and your rates go up. We’re going to work for. We have a new client that’s moving here from Idaho right now is up an approval bay, Alaska, and he was wondering why the insurance rates are so low and what’s going to happen. Are they going to jerk his right front? I shared them. If they do, we’re independent. We’re just going to shop someone else and we’re going to get good. We will get a good coverage for the price. You don’t have to wait. You can get jerked around by a company.

And we also had someone who told me we were twice as much as farmers insurance. That’s the only way that farmers has this bs policy, that low balls, everyone and then a jacket up over the next couple of years. And they also underwrite crampy lead. They take, uh, they, they lower square footage. They do all this stuff to make a cheap policy. And that’s what happens if you go to a captive agency, they have to lower their price somehow. And so they take away coverage. We won’t do that. And I told this guy we wouldn’t do it. And because of it, we, uh, we lost the business. But you know what? I’d rather lose the business and lie to a client and, Home Insurance Tulsa and give them something they don’t need. It’s not who we are. Now, what we do, I’m just not going to do it. That’s not what ensure you won’t go home.

Uh, uh, agency is ensure you, Oklahoma, our professional insurance agents, professional multiline insurance agents that will help you get the insurance you need at the price you want. We can get a lower price if you want, but in order for us through over here, sit down with you and show you what coverages we can live without and what we can or not interested in giving someone a policy just to get a mortgage closed. We want to make sure that they have the coverage that they know and they want, they need. So for the insurance company that mortgage companies trust the most college, sure you will call them at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero four. Home Insurance Tulsa, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And we’ll get right on getting you to policy you need at the price you want and you’ll see why we are the choice of professionals that shop home insurance in Oklahoma. And you’ll see that right away and we look forward to talking to you. Give us a call or drop us an email@InfoandensureyouOklahoma.com.