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All right, uh, just see, ensure you podcast number one, three, six a, that’s 135 in the can and number 1:36 combination alive and art. All right, so I’m sitting here in my car and I’m thinking sometimes I listen to the Elvis channel for a couple songs sometimes listen to easy street radio, sometimes of the Beatles channel, sometimes to Tom Petty Channel. Never the grateful dead channel. Well Deborah, boring when they were still active band. I don’t get why people like the grateful dead. I think that’s so old thing about dropping acid when you go to a dead concert or gay real high because that’s the only way to make grateful dead music. Home Insurance Tulsa Interesting is by doing that. I’m not also not a big steely Dan Fan. Never really liked steely Dan or Alan Parsons project. So those, well I don’t like Kansas and I don’t like Boston. I don’t like bands that are named after a city or a state Chicago. Yeah. Not a big fan

anyway. I don’t know any other ones. I don’t know her family in Cleveland. I don’t know. But anyway, if there was, I probably wouldn’t like, but so my point is if a band has its own channel on the radio on, on, on the satellite radio, in your car, you might listen to it once or twice, but more than likely you’re going to a classic rock station from vinyl station, no shoes, radio, country station, whatever it is, because the human mind wants variety and doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into one little thing. And I like Elvis, but I can’t listen to Elvis musical name. I need the variety of a radio station that’s going to play at least the genre genre. It’s one of the G, Home Insurance Tulsa, but it’s John Ross of the music I like. So by wireless to outlaw music, that’s great. But I don’t want to just listen to Willie, Willie, waylon.

Uh, George Jones, you know all the grapes I want. I want both seasons, but I don’t want to listen to both channel you picking up what I’m laying down. Well, what is my point? Mark? You’ve now rambled for three minutes about wanting to listen to both surface an office but not just have a whole station dedicated to him. That’s right, because although Willie’s roadhouse is not just Willy Nelson, it’s his roadhouse. It’s about music. They’re willing notes. So the point is, do you want to be pigeonholed? Do you want to listen to the same music? If you’re driving from New York to San Francisco, do you want to listen to the same artists all the way from New York, San Francisco and drive you crazy anyways. If it was the Beatles, but no, Home Insurance Tulsa it’s going to drive you nuts. You’re driving me crazy so you don’t do that. What you do is you put on plastic vinyl or and you want the option to change around and look around based on what you’re listening to.

So what might happen is the Elvis channel might be on, you might be listening to it for a while and you might like couple of hours, maybe even a day or two, but then all of a sudden they decided to raise their rates and by raising rates, what do I mean? I mean, they’re going to start to play the album blue, Hawaii over and over and over again, and you don’t like that. Well, your radio is not broken, so what do you do? You change to another station. It’s going to play a bunch of different things. See? Home Insurance Tulsa Yeah, that’s how you do it. That’s the same as being stuck with a captive insurance agents that you can’t leave and the agent has no options for you and all they do is raise your rates. You’re stuck with them. That’s like driving coast to coast with the grateful dead channel on and ripping off the buttons so you can’t listen anything else.

You wouldn’t make it through the Mississippi River without putting a gun to your head. Well, that’s what it’s like being with the captive insurance company. If you want proof variety, you would call a independent insurance agency like the guys@ensureyouOklahomaorgotoensureyouoklahoma.com. That’s the best way to do things. And if you don’t believe me, just try it one time. Driving Coast to coast. Listen to the grateful dead. You wouldn’t want to just like you don’t want your home insurance salsa with the captive agency because they can jerk you around and that’s, believe me, that’s what they’ll do with the rates. So call a good independent insurance agency. I can assure you, Oklahoma.com and check out their home insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa tolerates the best thing you can do for your mental and financial sanity is to call a world class white glove agency DOT com. So if you don’t want to listen to the grateful dead from coast to coast and even if you don’t want to do that to do that, you don’t want to have your home insurance.

Tulsa was one company all the time and the same company over and over and over. You want to have a variety in a company. You can shop and look at different companies for you and ensure you Oklahoma and we can look at five or six different companies for your home insurance, Tulsa, and that’s just be pigeonholed into what is that important. Yes, it’s important. You know, we have some clients that have home insurance also with one company and auto insurance also with another. Well, Home Insurance Tulsa if you have home insurance, Tulsa with encompass and you have a bad driving record, maybe it was sticky with progressive, with the driving record and now you see what you’re doing. You’re growing and you’re making wise financial choices for yourself and you’re just not pigeonholed listening to the Beatles from coast to coast or even who else would even listen to it from coast to coast?

I don’t know. There’s a lot of different people. It could be, it could be elvis. I mean you’re never going to want to listen to the same music coast to coast. So when it comes to the variety, you don’t want to rip the Knob off your radio, but you also don’t want him to be stuck for the captive insurance agency. So get with the best. Forget the rest call. Ensure you Oklahoma or go to ensure you oklahoma.com. Our number is nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Home Insurance Tulsa Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One for the best. And Home Insurance Salsa, you need to call the guys at a good independent insurance agency who know what they’re doing. They’re not jerking around and not messing around. They’re doing the right things, right? And they’re covering their clients and giving the clients options and not sticking them stuck with a Tom Petty radio station from coast to coast because you may like Tom Petty, but you might not like the stuff he’s done with mud crutch.

You know it’s still a Tom petty sound, but you might not like it. What if you were stuck with millie vanilli channel and you’re leaving New York City? Well, you wouldn’t even make it to Philadelphia without killing yourself and driving off a bridge. So if you don’t want to kill yourself and drive off a bridge when it comes to the best and Home Insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa shirt you, Oklahoma, have go to industry, you, Oklahoma.com. If you call us, we’ll have the opportunity to sit down and show you what we can offer and why we have what we have is the best. We are experienced insurance agents. We don’t have brand new agents. We have only experienced agents who know what they’re doing better with other companies, they’ve been with other independent companies or captive company and they know the value of a good independent insurance agency, like ensure you will call them a.com or ensure you Oklahoma.

Home Insurance Tulsa, come into our offices, see what we have going. Go to our website, check out our video testimonials or check our google are five star Google reviews. We’re up to about 50 1:51 satisfied customers and we’re only getting bigger and better. So if you want to bet and independent insurance agency call us. We also have to start her in life insurance for our clients. We had a client who requested something yesterday. We got it done for them right away and they are in year four or five of a 10 year level term and we’re able to save $500 a month. I mean $500 a year. How great is that? Why would you want to be with someone that, once again, that’s what happens when you get stuck with a crappy insurance agency. They don’t know what they’re doing or they don’t care. They’re just screwing. They’re sticking it to you. So if you want the best in independent insurance advisor, I got to go because I’m walking into a meeting at 11:30 AM, 1127 right now. I’m outside the thrive offices, but give us a call and ensure you Oklahoma, Oklahoma.com. Nine hundred 83, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero. Until next time, this is number 1:36 out in the camp.