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Welcome to the next installment to the latest, installment of ensure, you oklahoma’s home insurance, tulsa podcast, the beautiful evening, june 11th, my buddy marty’s birthday, and that is a great example of a first-time home buyer. A buddy marty recently got married at age 51 for the first time, and he and his wife meet me by the house. It was their first home and, of course, they needed home insurance to close on the house that mortgage company actually owns your home. They buy it from the seller and they sell it back to you that you pay them interest on the money and you make them payments every month for 36 for 360 months, usually that’s 30 years or could be a hundred. Eighty months at the 15 year, mortgage I recommend a 15 year mortgage by the way put away. My buddy marty gave me a call, and he said:hey I need insurance for our house that we’re buying and they’re up on the southside of chicago. So anyway, I told him to talk to a good, independent insurance agent to get home insurance tulsa many different insurance companies, not just one they’re, not like a captive agent at state, farm or farmers or country financial over. They can only use one insurance company. They can use three or four and make sure you’re getting the best policy at the best price. That’s the definition of values, the best policy at the best price. So he asked me about what the mortgage company required and the mortgage company doesn’t care. All they want to do is make sure that the house is covered if something should happen to it, because that’s their investment and make sure that you have the insurance for it and I told him. The best thing to do is have his high-deductible. You can afford and that’ll help keep your premium low. But beyond that, all the insurance company cares about is, if it burns or blows away or is hit by lightning or a tornado or whatever it might be, that it’s covered for them, so their investment is covered and the house can be rebuilt and, if need be, they can sell it. Well, what I explained to him was this? Isn’t the insurance that you need? You need insurance, that’s going to cover your things as well. As your house, your house is just part of the coverage of home insurance tulsa. You also have your outside property, your auxiliary private structures could be a yard. Barn could be a fence to your swimming pool outside sidewalks, unattached garage.

All these things are auxiliary, private structure and you need to make sure they’re covered as well. If you have a larger built like a shop or a barn that needs to be listed separately on the house, if you spent $10,000 on a shop or 20000 or 30000 whatever might be, you should have an additional. You should have that structure added to the policy that that policy needs, otherwise that billy will not be covered on your policy, and you want to make sure it is because if you have a barn full of hay that you’re going to sell those value to that, you need to make sure that’s on the covers too, but often times a lot of people, car parked cars or motorcycles or atvs or utvs, or just store camping equipment or fishing equipment, or whatever else might be tools out in there and their shed. And if it’s not listed, it’s not to be covered. It’s going to have some coverage for personal property, but you’re not going to have a lot, so you want to make sure that any vehicles are also covered on the policy added to it. Any additional structures are added to it if they have collectibles, like maybe guns or whatever it may be out in the barn or the shop, that they’re covered as well. Tools are different.

You know the tools, you could have tools, e just keep at your house or that you take with you on the job. You know they leave your property, it’s going to cost a lot more to ensuring than just tools that stay on your property. So you need to make sure that the tools that you’re ensuring our ones you need, and if you do need them that this is ensuring your livelihood. It’s just not having some nice tools covered your ear, your livelihood so want to make sure that those are covered as well back to marty and his house. So he got a nice policy. Good coverage in the chicago area cost a lot to rebuild a house. You know a hundred fifty to $200 a square foot to rebuild a house, not necessarily the higher material coverages cost, but hire labor cost in an urban area than say in oklahoma. So when you’re looking for home insurance tulsa, it might not cost as much to replace a house here, because it’s cheaper to live here and you have cheaper labor cost, so your home insurance tulsa might be. You won’t have to insure your house for as much as you would for home insurance in chicagoland area. You got a nice policy. He had just gotten married. So I recommended that they insure his new wife’s wedding ring is beautiful ring and it was relatively cheap to insure it about $9 per thousand a coverage, or maybe a $11 per thousand coverage. Five. Dollar ring it’s $5,555 a year to insure it no big deal. It’s not a lot of money. It’s nice covers to have it covers for anything that can happen to the ring if it’s stolen falls out of it, if the dog swallows it if it’s stolen, if it’s burned up in a fire, blown away in a tornado, if it falls off her ring off, your finger was swimming at the beach.

It’s covered. It’s covered for all losses. Marty got a nice policy for his house, korean the house covering the ring. They also had an above ground pool. Now the auxiliary private structure coverage on the policy was enough to cover the pool, so they didn’t have to worry about, adding anything for that and the deck was fine to that’s, also an auxiliary private structure. So if anything happens to the pool or the deck it’s going to be covered and it’s going to be replaced, which is great, they also have an unattached garage and the an attached garage is also covered in case of fire, wind or hail, or anything else that could happen to it. So it’s have a nice policy, they don’t have any atvs or dirt bikes or off-road vehicles, so they’re fine and they don’t have a lot of collectibles our artwork. They don’t need that additional coverage for those, so marty’s policy is pretty basic. It’s a high-deductible to lower the premium, it’s a newer roof, so he got replacement cost coverage on the roof, which will be nice if there’s a hail storm or a fire or anything to fix the roof, the get a new roof new for old roof. They won’t have to come out of pocket to replace it and should be replaced by the insurance companies. They haven’t, of course, subject to the deductible know. They also have on their policy I’m, really nice discount a multi policy discount. They have a multi policy discount because they got their home insurance tulsa and their auto insurance tulsa from the same carrier and because they’re together they get a discount which is nice. It’s always nice to get a discount on auto and home insurance. Tracy home, insurance tulsa, because home insurance can be very expensive so because they got a nice discount on their home insurance tulsa and their auto insurance tulsa.

Their total premium package is lower and they have a higher deductible. So it’s not a huge expense. It is it’s always a budgetary expense insurance, but we also would just want to make sure that we’re covering for what we need and not covering everything. You know what insurance companies happy to take every penny you have to cover everything have, but you need to decide what you were going to insure yourself and what you’re going to ask the insurance company and see if you ask the insurance company to insure everything from first dollar, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. If you are willing to take a higher deductible and you carry some insurance for self, then you’re going to have cheaper insurance. This reminds me I’m sitting in the backyard here, I see a wild cat walking across the lawn. If that wildcats get in somewhere and cause some damage, do you want that covered or not? You know that’s up to you. If it’s minimal coverage probably not to be covered, if you have good coverage, maybe you do have coverage for that. So anyway, the best thing to do for home, insurance tulsa, is check with your professional insurance agent. In sure you oklahoma at 918-322-7100, sit down with your age, make sure you have what you want or what you need the last time there was a surprise on your home insurance tulsa’s when it’s claim time. So you want to make sure you’re covered correctly for home insurance tulsa. You want to make sure you said that with your professional insurance agent and ensure you oklahoma 918-322-7100, give me a call. Home insurance tulsa is what they specialize in and they can make sure you’re covered exactly how you want to be covered and no surprises at claim time. So give him a call it and show you oklahoma 322-7100, home, insurance tulsa is the name of the game and home insurance tulsa is their specialty? Have a great night we’ll talk again tomorrow

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