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Alright, our last podcast we talked about getting rear ended and what does that mean? Quiz quiz, what is getting rear ended me? If you are rear-ended, it is the only accident or there’s a signed 100 percent fault to the person who did the rear ending,

not to the people who got rear ended. And again, I’ll remind you, we said we’re ending not in a good way, a good way, a good way anyway. So back to claims. If you have home claims, you are also more likely to not be able to get insurance. It depends on the kind of pipe up here to jewelry, mysterious disappearance. It might affect your home insurance, toaster rates if you try to get new rates, uh, if you had a water claim that may also affect your home insurance rates on your new policy, Home Insurance Tulsa if you had a, whether a claim and almost most definitely will affect your home insurance rates. And the reason is because, uh, that is an indication that maybe you didn’t keep up with the, your house and the general maintenance of your house and if you, there wouldn’t have been a claim, uh, you know, insurance companies don’t want to insure people that just wait for a bad storm to fix her house when they’re supposed to do it and that just lets us go to hell and then never do anything.

So that’s what they do. So when it comes to home insurance salts and getting a new policy, you have to be aware of the previous mistakes that you’ve had previous claims in the last five years. Also, uh, we have a couple of insurance companies don’t want your driver’s license for your home. Why? Well, Home Insurance Tulsa it seems that people who have a good driving record also don’t file a lot of home claims. So if you don’t file a lot of auto home cancer, you don’t file a lot of home claim. Therefore you could have maybe a claim on your own. But if you have no auto clave as you have a good driving record than your home insurance, Tulsa race won’t be affected. That’s good news. That’s great. So you have to, you have to be on the lookout. What is happening is insurance companies are finding out different to slice the cake and they can slice the cake hundreds of different ways and each way they have an indication of uh, how would, how a claim is going to be affected.

And if people have a tendency, it’s a tendency to file a claim or not, or if they are good responsible people. Home Insurance Tulsa um, if you have good credit, you’re less likely to have claims. If you have good driving record, the less likely the plans. If you have a newer home, you’re less likely than if you have a nicer home, you’re less claims she, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that is a good predictor of your future claims and whether you be a good client or not. And now unlike before, that affects your rates. You know that all state is like 100 years that’s sticky in that could affect your rates. And they tried to do is segment the population into those who will have plans in those and it’s obviously cheaper to insure those who won’t have claims then.

So if you have a dog and if you have a vicious dog and they’re more likely to bite someone, you know, there’s some companies who don’t want that. And then there’s a couple companies who aren’t as worried about it. But once you do have a dog bite, you’re going to be canceled unless you put the dog to sleep. Home Insurance Tulsa you may think that’s cruel to the animal, but it’s not, you know. Um, I know many veterinarians and talked to many veterinarians and they want to, they will tell you that certain breeds are worse than other one veterinarian who all of her scars on her arms. The bites on her arms are from German shepherds, rottweilers. Um, there are some insurance companies will just make a list of dogs that I guess look scary, scary. And so that would include a lot of different ones. But you know, um, talked to one veterinarian who says she’s never had a problem with or been bitten by a Doberman pincher because there’s such nice even temperature dogs, German shepherds, rottweilers, pimples are all dogs who like to bite and insurance companies a ton of money and I mean billions of dollars a year because as soon as someone’s bitten by a dog, they can almost name their price.

And then insurance companies just going to write the check and then there’s a claim on your home insurance sex. So that’s, Home Insurance Tulsa, that’s all I have to say about that. One other thing that veterinarian did point out is that they don’t know anyone who’s ever been bitten by and severely injured by a goat. What isn’t that interesting? So maybe instead of your vicious dog, you could get a goat and it’s good to. The benefit of that is to go down the weeds and the brush and the stuff around your house you don’t want, but also could make your fine companion. Now, I don’t know if I’d want one in the house. I think there might be a little disgusting. I don’t know if you could a house train a goat, but again, the point is they don’t fight people and they don’t get angry and do stupid things like some dogs do.

So anyway, today is Wednesday, I think it’s October third and the Yankees are playing the eighth. It’s going to be a great series a. They play on a great surface there. Um, they, they don’t say, I think they practice in a barn because it’s indoors. So regardless of what country they’re in or where they are, what partner at a they can, you know, depending on the weather, they can always find a place to workout and practice and warm up an exercise and it’s just as simple as that. Home Insurance Tulsa You can bank on it that if you go to Taco Bueno, you’re going to get some good tacos. They’re kind of light, a lot of flavor, but I think that’s more authentic. I’m a big believer, I like the street Tacos a lot better. I do go to o’reilly auto parts for my auto parts that I need.

I’m not real handy. I can’t really do a whole lot, but the things that I can do, I’ll go no, Riley’s and for lumber I definitely go to sutherland and bixby and for dance I fill up, but now I drive a Ford f 1:50 as the number one selling vehicle in the world and there’s a reason for it. They ride so nice. They are dependable and they last a long time and that’s why people like them, except I always noticed that when they show terrorists in the Middle East, they’re driving toyotas. I don’t know why they do that. Maybe it’s cause toyotas are available and for dark, but regardless, I don’t see a ton of Chevy or GMC and that’s just because they’re not as good as a vehicle. A dodge three quarter ton dodge for a long time and had the v eight engine eight Liter v 10 which has a lot of torque and can do a lot of things, but it just wasn’t.

It just fell apart. Now the reason we kept along enough where it fell apart is my wife doesn’t believe in turning in cars or doing a stage. She likes to run things in the product unless they’re hers. Then she does it because she just thinks everything’s waste. The money, no one hangs on more than she does. I mean, it’s ridiculous. She’s going to go to our grave with the first two, Nicole she ever had. By the way, you were in a financial crisis. Things are bad or poor. We have no money according to my wife. So yeah, we have things that we need to get done and we’re building, but things are great. The other day I saw a white hawk, which I couldn’t believe it. It must have been an albino and it must have, must not live very long because the nature, I don’t think they’re singled out, you know, call the herd. White Bird doesn’t stand. Our does stand out more than one that was in. So anyway, that’s something we have going now and that was our 127 podcasts. I will thank you and good night. Home Insurance Tulsa