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Alright, welcome to the latest episode in our latest podcast from ensure you Oklahoma. Oh, original content podcasts to help you make the right decisions when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, ensure a fully independent professional insurance agency or we don’t get paid by just one company. We’re not employed by a company. We are independent, which means we give independent advice to our clients. Right now I’m in a traffic jam and I just checked my phone and it’s because there’s a pretty big accident front that gets me to the thinking that you know the person when they left their Home Insurance Tulsa and they were headed downtown today, they surely didn’t mean to get into an accident. They didn’t know they were going to get into the whole point of insurance. You buy insurance before you need it and then once you have it, you’ll be okay.

Otherwise, if you didn’t have insurance, you couldn’t afford to take the risk of leaving your house everyday because there would just be way too much risk. This accident up here could be $100,000. Property damage. It could be hundreds of thousand dollars of medical costs and lost wages. I mean, you never know what your insurance is. Gonna Cover. Now this is the first auto insurance, but when we talk about home insurance, tall says the same thing. You don’t know. One wakes up one morning and thinks, wow, it’s a beautiful bright blue sky. I’m positive. Light means not to hit my house today, so I’m not to today. Now we insure for everything we need. We need Home Insurance Tulsa, we insure it and we always, we keep ensure because you never know what could happen just like this accident. Afraid that everyone’s okay, but in home insurance, salsa, you definitely want to make sure, although it might not be as dangerous as auto insurance, if it could be a bad, you know, not as much risk of loss of life, but definitely your loss of your loss of possessions and material things can definitely have a big effect.

So want to make sure your home insurance Tulsa all the time when you need it. And that gets us to who to talk to about home insurance, to also the best people to talk to our independent insurance agents that represent multiple companies because if you’re talking to a captive agent and they have just one company that they represent, well all they can offer you and you don’t know if their rates are high, if they’re low, unless you want to call around to five or six different people yourself. So the point is get a professional insurance agent and discuss your home insurance. Also with a traffic jam is getting worse because people don’t know how to drive anyway. A Home Insurance Tulsa is one of the most important insurance policies you’re going to buy and you want to make sure it’s covered correctly. You never know on days like today when it’s hot and dry, maybe a brush fire, maybe something else.

If there’s just a little spark, something’s going to go up quickly today because the heat and the dryness, boy, we just got around this whole accident. I’m driving by some other apartments and that gets me to renters insurance. Renter’s insurance is just another home insurance Tulsa policy. Instead of an HR policy that covers the building against direct physical loss and the personal property for broad forms, all renters policy is going to cover is your personal property plus some liability and medical coverage in case someone gets hurt at your house or you’re liable for someone getting hurt and so just a little bit of coverage there, but everyone needs renter’s insurance. Car Insurance, you need renter’s insurance. If you live somewhere and have personal property, you need renter’s insurance, renter’s insurance. Like I said, it’s just another home insurance Tulsa. I’m a home insurance policy that you can buy and if you get that from your professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma, look them up on the web and ensure you Oklahoma.com or give them a call at nine.

One, eight, three, two, two, seven, nine, one, zero, zero. I think this is our 43rd podcast this month, so we’re trying to give you a lot of information to save you money and get you the best home insurance Tulsa policy that we can get. So, but we’re not going to be able to cover all your questions. You know, some people may have questions about an heirloom watch that they inherited and how to best cover that or they might have a question about a vintage guitar that they want to cover. Everyone wants to make sure that our roof is covered correctly or they’re citing or whatever it is, and so it’s home insurance policy that covers that and anything additional can be added to the policy. Again, we want to make sure that you’re a good independent insurance agent. I like the guys in assure you Oklahoma.

I mean these guys, they got it going on. They know what they’re doing from nuts to bolts. They got it. They can talk to you in a shop coverage for you from allstate, progressive mercury St Co and they’re always adding more policies so or more companies and they’re only deal with a plus companies. So when it comes to claim time, you don’t have to worry about the financial strength of your company having a financial strength of your company being able to pay your claim because you’ve been paying all this money. Home Insurance. Tulsa is very interested. It’s very expensive. And because you know, things happen, so if you’re paying $2,000 a year and your company can’t replace your roof like they’re supposed to because they can’t afford it, or they’re hanging onto their money as an even increased the reserves because the state auditors come down on them, then you need to know, make sure you’re with the better company, you want to make sure it’s an best rated a plus company.

So I was talking to a buddy of mine, Jim yesterday, and we have his house, his home insurance call, uh, but also his auto insurance and as umbrella policy, Jim’s a great guy, spent his whole life accumulating money and assets and personal property. And then at retirement, you know, the last thing he wanted was cheap insurance policy. So we got Jim a good insurance policy. It’s covering everything properly. It’s going to cost a little more than your basic nothing, no frills insurance policies, but he’s not going to worry, come claim time and just professional insurance agent. We’re not going to have to explain to them how something’s not covered. We don’t like those conversations either. So when it comes to home insurance, salsa cheese, make sure you have the right policy, a policy that’s a good fast and cheap. Well you can only have two or three of those legs of that stool, either it’s good and fast and they couldn’t be cheap. It was cheap and fast, probably not going to be good and it’s fast and good. Not gonna. Be Cheap. So spend some time with your professional insurance agent. I’m sure you won’t call him and let him do the right work and right job for you. And then, um, when you have the right coverage with the right company, you’re going to be glad you took the time to talk to your professional age. You, Oklahoma.com.

So that’s about it for today. Today’s podcast is brought to you by a progressive insurance. We just saved a lady named Marcel quite a bit money. She was with USAA. We saved their money button layer, auto and home insurance together under one policy actually shares a renter’s insurance policy. But Marcel is happy and we’re happy to have provided the coverage and the professional advice. She’s a wonderful lady. It was now insured correctly, she had an 19 or 2004 vehicle full coverage on it. That extra full coverage was through like $300 a year. Well the car is not worth much more than that. So you’re paying $300 a year for $2,000 of coverage with a thousand dollar deductible. So it just made no sense. So we changed her away from that. We’ve got a good home insurance Tulsa policy and now she’s covered the way she got really excited when we help our clients save money and get coverage that they need and we’re always available to them when they need us or when they call.

So anyway, next time you’re in, just need the time to shop your home insurance. If you haven’t looked at your home insurance policy two or three years, give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And let us see if we can’t save your money, get your better policy. I know we’re going to get better white glove service and you will be more like the coverages and the people he worked with. Industry you will call.com. Click on the get a quote button and let us help you. Have a great day. Talk to you next time for podcast 44.