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Friday, January 25th and it’s 21 degrees outside, right? Sunshine, Nice Crisp morning and Oklahoma. The good news about cold weather in Oklahoma is there’s always warmer weather to follow it. So we’ll be playing golf on Saturday and Sunday in the fifties and sixties. Going to be great weather. Hopefully the course we’ll be in good shape should be, I don’t think anyone’s been out about a month. So anyway, this is um, as you know because you tuned in and you are um, uh, or reading his blog on our website. This is the all original hot, our original content podcast for ensure you Oklahoma are uh, you may have come on the time, ensure you america.com we are a multistate independent certain states to team and Home Insurance Tulsa, growing by the day we’ve actually had an interest in someone opening an agency on the west coast to be exciting for us. That’s great expansion. But we are mainly based in Oklahoma.

Our phone number in Tulsa is (918) 322-7100 and from the four oh five or the western part of the state, it’s (405) 322-5501 of course you can email us at info at [inaudible] dot com or just go to our website, ensure you oklahoma.com or ensure you america.com anyway, you can get a hold or you can stop in our office it 85 16 east 101st street suite F, Tulsa, Oklahoma seven four one three three and we will be happy to serve your risk management needs. My name is Mark Morley. I am the founder and president of ensure you have Paula. I started in the business 28 years ago. Next month actually. I was out of school and I followed her around for a while. I had no idea what I wanted to do. And a friend of mine works for a great race.


a large insurance company. You know the insurance company that sells everything. So home insurance, Tulsa auto insurance, life insurance, disability, longterm care annuities, mutual funds. What have you. They sell it all and I was a happy in the beginning I was doing very well for myself to work really hard. My first day at work I showed up in my suit and tie and they showed me my desk inside of a cubicle that I shared with another agent in the business, they call it the bullpen. So I actually shared a cubicle with another agent. We had two deaths in one small cubicle and Home Insurance Tulsa, ahead of me, a list from the local recent a bridal show and I started cold calling potential future brides and grooms about saving money on their auto insurance when they got married and that we would be actually give them a discount for being engaged.

It’s just, you know, just an insurance company gimmick to try to get people. And as a new agent I started, that was the bee’s knees. I thought that was everything that was going to be my ticket. And I call it a home. There was probably 10 or 15 pages. It took me a few months. I got through all of them, but that’s all I would do all day is cold call and Home Insurance Tulsa, try to get clients. And I did. My very first client came to that list, so I was an agent for a couple of years and then I became a career agent and an employee. So they paid me a nice salary, pardon me, plus commissions and bonuses. And then I came off the salary. It was just all commissions and I moved out to my own office and you know, that was a big turning point. Pardon me in my career in that I had my own office and I was going to my own office everyday thought I had it made, earned me.

And uh, then I got a tap on the shoulder and asked to become a regional trainer for the company. And my wife and I picked up and moved to St Louis. That was a trainer. And that 10 months I was a trainer. If the only 10 months of my life that I’ve had a job, it’s the only 10 months where I had a salary and a paycheck that was the same every two weeks, no matter how hard I worked or all, what do I hated? It was off. Um, and then I asked me to build an agency for the company and moved to Oregon. So moved to Oregon and my wife and I took up the, we’re building an agency. I worked for the company, but it was fun because it was a, that was a new adventure. It’s something I hadn’t done and I had to figure it out.

It took me a little time, but I did it. I figured it out. I’m sure there was a few times, Home Insurance Tulsa, Mr [inaudible] was going to fire me and some friends there that were telling him to hang on to me and I can do better. And I did. I don’t do a nice size agency there. And then they asked me to move to Oklahoma and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I would, it would be another challenge. I would take over another agency that was essentially failing and builds a backup. A few years after that, about six years after that, he asked me to take over Oklahoma City. And so now I had the whole state of Oklahoma. I grew that. I built that up. So I’ve experienced building agencies, but there was always something more than I wanted.

I wasn’t challenged. I was working for someone else. I had to get on an airplane when they told me to. I had to do what they told me to. They were always be changes with compensation, with whatever. And basically I had to work within their rules, which isn’t bad. I mean it’s their company and they paid me very well. Home Insurance Tulsa, it was a ton of money, but, Home Insurance Tulsa, there was always something I wanted more. She’s Christ. I always something I wanted more, but I didn’t. I was, I was too comfortable. I was very comfortable. You know, it’s not just home insurance, Tulsa, that doesn’t get me excited. But if you Google home insurance, Tulsa, now you’re going to get me on the front page of Google. Now. That’s what gets me excited, building agencies. And in 2015 I had an opportunity, I’m also a certified financial planner and finance and the investment part of our business is always fascinated me and I’ve always wanted that kind of a business.

So in 2015 I was approached about buying into an agency and I did not find that an agency, a wealth management firm, I guess I, I paid money, I spent my life savings buying into this firm. I had a partner and it turns out my partner was crazy. I don’t mean like, oh he crazy. I mean he was crazy. And two and a half years later I had to buy, I had to get out of the firm to protect my money in my interest and I’ve got a nice size check, which was okay. It was large and that was great. So I, after I left that firm, I continued but with wealth management and then I had an offer to go back to that large company would have been good and it would’ve paid well.

I had had a taste of independence. I had a taste of the best parts of our business. And that’s the independent side. And the people who went on the independent side are the clients. And that’s what appealed to me most. And that’s just what home insurance CALSA I mean, it’s great. Home Insurance also is important and uh, we definitely provide that for our clients, but we provide home insurance and also with five or six different companies. And instead of just one company, that’s the value. That’s what, um, that’s where our clients see the value. So when they visit us@ensureyouallcallhima.com and then click on, get a quote and they want a home insurance policy, the best policy from multiple companies. And it all depends on which company has the appetite. So in our next podcast, I’ll go more into, um, what compelled me to be independent, why I like being independent and the, um, and the benefits of it to the agent and the client.