It is fancy looking, mic. Okay. This is Mark Morley with insureUoklahoma. As you know, is specialize in home insurance Tulsa. That’s once I’ve said that, Josh and I need to say that seven times per 10 minutes, I’ll keep track here. So you don’t have to elementary to associate. You said that it has to be said seven times. If I say more than that, it’s called stuffing and we. Doesn’t like,

Okay. So I should a little bit, how many times

Don’t you say it? I will say it and I’ll record it. So I’m here today with Josh Hartford of cityscape mortgage, and we’re going to interview Josh on exactly what it takes to get a mortgage. What a good referral is for Josh and what he likes to see back from us on the insurance side. So Josh, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself?

My name is Josh Hallford with cityscape home mortgage in Tulsa. And I’m a mortgage lender here in the area that takes care of new buyers and refinances with all the rates, being what they are. So it’s a great time to buy

And tell us about your wife.

My wife, Jamie, Jamie Holford is phenomenal. She does business development for me, and she reaches out to agents, customers, clients, anyone who is involved in our business. She does a bit planning. She does, like I said, marketing and advertising. So she does a lot of flyers gift baskets. If you buy a house with us and utilize us, you’re probably going to get one of her gifts at closing. But most people do like her better than me. So I’m just going to be honest. That’s, that’s a reality for me.

I like her better than I like you. You don’t kick your coverage. Most definitely. I’m going to move this a little because I think I’m talking to the right side. You’re the wrong side. So that should help with both of us. Okay. Gotcha. Yep. Your lovely bride. Jamie is a good friend of mine. Of course, the three of us met well volunteering for the American cancer society helping to stomp out hashtag crushed cancer. So Josh, when a realtor is looking to working with a client and the client needs a mortgage, what’s a good referral from you from realtor.

So a good referral for me, looks like someone who has questions about getting pre-approved. Someone who is looking at purchasing a home, but doesn’t know where to start. So that’s a good referral for me. That way I can jump in and help answer any questions they have, get them started on the application, get them pre-approved. Those types of scenarios are important because I’m a resource to the realtor and being the resource means. I get to answer those questions, make the borrower feel comfortable and continued and look forward to looking at houses, write a contract to move forward with that realtor. So my job is really to make them comfortable with all of the numbers, what that looks like a good referral from a realtor is really going to be. So what it looks like is them sending me name and phone number, but also an introduction.

An introduction from a referral partner is important because it helps get me a little bit warmer approach to whoever we’re working with so they can tell them how I operate, how I help, how I benefit them as part of the team. And then when I come on the phone, I can start to do that and just jump right in to helping them and meet all of the things that the referral partner has said about me. So if they say I’m really great with first time home buyers and answering questions, that’s what I want to make sure I do so that I can create that fluid team environment with all of us working together. Excellent.

How far in advance should someone talk to a mortgage broker before buying a house?

As soon as they feel like they want to buy a house, they should talk to a mortgage broker. Whether they apply then or not is another question. But what you’re looking at is a preapproval letter stays good for about 90 days. And then after that, you have to re pull credit. And a lot of people, these days are very concerned about credit with all the tracking tools out there. But what we’re looking for is we need to know what you have to do to get into a house. You may be ready. You may have great credit, great income, everything looks good, but there may be something. And chances are that there is something that you don’t know about. That’s on your credit. All of those credit tracking tools that are out there are pretty inaccurate compared to what we pull in the mortgage business, because we pull the oldest calculation and we pull all three and then take the middle one. So FICOs we don’t use, and we don’t use credit, karma, credit, Sesame, anything like that. We use the old school mortgage credit report, and that’s really where our numbers are going to come from. So the sooner, you know what that number looks like, the better prepared you’re going to be for whatever offer you want to make.

Okay? So I’m not a first time home buyer. I’m buying my fourth, fifth home. I think I have good credit. I’m putting more than 20% down. I know that I’m going to get my home insurance Tulsa from insureUoklahoma I should still look in advance.

You should, because you want to know what interest rates look like. You want to know what those numbers are going to look like at the end of the day. Can you carry both? Do you owe money on your current home? And if so, can you carry both the payments or do you need to sell your current home? Does it make more sense to do that? There are a lot of things that go into buying a second, third, fourth home that you don’t know the answer to, unless you talk to somebody and the, again, it comes back to, you may not apply that day, but at least having the conversation can give you some questions to answer. Like, do I need to sell my home first? If I sell my home, do I even need a mortgage lender? Because if it’s paid off and you have enough cash, you can just pay cash for a new one. But is that the best course of action? Because interest rates are so low, money’s free. So why not borrow it and get all of the write offs on taxes, that kind of stuff. So there are a lot of things that go into it. A mortgage lender is a type of financial advisor because what we’re looking for is how can we put you in the best financial situation we can and you end up being happy in the end. It needs to benefit you in more than one way. Excellent.

So why do people call Josh hall for a cityscape?

So people call me because


Because I’m helpful. Yeah. Well, you know,


Thank you. No. So people call me because I’m pretty transparent. I’m very honest and open about what can and cannot be done. And if you ask my opinion on a situation, I’ll give it to you. Based on the experience that I have, we’re a local lender. So we do everything locally, which is fantastic. But at the end of the day, I want you to be comfortable because you’re going to be the one living in the house and making the payment. So it’s about you getting through that process and not just about me getting another loan.

Excellent. I need you to repeat after me, home insurance Tulsa,

Home insurance Tulsa,

You call for home insurance to all sides.

Hmm. I would probably call insureUoklahoma, either, either Mark Morley or Shannon Harris, I would say.

Okay. And the reason why you would call insureUoklahoma, three reasons,

Three reasons responsiveness. They’re very, very responsive affordability. They shop a lot of companies to get us the best rate we can get and respect in the industry. A lot of people know who they are because they provide a great quality policy for borrowers and they make sure that they’re taken care of.

Alright, excellent. Now are you ready for the insureUoklahoma speed round? Huh. Okay. so we’ve been talking about home insurance Tulsa said that five times. So in the next three minutes, I’m gonna throw it in two more times and it might be totally random, but I’m just gonna throw it in there. Okay. first speed. Round question on your wings, dry rub or hot sauce. A dry rub. That’s correct. That’s right. Okay. Wait loose here. Oh, no, I’m just making a worse sorry, sorry. What color is your toothbrush? White. Boring. Are you a morning person or night person? No. Yes. That is correct. That is correct. He is neither describe your wife in three words and keep it clean.

Beautiful, sincere, loving,

Add Intelligent to that.

Well, I’m, it’s my wife and not, so my perspective is different.

I get it. What’s your favorite summertime actor?

Favorite summertime activity is I’m going to go with golf. I don’t have enough time to do as much as I want to, but it’s really relaxing and it’s great to do with friends.

Alright, last question. And I needed a fact here. I don’t, this is not an opinion. Okay. Where did OJ hide the knife?

Okay. I’m going to say that OJ had the knife in the back seat of the Bronco

And Mark Fermin. Wasn’t bright enough to find it. Maybe he didn’t know. Okay. Okay. So to recap here for home insurance Tulsa, you were looking at insureUoklahoma, correct? Your wife is intelligent. My words. Beautiful, caring and loving. Yes. Okay. I like all of those. All right. That’s it for the insureUoklahoma podcast today, we’ll be back to you tomorrow. With another 10 minute episode using home insurance Tulsa