Okay, now we should be live and there we go. Okay. Alright. Alright. This is the second podcast for insure you Oklahoma. Talk to you about agency and insurance success. Today we have with us Brent Adams from country financial. I’m proud to say that I recruited Brent 18 years ago to country, and he’s still with the company and very successful. Uh, before we get to Brent, I want to talk about him a little bit, send them up a little intro that he won’t talk about himself before joining country. Brent was a all star quarterback at how many high school in Oklahoma, and then he attended Oklahoma state university where he tried to further his musical career with the band called the Southern justice Brennan. Quickly run down a few of the venues you played at famous venues in Oklahoma. Home insurance tulsa

Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, yeah, I took a little time off from school and played in a band, uh, back in the mid nineties, when, you know, country music was all the rage. Garth Brooks came out, you know, late eighties, early nineties. And, um, you know, we were there in Stillwater where they had a fantastic music scene. Um, and, uh, we had, we played some really cool venues. We played a warming dog. We played, um, Tulsa city limits once. Um, we didn’t get the invitation back for whatever reason what we play. Tell us the limits. Once we played caravan cattle company a few times, and we played tumbleweeds, which is actually where I first, first met my wife, Amanda,

Wonderful. Brendan’s talking about his beautiful wife, Amanda, who them together is them together or in Oklahoma have four beautiful children. Brendan, talk to us a little about that. So we, you and I met in 2002, you are just out of school, had a wife and two children, correct wife and two at the time, two kids. And you thought it’s a good idea to start as a scratch insurance agent. How did you come about that? What would that decision come from?

Well, you know, looking back on it, I don’t think my decision was to become a scratch insurance salesman. Uh, you know, my wife and I were at the university. We’d had our first kid when we were still undergrads. We had, we had Luke and we were both still in graduate school. And, um home insurance Tulsa , I finished all my coursework in graduate school and was working on my master’s thesis and my wife was doing the same and I was making $35,000 a year, uh, at the university. And I, and I know growing up in hominy, Oklahoma, um, I thought, man, if I could get out and teach and coach and make $35,000 a year, I wouldn’t know how to spend all that money. I quickly learned that, you know, it’s just, um, it doesn’t allow me, it didn’t allow me to provide for my family and the way I wanted to do it, you know, there are three things that I I’ve layered in, in retrospect, I’ve learned that I wanted in a career and what I had at the university provided a couple of them, but not one of them.

One, I love the opportunity to impact people, which is what I did at university. I directed a few of the student programs and I really felt like I had a good opportunity to impact the kids that were coming in. A lot of them were first generation college students. We’re helping, helping them get acclimated to the university. I did a lot of workshops on study skills, goal setting, and I had to put these workshops together. I, you know, I really had no background in that, but, uh, I read a book called think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a classic of course. And it was one of those, uh, you know, it was probably one of those pivotal books to me that helped me understand that what I was doing. Wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to be. So I just wanted to set the better, you know, that’s what I wanted. I want, Hey, give me an opportunity to, I can already impact people in a and but, but I really lacked the opportunity to have income or the opportunity to have independence. And my degree was in sociology. So, you know, I can go to home insurance Tulsa
Serve coffee and Starbucks

Score, you know, find a sales career. And then, um, I stumbled into the insurance industry. Really. I interviewed with one company early on. I don’t even remember the name. And then, uh, somehow I got in contact with, uh, Northwestern mutual and country. And that’s when I met you. And interestingly enough, the officers are right across the street from each other. So I would come from Stillwater, a dinner interview with you. And then I would go across the street and do an interview with Northwestern mutual. And, uh, it really, uh, I think it boiled down to you honestly, is, was the determining factor. I thought, I don’t know if I can sell anything, but man, he drives a, he drives a really nice truck. You remember you had the big, was it the Dodge at the time home insurance Tulsa?

It’s a big Dodge try D 99. Yeah.

Really nice to see drives really nice trucks. And I liked the way he, I like how he talks. I like the fact that we’re talking about the future and, and, uh, he seems to be a guy that thinks big and he seems to be a guy that I think I could learn something from. So that was really the determining factor. Yeah. Okay. So you and I,
Um, both with our liberal arts degrees. Sure. Yeah. And the options of Starbucks or an insurance career, right. We both chose a company in a state that had little or no name or condition. Right. Northwestern mutual, everyone knows sure. Northwestern mutual, financial network, whatever they have. Right. Did the difference between multiline and life only come into play for you at all, or, or at the time where you’re not even aware of the difference? You know, I was,
It was one of the factors, you know, as I mentioned, you know, I just felt like you and I had a really good rapport, you know, and not, and that’s nothing against the guy from Northwestern mutual had a fantastic operation as well. Um, but you know, I, one of the factors was the multiline opportunity, you know, and as you know, how it worked out in my career at first, I thought, I don’t know if I could sell life insurance. I don’t know if I could do any financial services, but I’m sure by I’m sure I could get somebody to buy some home and auto insurance for him, but, you know, I thought nothing else I could do that, you know, and little did I little did I know that, uh, you know, um, there’s a little more to it than that. Home insurance Tulsa
Yeah. A little more to it than that. Yeah. Okay. So let’s skip forward. You’re hired and hired you come on and almost immediately you start this daily activity, you lock yourself in an office. What we’ll call an office, it’s more of a room with no windows. Right. And you’re cold called it every single day. I’ve been an agency manager at the time for, I guess, right at five years, I had never had someone who asked me for a list. So they could cold call every day, really sales they, to me from that, I
Don’t recall making any sales from that. Um, I can remember why I did it.
Well, that’s what I’m getting to. So you did build your book away. You had no assignment, no assigned clients. Now, what did that activity and how long do you think you did that? For what? It seemed like?
It seemed like forever, but home insurance Tulsa I’m sure it wasn’t that long. Maybe a couple months. I don’t really remember. Probably, um, it seemed a lot longer than it was. Um, but yeah, it was very, for a very specific reason. I had never really sold anything and I knew I needed to get in the habit of prospecting, but I didn’t feel like I was very good at prospecting. And I knew if I could just force myself to go in there and do something that I did not want to do at all, it would help me one get over my fear of picking up the phone, which was a very legitimate fear for me. I came from academia where salespeople are looked down upon, right. I was Holy salespeople right now, granted in academia. I didn’t realize at the time that successful salespeople pay more in taxes than most academics make. Home insurance Tulsa

And that’s right. That’s one thing I didn’t realize, but I just, you know, I had a fear of prospecting. I had a fear of rejection. I have a fear of all of those things and the phone seemed like it weighed a ton. And I thought if I could just get in here and overcome my fear and just get comfortable having a conversation with someone, regardless of how friendly that conversation is. Imagine having a cold call conversation with someone and being comfortable with that, how good I’ll be when I actually get in front of somebody who’s willing to talk to them. Absolutely. So Indiana was about the other thing about developing habits to, you know, um, everybody started, you know, successful, people are willing to do things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. Correct.
I think you actually put it in another way, don’t you? Yeah, probably. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I, and I do agree, but what could you do today? I mean, you don’t, you people don’t pick up their home phone, they rarely pick up their cell phones. What could they do that would be equivalent to that to get them over that hump? Home insurance Tulsa
I would back up real quickly and say this home insurance Tulsa, I think one, it starts with an attitude. And, and I, you know, I give my mother all the credit in the world, you know, I was raised by my mom and, uh, you know, she was an interesting person. Uh, never, she wasn’t a business professional. She wasn’t, you know, she, she was work clerk, positions, most of her life and things like that. But she eventually, uh, was managing a head start program. But even from the time I was young, she developed me this, this, this philosophy. And you can, you can reference it any way you want. But, um, the easiest way to say that, I think is that the world conspires for you and not against you, it’s just that philosophy that I always know that if I do my part, things are gonna work out right. Because things work out for you. I just, that’s my life philosophy that, you know, any of the world is there to help me, you know, not the other, if I do my part.

So you thought I’d put in this time cold calling, I can’t fail.

If I do the work, I’m not going to fail. Exactly. If I do the work, I’m not going to fail.

And at what point of being an agent, did you know you were going to be a success?

Oh gosh. Um, I guess I never doubted that I would be successful, um, because I knew I was willing to put in the work. Uh, I think it was probably, I would say it was more whether I enjoyed it and I thought I was going to stay with it. And you know, it was really, you know, two or three years in, um, before, um, before I really figured out, yeah, this is, this is what it’s going to be. It started to allow me to develop the things that you told me. I would be able to develop, um, you know, uh, from a lifestyle standpoint and from an income standpoint, starting to see that move in the right direction. And, um, and then I just really discovered that there was a different probably aspect to it that I enjoyed more than even the, the sales part of it as a development partner. Home insurance Tulsa

Yeah. Okay. So at one point you were successful in general companies sending you on trips around the world, literally. Right. And you thought, I think I can benefit others if I do something different. And you took two, you chose the agency management path, how’d you come across that decision. So
W with the direction, you know Home insurance Tulsa, from you, you know, you had talked to me about it early on, you know, um, which, you know, I gave you a lot of credit for that. A lot of people probably would not find a successful sales producer. That’s having a pretty good impact on the overall numbers, but actually encouraged them to go do something different. That’s not gonna impact you positively at all. Right. It’s just solely for my benefit.

So that’s the job, but yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

So when you deal with that behavior was modeled for me. So I think, you know, um, it’s like Jim Rohn said, you know, you’re going to be the average of the five people that you’re around most, whether that’s specifically true or not in general, it is right. You know, so you just learn what successful people do, you know, you were at, at that time, you were my role model for a successful, successful person. And I liked that. I liked what happened to me. I liked home insurance Tulsa where I was able to go. And I thought, you know, I could probably help some people do this. And I was open to the opportunity to relocate. My wife is not from Oklahoma. Oklahoma was not where she necessarily thought she would end up. And, um, you know, there are just some opportunities that present themselves and, um, we took advantage of them. And you move from here to Colorado, to Colorado, to Boulder, from Boulder
To st. Louis and st. Louis back to Colorado, back to Colorado in the back here. And then finally back here, right here,

Where we’ve landed. Yeah. We, we’re not moving our kids again. And this is, this is where we intend And to be for a bit. Okay. And you are the AC manager for the entire state of Oklahoma, right? Right. There’s only one other agency manager in the company that has a whole state and that’s Alaska, but Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee now. But those are just each one time. Yeah. Okay. So Brent has a lot of, a lot of responsibility and he’s looked at it for, and for a lot of things for the company, main difference between AUC management and being an agent

Time. Your time is now your own. And I talked to people that are looking to go into agency management, and that’s the one thing that, that, uh, you know, they have to be fully aware of is, you know, one, I, I serve at the pleasure of my company now. Um, I’m not an independent contractor. I’m not building my own book of business. My job is to help a rep build their business. So I have to be available for them. I have to be available with it for them, for joint work, you know, you have to be available for them for coaching and counseling sessions. And, you know, your time is just not your own any longer, you know, that’s the, that’s the thing that you have to understand about going into leadership. If you want to be effective, um, you’re going to work more than you might if you’re building your own practice home insurance Tulsa.

And that’s just the reality of it, you know? Um, but I enjoy it, you know, I really do enjoy it. You know, you get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that you’ve impacted someone and, you know, have maybe given them a similar opportunity to one that I had because I, you know, I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful that you hired me. I’m grateful that you, you know, that you took the time to invest in me and that I’ve been given the opportunities that I have and that ultimately that I get to live the lifestyle that I do. And that’s very, very important to me. You know, I have that independence, I had income and I, and I’m still able to impact people and, you know, just being able to pay that forward is
Okay. So now your main job, I think you could break it down into three parts, uh, agency recruiting, keeping your agency full. Sure. Uh, agents, um, agency success, the overall success of the agency and agencies allow like a swim team or a track team you can ever rockstar. And if everyone doesn’t do their part, the agency is not successful. Correct. And then you have some administrative administrivia. Sure. Um, how did she present? What was that again? Administrivia okay. I like that. Yeah. Let’s, let’s talk about agency recruiting a new agents. If you don’t mind, because the topic of the podcast is success in the industry. You hire someone brand new. They come on the first day and they’re excited because they bought you sure. And what you have to offer. What’s their first day they get

The full package. The first day is, you know, we have a very comprehensive training session or training program where Monday is this home insurance Tulsa, Tuesday is this. And so much of it early on is learning processes and systems, how to process business, all the regulatory, you know, all the regular regulatory things that you have to know, you know, some basic product knowledge, those types of things. My first day with a new rep is all about the vision, all about why you’re here. And I, and I let them know you’re going to hear to be in. You’re going to be doing some things for the next three or four weeks. That is not the career. You know, you’re here to build a practice. This is, you remember why you came here. Remember when we talked about what it is that you want to accomplish, that’s what the goal is.

That’s what the job is. This is just some initial training. So we, you know, we focus a lot on, remember why you’re here, remember what you’re doing, and your job is not to train your, is to build a practice. And so I go through, I go through day one, I go through the four pillars of business. You know, I’ve spent 18 years, you’re working with some of them, yourself included some of the most successful people we have. And I have a, you know, four pillars of a business, one, it’s all about systems. That’s one of the things that you taught early on all the success. People I know have systems, the four pillars of our businesses. I look at it or, you know, number one, you have to have an effective system to acquire new clients, especially for a new rep. That’s that’s first and foremost, you have to have an effective system to acquire new clients.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be effective. Give me an exam and replicable. I have a six, I had a six part acquisition plan. It starts with building referral sources, number one, building referral sources. And within that, there are systems on how to build referral sources. Number two, it’s, it’s developing your natural market. I think some people think they’re going to come into the industry and all of a sudden everybody’s going to do business with home insurance Tulsa them. It doesn’t work with that, but you still have to stay in contact with your natural market and let them know you’re there to help. They’re also going to be champions for you, even if they don’t do business with you, they’re going to help you from a referral standpoint, they’re going to send you potential clients going to send you other potential referral sources. So your work, your natural market, you’ve got to be participating in sponsorships, events, seminars, doing things to become part of the community.

So people know who you are and to have a favorable impression of you and you’re out there. And you know, you’re out there supporting your community. That’s how you build a community business by supporting the community. So you have to do those types of things. One, we just happened to have some, some competitive pricing. We have a niche on the commercial insurance side. It’s a small niche, but it’s a niche. Nonetheless, you have to go out and target those niche businesses that we know that we have the right products and the right pricing and the right processes for, so you got to get involved in that last or second to last social media. You have to get involved in social media. Social media is such a big part of what we do right now. And the more you’re involved in social media, you know, the more opportunities you’re going to have to connect with people.

And last but not least, you can apply leads. And let me rephrase that last, but least you can buy leads. You can buy internet leads, you could buy direct mail sources. You can do all of those things for our particular, our close ratio is going to be 5% or less on that. And it’s the least effective way to spend your marketing dollars and your marketing time. However home insurance Tulsa, as someone wants told me, that’s punishment for not doing enough of those other things for not getting enough referrals. So that’s the, I mean, in general, that’s the six part program that I give our new reps when they start from an acquisition standpoint. But regardless it is,
If they did buy leads, you have, uh, an assumed close ratio. So they put that into a system. There should be numbers associated with that and a certain level of success. Nobody
It’s about the leads though. And our market’s a little different, right? You know, in a cap decide, it’s just, it’s just a little bit different than your market, but I tell all of our new reps, you will absolutely be profitable on leads. If you work in at 5% close ratio, you will be profitable on those leads. You just got to know you’ve got to work and it’s the seven touch method. It’s, you know, we’ve got a call, we’ve got an email, we’ve got a call again. If you don’t get ahold of them, wait a couple of weeks. And everybody else is not calling them. So you’ve got to follow up again. Correct. You know, you just, it’s just the work it’s just
So, yeah. Excellent. So when a new agent starts, or I’m sorry, you called them were financial reps at agents. Agents is fine now. Okay. So when a new agent starts from day one, they have a path to run on them. Absolutely do. Well, that’s the, you know, systems equals success.
Right? Right. Yeah. So absolutely. And then we get into the, the retention across the system. Then we get into, what is your sales process or client experience look like? You have to have a way that you’re bringing your product to market in a way that the consumer wants. And you have to put, you have to have a process. You can’t, you don’t change it up every time you do the same things every time home insurance Tulsa . And you train that. And then last but not least, you know, the fourth again is tracking, you know, you have to track and measure, right? I mean, you’ve said it a thousand times. So, you know, if you want something to improve, measure it, you know, when you measure the lead indicators, you know, and I tell my reps this too, I give him all, I give him. I mean, it’s a very comprehensive path to success, but at the end of the day, I’m like, if you could come in and set two appointments and quote, a couple of households, you’ve given yourself a five shot to be successful. But that’s what it’s about. It’s not about all of those other things. It’s about how are we getting it’s those lead indicators that you can measure. And then you got to have the courage to measure them. You know, it’s easy to go to work and think you worked all day long, but you didn’t do anything productive. And unless you,

I measure it, John Savage used to say, anyone can kiss your wife goodbye in the morning and say, I’m going to work. Try it sometime. Yeah, yeah. Go work. Yeah. Not the kiss. The wife. No. Yeah. Yeah. So you have these, this path and I assume this isn’t country, this is you, your agency. Yeah.

17 years of, or 18 years of what I’ve picked up from you. And then what I’ve picked up from other successful sales reps, sales managers, business professionals. I mean, heck one of my buddies was, was one that helped me with some of it. Yeah. And he’s an independent consultant. He’s just, he runs his business though, right?
Yeah. Right. Because that’s what it is. All businesses the same. It just depends what you’re selling. Right. If a new agent does that, does what you say, tell them to do daily. Right? You don’t come to the office and see them sitting there for five days. Cause they have to get out and go talk to people, meet people. Absolutely.
What are their chances of success guarantee your agency get 100% success, success guarantee.

No, but don’t be successful a hundred percent.

I tell them that during the interview process, I there’s,

no, this is none of this is a secret. That’s try, you know, I give it to them during the interview process. Hey, if you decide that if you choose someone else’s practice, if you choose Northwestern mutual, if you choose state farm, Edward Jones, Allstate pick a company, you know, if you want to go open your own practice, these concepts still apply. It’s not a secret. I’ll give them to, you know, wish you success. If you want me to help coach you along the way, I’ll do it. There’s no secret to success. But if you do these things, I can guarantee success. If you don’t do these things, maybe you’ll be successful. Maybe you won’t. You know, but I learned this again. Like I, you know, when I was hired, I found the most successful home insurance Tulsa person in my agency who happened to be my agency manager.

Um, and I thought, you know, he seems to have a good life. Uh, and I’m probably gonna do what he tells me to do. If he says, this is what you need to do to be successful. He’s been down that path. So I’m not overly smart. You know, I’m not overly creative, but I’m pretty good at following instructions. So if somebody says, this is the path to success, and this is probably what I should do and what I’ve found, if you just to do it and you don’t even have to be perfect at it. But if you just get up, dress up, show up, you know, and, and do a good job of following those systems. You’re going to end up in the right place. They don’t work because of your first year. We did go to Austria together. Switzerland. Yes. Yeah. It’s still one of my, and Amanda said this the other day, we were just talking about some different things.

And my wife’s still one of, one of the, probably top three, most memorable dinners we had at the old Swiss house. Oh yeah. It was. That was amazing. Can you talk about getting buy in? That’s one of the pieces of advice that I would have with a person starting the business, you gotta get your significant other body in on it, but demonstrate success early for them, show them the money. So to speak, you know, demonstrate success for them. And you want to talk about getting buy in, you know, when you go out there and bust your tail and you start to earn the income you want to start. My first five digit paycheck was my fourth month, maybe with country, something like that fourth or fifth month. And I can remember, I still didn’t really understand how they worked and you don’t, you know, you just, you’re still not a hundred percent there, but you know, I know my wife called me and asked me if our direct deposit was right. I said, I think so. Let me ask Mark, you know, I think it’s right. And you know, that got her sold pretty quickly just seeing the fruits of the labor. And I think it’s important to get off on a fast start in this business, any business, but I think it’s important to get off in a fast start, at least from the activity standpoint. And that activity leads to the end result. And this
A business success is, um, you, it to be home insurance Tulsa

A nine to five job. Yeah, no, again, I sent these out during the interview process. Um, you know, it’s a part time job and, and the good news is you get to pick which 12 hours of the day that you want to work. I, um, no, it’s not. I mean, I worked this weekend. I sponsored an event this weekend. I’m one of those senior guys in our agency. Right. I haven’t been here the longest, but I’ve been here longer than any of the reps that I’ve hired. And I worked this weekend, you know, I put on a seminar and any longer than I hired, cause you were the first day hire. Yeah, I sponsored it. And I still show up because it’s an opportunity, you know, when you’re building a business, if you’re, if you go open a restaurant, are you not working on the weekends?
So is that the hardest thing to get across to new agent that is not a job that they’re building a business? Um, some it is, let me clarify. Everyone thinks they want to be their own boss. Everyone thinks they want to own a business. Right, right. Everyone. But can you get up one day and actually go and do it right? But no safety net, right? That’s the, uh, and I think, you know, different, there are obviously different, uh, um, past to this career and some of them force you to do that right away. And the particular path that we have does it force you to do that right away? So there is, there is some of that that I, you know, I have to be very cognizant of reminding people, you are building your business, you’re building your business, you’re building your business. You know, there is no safety net. Home insurance Tulsa

If you were going to apply for a loan, that’s, you know, that’s exactly the conversation that I had. I had a person start today and exact conversation was when we’re building out this business plan, you know what? We’re paying you to build a franchise, so to speak. If you were having to buy it, to get a loan for this, and you’re going to the bank, you know, you’re going to the bank and you’re presenting your business plan, or am I going to loan you the money that we’re going to pay you to do this? That’s what it needs to be. And the effort needs to be the same. That’s right. So what I tell people is part of the reason for this podcast is helping others be successful. And as soon as you realize that this is a business like any other, except in that all businesses do the same things. They have something to sell, but other businesses have inventory costs of goods, sold accounting, marketing, payroll, any insurance industry, you have no cost of good soul. You have no inventory. You have no accounts receivable, someone else figures out your payroll. And if you’re lucky enough to be with a company like country they’ll even pay for extra marketing, right? So if you look at the success of other businesses, I don’t, I still don’t understand I’ve been doing this since 1991.
I still don’t understand why someone opening a subway sandwich shot shop has a better chance of success than someone coming here and being handed the opportunity that you hand people now, based on that, what’s the number one reason agents fail. Home insurance Tulsa

I mean, they don’t work. I mean, they don’t do the activity period. That’s the number one. They just don’t do the work. I’ve worked with some very talented people in the past, you know, I’ve hired and you know, I’ve hired, I’ve trained. And I thought I’ve done a decent job of hiring and training. And, and then what I think if you, if you’re hiring talented person, who’s good at communication, you know, who can connect with other people and those types of things, um, they just don’t do the activity. And they’re, they’re, they’re too, they’re too focused on the challenges of the activity rather than the result that that activity would generate. If that makes sense.
If people focus on all of that

Challenges of having to, like I said, like you mentioned early on, I’ll go in there and make those cold calls. If I need to make those cold calls, because I know it’s helping me get to the end result, I’m focused on the end result. And I think people that don’t make it on our business are too focused on the challenges of the activity. And maybe it’s just, they don’t like it. That’s okay. Maybe they could, if they, maybe they could be the president of the United States, or maybe they could be a rocket scientist, but just insurance sales, isn’t their thing. You know, I that’s what I believe it is. It’s just, they’re not willing to do enough of the, of the work. And the work up front is prospecting. I mean, that’s the, it is the work upfront is the prospecting work. Home insurance Tulsa

That’s still all of this. Okay. I was going to ask you why someone should come to country. Why an agent should start with country or move to country. I think you answered that. And the answer is systems for success from day one, a path to run on and a coach to help them get there. I’m lucky enough to have a, this is a couple of years ago, but went to a high school where our high school has more national championships in cross country than any school in the country. And our coach would take kids and you can watch movies on Netflix. It’s called the Lou long green line, I believe, and help people become state champions. And if they weren’t state champions, they were hoping the rest of the team get there. I think that’s what you built. I think you’ve done a good job when people, people dismiss the value of a coach. And I can tell you in the business community, people pay a lot of money for what you offer these new agents. Sure. Yeah. Um, and I think that’s the reason why someone would join country or more importantly, join you. Right. People don’t call up and say, I want to drink country. Do that.
I’ll say you and you, you know, you’ve, I’m sure you feel the same. I mean, I, I absolutely love that the, the, the, the company that I represent and it’s treated me so well, and it’s been such a good opportunity to ever, and I also feel like I’ve earned every time I’ve ever made. Absolutely. And, um, I know when I started, um, it was the person, not the company that was really a differentiator for me. And I would like to think that too, you know, I would like to think, you know, people do, you know, hopefully I demonstrate in the interview process, why, you know, we are a great company to represent, but why, if you come to my agency, it’s going to be a different experience than if you go somewhere else.

You and I both had the experience, thankfully, if hiring someone and seeing them succeed and succeed beyond what they ever thought was possible, I’ve seen it. And the feeling you get from that is just it’s it’s, you can’t measure it in money or words. Just the experience of doing why you do what you do. Right. Right. Okay. So now the last, are you ready for our lightning round questions?

Sure. As long as we’re not talking about baseball, then, then I’m good. No, there’s nothing about Facebook yet. Home insurance Tulsa
First is a softball. Cause I’m just getting you ready. Okay. If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

I’m not sure. That’s right, but why do you think? So it’s just the first thing that came to my mind. Oh yeah.

That’s okay.

I asked you right now to do pushups. How many can you do without stopping

Over 50 Relic? Yeah.

I won’t tell you. Well, I guess I am telling you, it took me about 20 minutes to do 22 the other day. I really mean to keep doing that. I think I can do 50. Okay, good. Because you are in Moya Tai,
Did you jujitsu Brazilian jujitsu, but uh, also, you know, the older you get, you know, the, the harder it is. So I, I try to, I try to stay pretty active. I tried to, you know, stay, stay pretty fit.
Then based on that, what’s your favorite junk food?
Oh, potato chips. That’s uh, like sour cream. And I can just give me a family size bag and call it a day.
So the benefit to that is gluten-free and it has carbs. Which do you measure gluten or carbs? Uh I’m I’m the car guy. Home insurance Tulsa
Okay. And ugly doesn’t doesn’t mean anything to you?
Yeah. So it was, think it’s goofy when someone’s, uh, gluten free and they just eat a whole bag of chips. That doesn’t mean a nickname in high school
Beat. It was from my younger days.

Okay. I like that beads texts. Her talk

Depends on the person, but text. Okay.

Because you’re afraid to talk to people after all that cold con. No, now it depends on the person. Okay.

It depends on the first night. What’s that conversation going to be?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? You look pretty fancy. Okay.

Um, showered out the door. 25 minutes that I was doing your hair, this an audio podcast. So my hair doesn’t take a long time.

That’s pretty fast. Yeah. If I met cake or pie by Y yeah. I don’t like that. That’s the right answer though.

Okay. I don’t like the sponginess of the cake. Yeah.

It’s all too heavy. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. My bike, I do like the crest on the pie. And so which favorite pie?

You’ve probably never heard of it. It’s one I, outside of my family, I don’t know. Anybody’s had, it’s called Ritz Cracker pie.

So I was a little bit WT, but let’s go with it is okay. So what is it? Since my mama

I’m passed in January and I think the recipe’s gone with her, it was, uh, my grandmother used to make it it’s, it’s a verb. It’s almost a version of pecan pie. It has pecans in it, but the feeling is mixed with Ritz crackers and it’s Ritz crackers and pecans and whatever sugar and all that stuff. And it’s just caramelize it. Home insurance Tulsa

And you got to put, you’d have to put a, not whipping cream cool with it, but it’s gotta be cool with it. But that goes on out of the tub, out of the tub. So yeah, it’s definitely the WT.

[inaudible] that’s my favorite. Okay, good. Last question. Say a word in Spanish. And I was gonna ask you what it meant, but I even have that one. Okay. There you go. All right. Well that is the MOC. What? We have 34 minutes. Perfect. I want to thank you for coming today. Was it all expected? Is all in more? Is there anything more you’d like to add? Yeah, I would like to, I would like you to

Continue the lightening round. Yeah. I have some additional questions.

Okay. Now with me. Oh, just in general. You think it should be more than the questions? Yeah. Oh, hang on. Did you do a 10 question? Lightning round. What was your last

Custom Elvis? Home insurance Tulsa

Oh, you pulled it off. I had to wait again.

So good mud chops. Good. This was over 10 years ago. The last time I dressed up for Halloween, but I remember it.

Have you ever worn socks with sandals? No. Be honest. No, absolutely not. Not even to Colorado with her?

No. I, first of all, I didn’t have a pair of Birkenstocks in Colorado, although that’s the, our cabin

Favorite marsupial? A kangaroo. Yeah, probably no one likes blossom. She’s a wombat. I said, yeah, no much possums. When you are at your house and you hear loud gunfire, do you know where it comes from?

That’s from James and an AR your son and an AR. Home insurance Tulsa

Okay, good. I think we should leave it at that. Okay. That’s a good end of an interview. And fluency is four 40. We had at the club. Yeah, we should. Alright. Okay. Thank you for coming. Yep.