All right. We’re continuing the ensure you business success podcast today with Aaron Butler, I’ll give a brief intro of Erin known each other for about 10 or 15 years. As you mentioned earlier, Erin, um, grew up, went to high school in Springfield, Missouri Springfield,

Sorry. That’s right. Go Glendale Falcons and home insurance tulsa

And then left there to go to some sec school.

I mean only the best SAC school in so many ways. Uh, I am a graduate of old miss in Oxford, Mississippi, ADI Tati. Gosh, what does that even mean? You know, there’s a lot of, uh, discussion with that over the years and I’m not sure that, um, one actual thing has been ever decided upon, but it’s been around forever. And you know, if you, the fun thing about going to Ole miss, well, there’s a million fun things, but one of the fun things is that if you see another old miss, uh, alumni, or perhaps someone with an old list hat on or shirt or whatever, you can always yell out and greet that person with Hottie Tottie and they will always answer back with you and you are absolutely, it’s kind of, yeah, it’s kind of a universal grading, you know, it’s actually a long chat, so that’s just a quick little blip in the whole thing. It’s called the hub.

Okay. And they’re getting rid of the running rep. home insurance tulsa

Well, you know why I actually don’t know. Um, we, I mean, they are the oldest rebels we have of course had some mascot changes in the past, uh, gosh, maybe 10 years ago now, but in the past few years, so, you know, like every place, everything is, you know, constantly changing, evolving and, you know, progressing.

And then you left, uh, old miss and went to the university of Tulsa where you graduated with their Juris doctorate.

I did, I don’t let that fact out too many people, you know, I, I, uh, like to utilize the, you know, some of those lane, lawyer jokes, like, you know, the best kind of lawyer, the non-practicing kind of things like that. But, um, yeah. Yeah, I’m ideal. I had, you know, my Elle woods moment, um, in law school, so it was good. That’s how I ended up here in Tulsa. I kind of throw a dart at a map and then, you know, I don’t know if I’d recommend that, uh, that way to go to law school, but you know, things worked out, but going to law school and home insurance tulsa

Allowed you to work in the family business. And I believe you do a lot of advertising marketing for that business. Yeah,

I do. I’ve kind of got a little bit of a, uh, I don’t know, maybe I’m kind of a Renaissance woman. I do a little bit of everything as you know, over the years. Um, yeah, my family has, uh, been in various businesses. Um, probably our main business would be retail for the custom hundred years actually. And, um, I deal with, um, electronic media in about, in multiple, in a few different markets. So over the years, that’s kind of, of course, like I said earlier, everything’s always evolving and progressing. Um, you know, if that has changed over the years, it’s been, you know, a lot of radio then TV and digital marketing. It kind of looks different all the time, but that area looks different all the time. Home insurance tulsa

Right? Yeah. It’s kind of quickly evolving. The last person we did a podcast with is actually in digital and radio marketing and he kind of explained to us the evolution of what’s happening there. And it’s actually, it’s just fascinating. And he said in the future, all this data that these companies are gathering on, all of us, we’ll change it again.

Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a little, a little scary to think about it. I don’t know if I want to let my brain, uh, get into those ideas today, but, uh, yeah, it changes all the time. Okay.

Okay. And then, um, Erin and I have a common interest and passion for the book Atlas shrugged, which I read in college, like most people, but if I remember the story correctly, your dad made you read it before you could get your driver’s license.

Yeah. You know, my dad was huge fan of Atlas shrugged. So I spent a lot of time hearing about that book and I did read it at a young age and I found it pretty interesting. Um, it is a big book and I’ve had yeah,

A hundred pages for a high school. Home insurance tulsa

That’s, you know, obviously I was kind of a nerd. Um, I would have to, you know, I mean, it’s one of those books that you like, any of those, you know, quote unquote great books, you know, throughout literature, um, which of course that’s can be, you know, argued by many whether it’s a great book and literature or not like all of these books. So I can tell you, I enjoyed it more than Moby Dick, but I it’s one of those that you kind of, as you age and as you get into life, you can, it’s one of those that is good to look back on and reread some of those things. I know the first time I read it, of course, when I was in high school, you know, like 16, there were obviously nuances and things that I didn’t pick up on, but it was intriguing. And, um, I, you know, I enjoyed it. I, I, wasn’t very familiar with things like, um, the restaurant revolution and things like that until I read that book. And I did a little bit of research on Iran because she’s just an intriguing figure to me, whether you agree with her philosophies or not.

Yeah. I mean, she, you know, an intriguing figure in history. So, um, uh, as well as quite a, quite a prolific writer. So that was interesting. So yeah, I mean, I even ended up with a kid named Taggart.

I gonna bring that up afterwards. Talk about a fan of the book. Well,

You know, I mean, I liked the book, but I also liked the name. So it worked out well,

That’s a great name. I have a cousin who’s named Edney. Yes. Home insurance tulsa

I had a dog named Dagney at law school actually. Um, and you know, I know it’s a really, I’m really sounding like a real zealot for the book, but, um, I don’t know if it’s that so much. It was, I mean, she did have a lot of good names in the book, so I mean, you can’t deny that

Most of my online personalities are Henry Riordan.

Oh, I understand. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, you know, and it’s, Rearden steel. Yeah. There’s a lot to be said about it.

And it’s funny when someone finds you online and they, they’re also a fan because you just kind of fall right into it.

Yeah. I mean, you know, it’s probably in a lot of ways, you know, overly simplified on a lot of big issues when you look at it and some ways, but sometimes looking at things through a lens that is some, you know, kind of somewhat simplified, like that is a nice way to look at things makes it a universal truth. Right. That’s yeah. That’s what I’m getting at. So yeah, it’s a good book. That was a really funny thing a hundred years ago when we figured out, I think maybe you had asked me about tags name or something like that and that’s how it came up. So yeah. Home insurance tulsa

Yeah. That was fun. Yeah. Okay. Um, so moving on, uh, you had your what’s her name moment? My [inaudible] you’re raising two. Beautiful.

Oh man. You’re so nice. Depends on the day whether I agree with you or not.

And you do a lot of the marketing, digital marketing advertising for the family business and you thought, no, I still have some extra time, but I’m going to start selling real estate.

Well, yes. You know, because again, like I said, I, you know, I, you know, I guess maybe I know a little about a lot of things or, you know, I don’t, I don’t know a lot about a little, I don’t know how, whichever way that little phrase goes, but, um, yeah, you know, it was something that my spouse had been trying to get me to do for quite some time and I just wasn’t sure about it. And, um, it just seemed like something that I could progress into fairly naturally. My family has a big background in, um, home improvement and building materials. That’s what I’ve spent most of my time around. And I mean, it has a little bit of contractual work in it, obviously, nothing too intense, but, uh, hopefully not too intense, but a little bit of that. So maybe a little bit of legal jargon and, um, I do a lot of design work on interiors and work on a lot of building projects. So it just kind of progressed into that. You know, I mean, as things do when you’re, you know, over the years, but since I’m only 25, who would even know, but home insurance tulsa

Some questions about that, how did your background, your, you already mentioned some contractual work background in law and the advertising and the family business. How did that set you up for real estate and how that contributing to your success?

You know, everything in life, you know, if you’re basically going into something, I mean, you know, it’s like you with insure you Oklahoma. I mean, of course all the little steps you’ve taken in life are setting you up to be successful in this because you’re utilizing your whole skillset. You know, you have to obviously like to talk to people and which clearly I have no problem, as you know, and, um, you know, I’ve done a lot of marketing and things like that. And I felt like, you know, basically in real estate, you’re marketing yourself, which is obviously is home insurance tulsa

It is, I mean, you work, you work with Keller Williams, but people don’t buy homes from Keller Williams. They do from Aaron Butler.

Well, I hope so. I mean, you know, although I will say, um, Keller Williams has been a really great place for me to be, and it gives me a wonderful platform and I’m really lucky to be there. Um, but yeah, I feel like I’m now trying to utilize my skills that I’ve had in working in media for a long time in marketing myself, which, which, you know, it’s definitely, uh, I’m probably not as adept at marketing myself on occasion as I am at other things, but it just was the perfect storm. It’s things I’m interested in, um, you know, construction, home interiors, design, and, and sales

And unlike other realtors. Um, when you first started, you didn’t just go take a glamour shot and post yourself, you actually came up with an Aaron Butler logo. Well, the key logo, that’s fantastic. I’m glad you liked it. Cause I’m not part of a team, right? This is you home insurance tulsa

It’s just me. And I have kicked around the idea of being part of a team many times. And I, I never rule that out. If I found the right fit, I would definitely do that. Um, but I have fun, you know, sort of just the way my life is and kids and my schedule, it’s been nice for me to be able to make my own schedule. Um, but there’s a real plus minus to that, as anyone knows. I know, you know, I mean, anytime you throw yourself out there and start something on your own or put everything on yourself, I mean, you could definitely have those feast or famine times. And I, I would say I definitely have those, you know, it’s all what you were putting into it at any given time. So it’s been a nice progression for me, you know, we’ll see where it leads, but for right now, it’s fun. Good.

And you are you and your husband, Robbie you’re vertically integrated because he also owns the title company. Um, might be the largest title company in town. That’d be good.

Oh my gosh. Robbie would have to, my spouse would have to speak to that, but it is definitely, um, definitely has a large presence. They have several offices on the Tulsa, Metro as well as Oklahoma city now and Springfield, Missouri.

And they’ve done a great job branding getting their selves out there

And they do residential as well as commercial. So

I believe, I believe I’ve close, close both with them. Residential personally,

That’s really been a real, um, you know, crazy venture when he started that he has partners now. But, um, when he started that gosh, 10 plus years ago, so, you know, um, he’s also an attorney and has a law firms, so a law practice. So it just kind of dovetails together and yeah, he definitely helps me out when I have questions and he’s in the years he’s been doing this, I think there’s probably nothing. He hasn’t seen various legal transactions involving property, home insurance tulsa

Property law. So is it up to the buyer, the seller where they,

Well, you know, actually the buyer can choose wherever they would like to close. I know that is something that most people don’t know. And frankly, most people, when they’re buying a home are looking to their realtor to guide them, guide them where to go. But, um, they do have that choice. It’s like anything, you know, with, you know, insurance and all of that. You’ve obviously got those choices. Um, but you definitely do want someone, you know, it’s nice to have someone knowledgeable to guide you. Yeah. And of course, um, buyer and seller can close it to different places. And that is probably what happens most at here in Tulsa. There’s some other areas, um, where that is less common, but you know, we’re a little bit of a, um, interesting state on lines anyway, because of our, you know, abstracting of title and things like that.

I believe your husband calls it a dead Indian brother.

Yeah. That’s actually a term in law school that they use. Yeah. It’s a real, it’s a real term. And um, gosh, I haven’t, again, that’s been a long time. I graduated from law school in 2000, so it’s been a long time since I’d have to really get into that, but it’s, so that’s a real, um, yeah, it’s a real term in law school. Like all of that. Yeah. Home insurance tulsa

Okay. So back to enough of him back to you, you’re working with a buyer, they moved to town, they find you on the line and you find a great house for sure. I know. And they want help finding a mortgage broker. Who do you work with? Why do you work with them? How do you recommend them?

Gosh, you know, there’s a lot of, I mean, TOSA, the Tulsa community is really lucky. Um, we have a lot of great professionals in this town. Um, a lot of great mortgage brokers, you know, I would probably, there would be a lot of things to consider on that. I think, you know, um, I always want to refer someone to someone that I’ve worked with a lot in the past and had good, a nice working relationship with, and that I thought was professional and provided great service. Um, and I think, you know, it has to be a fit for the buyer or the client. So that can really affect,

I mean, that could affect you when you get paid when you close.

Well, I mean, you know, yes. I mean, like I said, that’s why you need someone that’s professional and efficient and gives great service. And that, you know, is adept at dealing with different situations and you know, that, that gels with your clients, because, you know, these are big decisions. I mean, buying a home is a big decision for people and, you know, arguably their biggest financial move, you know, or one of their biggest financial moves in their lifetime. So you want to make sure that everyone feels confident and comfortable with everyone that they’re dealing with. Home insurance tulsa

So does that mean you will refer to multiple or

No? I mean, you know, of course at the end of the day I have, you know, I’m not in control of who anyone picks and I’m in charge of that, but I would always, if the buyer asked for Miami again, then I would refer them to some people that multiple people in that they would make that decision. So I’m, I’m, you know, I’m very ethical.

Of course I would, I wasn’t suggesting otherwise

I’m teasing, you know, I, but, you know, I would just say, you know, people that I’ve worked with in the past that I think are, you know, really great at their job, courteous, great service people like you, and I’m sure you, Oklahoma, home insurance tulsa

Not like the people who just get in with refiners are hot and they’re going to get out and do something else.

No shysters. But of course, you know, I mean, I can, I can refer and then, you know, I’ve had people, you know, many buyers in the past and then a lot of times people have people that are already working with. And so, you know, that’s always nice too, because I can meet new people. And that works.

How often is it required that someone’s preapproved to see a house pretty much

Pretty standard now that’s, that’s not uncommon. Yeah.

So like the house you showed us, it wasn’t, it wasn’t uncommon to get a letter of intent.

Oh no, no, no uncommon. And, and especially, you know, in the last few years, I mean, things have changed a lot in the real estate world, you know, since Oh eight and things like that. So I think it’s just precautionary and I think it’s just, you know, also makes it where you’re, uh, you know, everyone knows you’re a bonafide, you know, buyer, you know, so it’s, you know, I don’t, I know that stuff, some people are, that’s a hard conversation for them or they’re sometimes put off by that, but, you know, I think it’s just, it’s it’s good practice home insurance tulsa

Does. It depends. It’s kind of depending on the value of the home, right. I mean, if you’re over 500, it’s gotta be more common than if you’re on your 200. Right.

Well, realistically, I mean, it’s really good practice to have everyone be preapproved before you, it, at the beginning of the process, right.

When you’re working with someone, you recommend that to get that depth

100% from the beginning, because then you really know what you’re working with and your buyer knows what they’re working with and there’s, you know, less, maybe less surprises as you move along. You really know of where you are in terms of, you know, finances and all of that.

Okay. And when you refer people for insurance, what kind of insurance agency or agent are you looking for? Home insurance tulsa

Oh gosh, I think it’s really the same as, you know, what you’re looking for in anything, like I said, with the mortgages, I mean, you’re, you’re looking for someone that, you know, you think is going to take great care of your client and provide, you know, efficient, professional, courteous service. Do really someone that you think is you can rest assured that they’re going to do a good job as you’re referring to them. Yeah. That’s important.

We get there. I’m guessing you don’t deal with this a lot. Occasionally we got one this week where the mortgage broker says, I need this house insured. Here’s the people they’ll actually send us the 10 Oh three. So we have all the information, but it has to be under one 50 a month because of the right data loan ratio, whatever it’s called. And I’m guessing you don’t work with a lot of those clients.

Well, gosh, you know, here’s the thing. I mean, I do, I work with anybody, you know, I like working. I mean, with, with really with any client, I mean, I’ve worked with some people that with rental properties and I’ve done luxury properties and kind of mid range, property starter homes. I, you know, I like anything I can really, I mean, I, I enjoy looking at all these different properties and working with everybody, but is it fun to look at multimillion dollar houses? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, I mean, you know, I like to work with everybody, home insurance tulsa

But my question is always, if you have to give the insurance on their certain level, maybe they should be looking at a different house.

Oh, that could be the case. But you know, I don’t know. I think that, um, thirsty, you know, getting into a home and as first time home buyers, there’s just a lot of things that they’re trying to figure out. You know, I, like I said, I’m happy for everybody to buy a home.

So did you read Freakonomics or home insurance tulsa

You know, I have had that book and I have sort of dabbled in it, but I haven’t read that one. And then another one, like, um, the outliers or something like that, you know, is it that also written by, is that Gladwell? I’ve, I’ve, I’ve dabbled in them, but I haven’t really read them.

There’s a lot, like, talent is not enough by Jeff Colvin. Basically you get to just 10, 10,000 hours to be a professional to work. But in Freakonomics they talked about home sales and it said the average realtor’s home is on the market, like 10 days longer than their client’s homes.

That might be because they’ll hold on. Oh, right.

Because if a realtor, if you’re selling my house right, and I want 200 for it, and someone comes in and offers one 90 a realtor, not saying you would have natural inclination just to say, take the one 90. Cause it doesn’t affect your commission like $10,000, but a realtor is going to hold out. Cause it’s their own, which I thought was interesting. But more interesting. I thought, I’m not saying that it’s a crime.

No, I’m just saying, right. Yeah. Home insurance tulsa

It’s different when you’re the buyer or the seller totally was when a house is described as cute, quaint, whatever advert you could use, as opposed to granite countertops, walk in bathroom, sunken tub, blah, blah, blah. That the ones that are described with the features, not how they feel or how they look, get closer to their asking price than the other,

You know, I don’t know. I’m going to have to delve into that. That might be the case. I mean, we could just look up the one chapter and freaking out. Right. I’m going to have to, I’m going to check that out. I mean, you know, he is a pretty smart guy, so that’s probably the case economist. Right, right, right. Well, and those are the catchphrase of things. So people are, you know, a lot of times buyers are looking for. Right. So yeah. That’s probably true. Just trying to help you out. Yeah. Well I like that. Well, one of them is definitely, those are words. One set is definitely evoking, a feeling and one is not

Black and white, but if you look at a small house that’s 25 years old, what features are you gonna list? 25 years old. Right? Air conditioning is about to go vinyl, kitchen, floors, and Formica countertops.

You’re not going to list them. I mean, they’re cute, right? Or they’re, you know, depends on the, I good enough for your mother-in-law perhaps for house. Good. Have a lot of intangibles could have an amazing location, great schools, great schools. So, you know, there’s probably a positive, you can find about any house. See how we turn that around. Home insurance tulsa

No, you were good at sales. Okay. We let’s see, I want to ask you another question because I want to get a little more into it before we get to the lightning round. So the lightning round, I’m going to prepare, you’ve gotta be on your toes because they’re not subjective. There are right and wrong answers. And I’m the one who decides,

Oh, I look at it more of an essay question approach. Like throw it all.

No, it’s not that at all. So we’re right in the middle of the pan deck, you and I took our precautions beforehand, both wearing rubber gloves and face mask. What what’s the coming market and Tulsa going to be, are we, is this going to happen? Is this going to be like, anywhere else? We’re not locked down like other cities. Um, really, except for the first few months, nothing’s different now. That’s for sure. Do we have, you know, you talked about, Oh eight earlier. We didn’t have a crash here like Miami or in Las Vegas and maybe a little blip things slowed down, home insurance tulsa

Man. I wish I had a crystal ball. I read don’t. We all wish we had a crystal ball. Isn’t that what we need or trying to forecast, you know, business into the next year. You know, look, this year has definitely had major ups and downs for everybody in different industries, it’s affected differently. Some industries have been gangbusters, you know, in light of all this it’s, it’s kind of crazy. So, you know, I don’t know right now, you know, of course interest rates are low and there’s a lot of things moving on the Tulsa market

And it is a sellers market, correct

Inventory. Inventory’s been very low and um, you know, things have been moving. So it’s just hard to, you know, I don’t know. It’s, we’ll see where this takes us, but when you get that crystal ball, I want you to let me know. I definitely want to be with that. But so

You’re going to be the kind of market where people are in a bidding war for a house, like where they go the first day and the first person we’re not, we’re not a West coast hot market or home insurance tulsa

I mean, never say never, but look, I think, you know, Tulsa is always, you know, on the move and there’s a lot of things, you know, that are man. I don’t know. I see a lot of houses go for top dollar.

It would be on the I’m in supply and demand part of the city. That’s the highest demand.

I mean, maybe all those people that want to get admitting more, just want to move to Tulsa. That works.

My point is I think it’s better for our market that we’re not that because an overweight comes along or a pandemic today comes along. We’re not going to have a crash either.

Sure. Our, our prices probably, you know, not massively inflated, like, you know, some of these other cities. Yes. I think that’s probably the right.

Yeah. We, we see it’s a good place to live. Do you call it a used homes? Pre-owned only

I get, well, I don’t know where you’re going with this, but it’s non new builds. Not new builds. Yeah.

We see, go for right about when we’re insuring them and we’re doing the cost calculator on what replacement costs it’ll be right there, but the people are paying for it. But the previously lived in homes. A lot of times here are well under a rebuild cost. Huh. Well under, yeah. And then we we’ve had some where we just have to increase the price and people have to pay for more insurance because that’s almost the mortgages. Home insurance tulsa

Right. Well, you know, I mean, there’s just a lot of factors that go into all of this. So yeah, that doesn’t probably do. I mean, you’re the professional on the insurance. I know. I mean, I’m, you know, I’m deferring to you on that one.

My point is I think the stability of the housing market Tulsa makes it attractive for every, any kind of business where you would live. Sure. I mean, we moved here. No two, you couldn’t drag me out of here for love nor money, but just because I think it bodes so well, our consistent real estate market for the quality of life and the pricing and lack of sleep.

Tulsa has a lot of great things about it.

Well, there aren’t a lot of cities where the American dream is alive like this and you can get a young, married couple who can afford a home and they don’t have to rent.

Okay. Are you getting me with some yeah. Sanitize that. Home insurance tulsa

So, but, but you, you can help people with the American dream here, uh, buying the house and the white picket fence and the street and have kids and the dog in the yard because it’s affordable here.

Well, really the fun part about real estate is just the constant, you know, meeting new people and new, you know, newness each time and you know, new relationships. It’s fun.

Okay. You’ve answered. Great questions. We’ve touched on your son’s name. Do you want to bring up your daughter?

Oh no, I may not. I probably, I don’t need to. I mean, I mean

Girl named Carlyle. Who is she named after?

That is actually my husband’s middle name.

Okay, good. Yeah. Good. Um, if you could eliminate one state and then United States was, Oh my gosh. I don’t know. Home insurance tulsa

Do you sort of let them think of this stuff? Ah, I don’t even know. I mean only one. No, I’m teasing. Uh, I don’t know. I’m going to, uh, I’ll have to think about that one. I don’t know. I don’t have a, that’s a hard one. I mean, I could maybe think of some, but I don’t know if I’m, I don’t know what to think about that.

You know, surprisingly or not, most of the answers we’ve gotten on there have to do with sports and that people want to eliminate the state, that Massachusetts cause of the red Sox. Uh, earlier we got Texas because of Texas we’re in Oklahoma.

That was really funny, you know? Um, I didn’t even think about that. I guess if I looked at it from that angle, I probably could, but I don’t know. I, him, I’ve never really thought about that. I’m gonna, I’m not gonna lie. Okay.

Okay. I’ll give you some easy ones. I’ll give you.

And I’m usually not very easily stumped.

This, this question will be funny to those who know you. Okay. How many pairs of glasses do you have?

Oh gosh. You know, not as many as you might think. Well, how many pairs of glasses do I have that I actually wear? Or how many pairs do I have in my entire collection? That might be older when I keeping them around because they might come back and stop. I don’t know. Maybe I have 15 to 20 pairs,

One for each outfit. No. Have more than 15 or 20 hours. Home insurance tulsa

Yeah, no, I don’t know. You know, um, it’s a funny thing you asked me about that. I do, I did not wear glasses until law school. And I do like wearing glasses. People ask me all the time about getting LASIK or something like that, but I don’t know. I kind of got into wearing glasses and I like it. And as you know, I mean, I’m wearing green glasses today, actually kind of teal. I have actually a true pair of actual green glasses. I’m not going to lie, but I haven’t worn them in a while because they’re kind of, their shape is kind of not, you know, invoke right now. But that doesn’t mean it won’t come back. I love colored glasses. It is trail. How many shoes? I don’t know. But I do, you know, what I mostly have is boots. I do like accessories. I’m not though. I’m kind of like not, I’m kind of a, I’m not like the most exciting dresser, but I do like accessories. I like eyeglasses. I like scarves. I like shoes. That kind of thing. Kind of already wacky things. What can I say? It blesses me for good marketing. You know what, you know, I work on the glasses. I mean, how many people wear colored glasses? Not that many

Or in Tulsa. Um, if you, if you and your husband were going to go on vacation, just the two of you, would it be mountains or beach? Home insurance tulsa

Probably mountains. We are not a hot weather people. We get a lot of sunburns, so it’s definitely going to be mountains. Okay.

And when you were at Buffalo, wild wings, you made sure the wings are dramatic or flats.

Well, here’s the deal. I actually do not like chicken wings. I know your face.

[inaudible] okay, go ahead.

I, number one, don’t really enjoy chicken on the bone. Um, I’m not a winks person and I really don’t like Buffalo sauce very much at all. I mean, if I were dying I would eat it.

I have one. Would it be dry, rubber sauce?

Oh God. That’s hard to say. I’m not a wing person. I know I’m satis. That’s a, that’s on American. I don’t know. Home insurance tulsa

That’s all right. Favorite dry food. That

Junk food. Um, you know, I am probably a chips and guacamole type person. I’m a savory over sweet.

Okay. That’s good. Cause that means just one of the other questions. Yes. Avocados butter on toast or better than guacamole. Oh, whackamole that’s the right answer.

I call it gotta test. But I mean, if you’re gonna throw down, why not have, you know,

I think I only asked that because you’re a 25 year old.

Right. Absolutely. Right, right. So I do eat a lot of avocado toast and sprouts. Yeah.

Um, do you snore?

Oh, I’m sure I do. Yeah. I don’t think I’m a regular snore, but doesn’t everyone. If they’re really being honest, probably a snore. Right. I’m going to ask your wife that I fixed

That 18 months ago. That’s good.

If everyone’s being honest, you probably, everyone probably does on an occasion.

Yeah. Okay. Name of your first boyfriend.

Oh gosh. You know, I was not a big, uh, boyfriend girl, so I don’t know. That’s that’s a, a lot of life said boyfriends. Yeah. We’ll, we’ll go with Robbie. Why not?

And then the name of your last boyfriend, Robbie,

As far as he knows, home insurance tulsa

Um, celebrity crush,

Celebrity crush. Gosh.


God, I’m terrible at this. Uh, I got a really, I don’t really know. I’m not really a no, I’m not. I that’s the one that I can’t really, uh, how do I like God? I don’t even know. I mean, there’s lots of, I don’t know, come back to that one. I stink at the lightning round.

No, you’re you’re good. Um, now I’m gonna ask you that you were, you kind of talked about the slow, it didn’t talk about it. Three words that would describe you as a teenager.

Oh my gosh. Uh, okay. I was very trustworthy. I was fair three. Uh, I was definitely very nice. And I was, um, a leader.

What did you leave?

You know, I was kind of one of those kids that was always, yeah. All that kind of jazz. It was kind of in my day, you know, you’ve got that kind of junk in your DNA or you don’t, you know, I was a good kid. I mean, I wasn’t doing anything crazy. How many hours a night to sleep got that? You know, funny, you should ask that. Uh, not as many as I would, like my spouse has a major night out and it’s a little bit of a bone of contention, you know, I made the past, we not very much about five hours a night, but I definitely like to be changing that. Yeah. I don’t know 12 now who knows? Um, but yeah, not the past home insurance tulsa

few nights have been just, I’ve had a little bit too much going on. Couldn’t quiet the brain. Yeah. And you know, I don’t know. I was like, I was a good kid, you know, I wasn’t, I wasn’t, you know, easy teen on that kind of stuff, you know, not in trouble and that kind of jazz.

Okay. Did this interview, uh, meet your expectations?

Uh, this interview exceeded my expectations. It was amazing best interview. Uh, I don’t know if I was so much nervous as I thought, what am I going to talk about today? I don’t know. And now

The last thing we’re going to get to this off the air. Sure.

Look around my office. Yes. You’re good at this. Yes.

How long would it take you to make this presentable? To an average?

Uh, I could make, if you gave me a couple of days, I can fix this. And in fact, I’m going to tell you right now you need a new chair from the one I’m sitting here. It is not high on the comfort. The curve here. Yeah. Yeah. What is that? I need some lumbar ever haircut. So things that Jennifer bought me this, you sure you, that you need some more comfortable.

I need, I need less Brown in here. I know that it’s a bit masculine, home insurance tulsa

Correct? I mean, you’re, it is. It’s a little, it’s a little sterile. Yeah. I mean, we can fix that. You could, you know, it’s a little scary.

Do you like the humidor?

Yes, of course. I mean, I would always add that in, in any sort of design project. Yeah.

Oh sure. Why not? I mean, that picture is hideous. Isn’t that true?

It’s not really hideous. It’s kind of, I would say it’s more,

I found it in a closet here. I just needed something for the wall.

It’s very nondescript. It’s not either or delightful nor is it offensive. It’s not offensive. It’s just there. It’s just taking up space. It’s actually also hung a little bit low for my taste, but you know, there’s not much else going on over there. So yeah, I would love to come back and do that.

I’ll show you our plans. Okay.