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Okay, here we are being sure you Oklahoma, all original content insurance, podcasts. This is number 100. We’re putting number 100 in the can. That’s a lot. Sometimes not easy. Talking about home insurance, Tulsa for 100 podcasts and right now I’m driving by a field full of sheep. Imagine if you had asked the sheep to do 100 different things. It wouldn’t be say about cheap. The only reason they have a brain keep their spinal cord taught. So anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa we usually talk about reducing rates or reduced, but making sure you get the best deal on your home insurance. Tulsa, there are different companies out there. Uh, the worst one edit is farmers actually have a policy now that the first year is real low, ratches up second year and third year until it gets up to be even higher. And this is obvious ploy to try to get clients and they hope.

Don’t forget about the premium increases and they might, but a substandard policy. It’s a stripped down bare bones policy and a with an artificially low premium. Then you have a your state farms of the world and they have your same strip down bare bones policy to try to keep the premium low. Well, as ensure you, Oklahoma, we don’t do that and ensure you Oklahoma. We look for the best policy for you and then try to get the best price because the same home insurance, Tulsa policy for one person isn’t the same as it is for another. The other thing we find is we have someone that’s shopping for a new insurance policy and they want the cheapest because it goes further mortgage. Well, Home Insurance Tulsa let me give you an example. Uh, let’s say we represent all state insurance is one of our company. They come in with an insurance policy that’s $1,550 and then mercury. Another one of our companies comes in at 17. Well, it’s state farm or allstate is $150 cheaper. But keep this in mind. In Oklahoma, all insurance companies require you to write the auto and home together. So then when we go to write the auto, mercury is actually $300 cheaper will be added to the homeschool. When we bundle it, when we bundle auto and home together, mercury extra becomes now, yeah, I get it when the home’s a little higher and the auto slash more in mortgage your payments, but your auto insurance.

So one of the reasons we would say good professional independent insurance, like ensure you Oklahoma are the premier independent insurance agency in Oklahoma is because you have agents will go the extra mile for you like that rather than an age due to a cheap home. And then just had the auto show it in your overall package is more. Well, it takes an experienced professional to ferret that out and to make sure your getting the right home insurance, Tulsa policy for the month. Whoa. Big Bucket in the middle of the road. I almost hit it and that would have been a claim on auto insurance x would have been a collision claim. So to affect your rates, not just comp claim, but anyways, Home Insurance Tulsa, that’s a big thing that we’re looking at and the agencies out his total overall cost. And to tell you the truth, it takes more work on the agent’s part, but that’s what we’re committed to join with you.

Oh, I need to call them because they are right behind us at our house and our house right now for the next few days. We got these dark stormy clouds in Oklahoma. And you never know what can come from dark and stormy clouds in Oklahoma. Tornado hail show in rabbits, a locus, whatever economic comes to the site. Again, make sure you have the right home insurance. Tulsa is not as they’re starting. It’s today before it all starts. And you’ve started out by going to a, ensure you oklahoma.com. And Click on, get a quote or click on our videos or click on our testimony to see, you know, how many people we have that are actually, we get testimonials from happy clients. Home Insurance Tulsa, so besides that, um, we’re also teaming up with, uh, one of the largest mortgage offices in Tulsa, total lending concepts or tlc mortgage. They will get you qualified. And then when we can do is work with them, make sure you’re the best auto insurance or the best, uh, insurance policies for the price. And then what we do is we just walked right down the hall and we give them the Casey and she has everything she needs for closing. And you don’t have to worry about her anymore. That eliminates red tape from your life. That’s what we do at home. Insurance Tolle says, or I’m sorry, it ensure you, Oklahoma.

We need to get a home up. Ensure you Oklahoma. The inferior. You all call my home of discounts. Triple check. No. Oh Mom, give us 20 minutes. Will Save you 20 percent. No. Uh, we could get one as our. We can get a Guana as our mascot. No. Or a duck.

What could we get? Let me see.

You’re not going to make this turn here, buddy.

All right. We have a giant truck trying to make a turn in town. It ain’t happening. It is happening. We’re all backing up for him. Come other cars. She was right. I escort. Big truck drivers were the, uh, truck or the, what they’re pulling is actually what they’re hauling and they have wheels on it. Oh, it’s amazing. This looks to me like it is part of a giant windmill. Wow. Amazing. Pretty cool. Anyway, uh, I wonder what they need. Definitely trucking insurance for that one. But uh, well that’s pretty cool. You got to be a pretty good driver for that one, I guess. Anyway. Where were we? Uh, ensure you Oklahoma, the, uh, a white service guarantee. Oh, mom, uh, the agents who care now ensure you Oklahoma of Oklahoma insurance coverage? No. Ensure you Oklahoma home of the uh, I don’t know. Maybe the discount. Triple check. Maybe month. Unlimited data now. And that’s the job board on what level you’re at. I’m sure you will. I don’t know, but you’ll get the best coverage for the best price and ensure you Oklahoma. We are, like I said, the premier home insurance.

No, the premier independent insurance agency in Oklahoma. Home Insurance Tulsa We represent a plus companies. Only a plus company. We don’t do some standard visits or just not interested in taking that on. And uh, and having that headache other agencies because they can make money doing it, we don’t refuse, but it’s just not our priority. It’s just not something we do. So as I’m driving up memorial, I am noticing that there is a lot of rain and I see a state farm office and the agent has his car wrap is the guy’s name. I was his phone up giant phone number. So if you’re listening to this podcast or reading this blog, please email me@InfoandsureyouOklahoma.com. And let me know if you’ve ever called someone based on a phone number on a car or their picture on a car or a brand on their car. What dad is doing is he’s branding is branding the company. He worked for himself and he doesn’t understand the different tests. You bad boy, you better get better at self promotion. Otherwise all you’re doing is promoting your company. Until next time, that was number 100. And it is in.