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Yeah, so here we are on a podcast, 87, can’t believe we’re getting this far down the line. Anyway, podcast 87, it’ll turn it into a blog and it’ll be posted on our website for everyone to read if you care to, to a lot of information there. And the information is all good because everything we blogged about a podcast about. It’s fascinating because that’s how we roll that insurance. It’s fascinating. And discussing insurance is even more fascinating. Home Insurance Tulsa, we are ensure you Oklahoma. Uh, we have two locations today, one in Tulsa World Mulkey just got the Google my business confirmation, a card and for a multi business so you’ll be able to find that she was fine. And uh, we have agents in Tulsa. We have a, hopefully a new one coming on in Okmulgee, a neat little neat town. And the agent we have coming on this real interesting background, he actually today owns a business where he picks his binocular, which I think is fascinating.

So anyway, and ensure you Oklahoma or go to ensure you oklahoma.com. Check us out on 151st street between Glenpool and fixed me right now and I’m speeding a little bit, but I have my radar detector and because we know how big speeding Glenpool cops are actually tax collectors with their little fucking swindle sheets. Uh, you know, just ticky tack, little bs, a ticket if they like to give people for going a little over the limit. So if you don’t pay attention, you can nail, heaven forbid, you know, your heart, that’s dope to go 90 or 100 miles an hour a go 78 or 83 miles an hour and you know, I guess in this case be 65 and you go for it. You get nailed for a ticket. Home Insurance Tulsa, that’s not my idea to serve and protect, to serve. I don’t need you to serve me by giving me tickets and the vehicle that I am being completely safe in.

I need you to text me, stop someone from breaking into a house or you know, stopped some math ed who’s gonna, you know, my wife. Just stop, put the uh, you know, serving by giving tickets all the time. Anyway. Big speed is a growing community with a large homeowner’s tax space, tech space. They really. So we have a lot of people who need get it home insurance, home insurance, health and that twice. I think I did. So anyway, uh, we are a personalized insurance agency. We’re the best in Oklahoma or soon to be the largest in Tulsa by volume and total policies enforced, which great. I’ve covered up by White Hawk golf course right here is where the speed limit drops and Nalia for no thinking about go nine miles anyway. Home Insurance Tulsa by White Hawk I don’t see a white wall. Horses, you know, providing a lot to a community, I mean for how much space they take up and the taxes they collect.

It can’t be that much. We’d be better off for the community that were homes and then all those people would need home insurance, Tulsa and could call ensure you Oklahoma or go to ensure you oklahoma.com or check us out on her facebook page of insurer. You will call them up facebook page. We’re not on the twitter yet, maybe we will be soon. Uh, definitely not on Linkedin, but we do have a web presence and this blog and soon I’m starting podcasts is soon to be. Blog post is all about. It’s about getting our message out and being visible in the community and helping people. Now we have some of the best agents that you’re ever going to meet. Some of the most professional insurance agents they, you’ll ever meet. And these guys can help you with. Home Insurance are. They can help you with your auto insurance umbrella policy. Home Insurance Tulsa, what else? Maybe a small pop here or there. I’m coming up on dollar general, ensuring a dollar general is probably more than we can do, but we’re right by the refuge that made log furniture and stuff and we’re happy to insurance, something like that. This is a good dollar general as actually a groceries. And so here we are, the heart of the Oklahoma as good as a g in it. It doesn’t, but that’s what they say.

And I’m headed to the insurer. You Oklahoma office in south, although we’re in south Tulsa, we have a web presence which puts us anywhere in the state of Oklahoma and we do and can and will write insurance anywhere in the state of Oklahoma that were licensed. We may be licensed to sell insurance in other states and if we do, we will expand that to those states and when we do, it’s just more opportunity for us to help more people and that’s what we’re all about actually helping more people, Home Insurance Tulsa more people you help. The better off our clients are, the more, the better we do, the more we give people and they help us, we help them. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship and it will always be beneficial to each other because we are an independent, personalized, independent insurance agency. We are the premier independent personal agency, close Oklahoma.

I’m about to go into the branch and moment, big C and your speed over it and you’re just an idiot. You never want to speed over the bridge. And there is your advice today, the ensure you Oklahoma advice. Don’t ever speed over the bridge and bixby because, uh, these little tags clickers are going to nail you for feeding. So it’s 45, go 45, 46. You don’t want to go to that effect. Your home insurance salsa affect your auto insurance and your auto insurance will be higher. And if you can’t get auto insurance with one of the companies, they might not write your home insurance policy either. Say, see how it works. You just want to be good all around person. The radar detector promote over the bridge right now. I think it’s gonna. I think there’s a, a cop Oh, accident, um, memorial which sucked for everyone because I’m here to tell you, Home Insurance Tulsa that requires state police and local police.

So no one is even a. cops aren’t even here yet. Here’s some good Samaritans who saw the accident and they’re worried about the people it looks like, or one person was gone. The other person drove right into him, wasn’t no one’s handicapped in their airbag. Went off. And both of them did. And they’re both old people. Well, that just shows you old people shouldn’t try. So anyway, back to what we were talking about, uh, ensure you Oklahoma, the premier personal lines, Home Insurance Tulsa auto and home insurance agency in Tulsa. We specialize in home insurance coulson and that’s all I’m going to say about that. But, uh, we also write the auto insurance that goes along with the home insurance, so auto and home together gives you the best discounts and, um, the, the maximum you don’t want to overpay, but you want to get the right coverage. So go to our website and assure you won’t call them a.com. Check us out at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero. Give us a call at four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. We can’t wait to hear from you. You can call any of us, mark, Jeff, or Shannon. Hopefully Eric soon. And maybe a heather. I think that’s her name. Holly. Heather, horrendous. I don’t know, but anyway, that’s it for this episode, this podcast. Uh, the issue. You will come out, original podcast till next time, later.