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Alright, today is the 175th blog posts. Uh, today we’re going to talk about it is February and it’s, Home Insurance Tulsa, we’re getting to the end of February. It’s February 21st, uh, next month is march. And March usually means a spring break. And people taking a vacation to get out of the winter doldrums get away and enjoy themselves somewhere warm or maybe on the slopes skiing, but you know, just get away and have a nice break. So what to do when you go away. So there’s a couple of things you need to think about with your insurance and it’s not just something to ignore. I’m sure most people don’t think of it. But first of all, let’s say you are going, uh, north and you’re going to head to Canada. You need to let your insurance agent no, because they will get you what’s called a Canada card. And this card will show that you are insured while you drive in Canada.

And um, and you, you have your insurance company knows that you have or that you will be driving outside of the United States. Now we’ll say you’re going south and you’re going into Mexico and you want to drive in Mexico, you need to let your insurance agency, no, because it’s a little more involved than just getting a candidate card. The insurance company has to know about it and they want to know where you’re going. And Home Insurance Tulsa, they will actually underwrite for that and there will actually be a charge, an additional premium due for when you are driving in Mexico. So all of this is different than your basic home insurance. Tulsa. So let’s talk about your home now. When you go away, oh, but your car, so before you leave, Home Insurance Tulsa, it’d be a good idea to take it into a mechanic, have them look at everything, make sure everything’s working right, your breaks your titers and look for any potential breakdowns that you might have.

A, why not get the oil changed right before you go. Make sure everything’s running just right. Be Sure your tires are inflated correctly. Inflation inflated tires isn’t just for the wear and tear on your tires. And if you’re going on the highway for a long trip, you can vent that there will be wearing tear on the tires. So you don’t want them writing unevenly because then when they are properly inflated or you rotate your tires, uh, you could have some loud noises. I near tires and that gets very expensive to fix cars. You have replaced the tires. Um, but properly inflated tires can also, you know, get you better mpg miles per gallon. And if you’re driving and you’re going on vacation, who doesn’t want to save a little money on vacation? Well, if you can go from 20 to 25 to 26 miles per gallon, you know, that’s one mile.

That’s, and it’s not quite 5% better, but it’s, Home Insurance Tulsa, it’s a nice increase in your miles per gallon. So make sure your tires are inflated. Make sure the car is aligned, having mechanic checkouts car. Sure nothing’s happening. Check the fluids, make sure the transmission fluid is fine. You know, the last thing you want to be do you want to do is get stuck in Wyoming and a blizzard with a bad transmission. And believe me, when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and traveling transmission is the last thing you want to have to worry about. And uh, you know, not going to be able to shop around and get the best price you just got paid through the nose. It’s not how much does it cost. It would be how much you got. You know what I’m saying? Pick her up from laying down. All right, now you’re leaving on vacation. Maybe you’re finding somewhere. What, what do you need to do a, what do you need to take with you? Well, um, some people choose to travel without their jewelry. They’re nice jewelry and they will leave it at home in a safe or a safe deposit box.

Because just the nature of traveling, you’re traveling and moving around, there’s a chance of losing something. But this is also a good time to check to make sure that you have the right coverage for your jewelry. And you know, if you have a couple of Nice pieces of jewelry, we recommend that you ensure those separately as a floater or a writer or inland marine. And list those separately on a policy. And then you have coverage for all risk coverage on those policy, on those jewelry items. So if you look down and the, the um, you’re at the beach and the diamond in your wedding ring is gone. Um, that is not covered unless it was a named peril that what happened to your personal property. Fire theft when vandalism, you know, things like that. But just mysterious disappearance is not covered unless it is scheduled.

If it has the schedule piece of property, then it is covered and then you might feel better about traveling with this, Home Insurance Tulsa, this jewelry. So I in your home insurance tall. So you need to make sure that you have your jewelry covered if you like to travel with your story and the son, if you don’t leave it at home or better yet, put in a safe deposit box somewhere away from home, but it’s still safe and secure. The other thing before leaving your home, oh, your other property that you take with you, your personal property is covered while you’re on vacation. If you take a sub with you and it gets stolen or something happens, you have 10% of your personal property protection away from premise. So if you have Oh, $175,000 personal property protection, you have $17,000 worth of coverage while you’re traveling. And so that would cover your camera, computer, jewelry, clothing, whatever you might have subject to your deductible.

And actually you probably hopefully have a high enough deductible where you would never have, that would never happen. But you do have coverage away from, uh, that includes your kids away for, at school too. Um, but the other thing you want to do on your home insurance, Tulsa is before you leave, turn off the water to the house. Um, and you know, quite frankly, we had a client that learned this the hard way. It wasn’t winter time, there wasn’t frozen pipes that are broken pipe. It was summertime. And actually the waterline of the ice maker broke and, Home Insurance Tulsa, leaked and ruin the hardwood floors in the kitchen and leak through into the living room and actually had to have some drywall replaced and carpeting. Home Insurance Tulsa, it was an $11,000 claim. Now this $11,000 a claim could have been mitigated if we had just, if the client had just turned off the, turned off the water before they left and turned down the hot water heater.


so if you turned down the hot water heater, you’re going to save money because why would you, if you’re going to be gone for a week, why would you want your hot water in the house for a week? Why do you want your hot water heater to continuously keep your water? You don’t. And that’s just a good tip for your home insurance salsa. Turn off the water in the house, turned out, or turn down the hot water heaters and of course, lower the temperature of the thermostat in the wintertime and race it in the summertime. So air conditioning and the heat don’t run out of it. And now if you have, if it’s in the wintertime, you obviously don’t want it to get too cold in the house. So things can happen and move it down to 65 degrees. Five degrees is finding the house. If it’s summertime, you don’t want it to get out, especially in the south or the southern plains in Oklahoma. You don’t want your house to get too hot. So maybe turn the air conditioning up to eight. And so when it gets above 80 in the house, then it would turn on and


you know, relatively cool were there won’t be damaged. So we’ve covered a few things in your home insurance, Halston today we’ve covered Home Insurance Tulsa, what to do for your auto insurance and uh, what to do for your home insurance salsa when you go on vacations, vacations are fun and with a little prep may are even more fun because you have less to worry about at home and when you arrive back home, everything will be fine. The last thing we want is your eye home and not everything is fine and the your first call as to be to your insurance agent or the claims adjuster because something broke upstairs and the water leaked through your house all day and now you have a big fat claim on your home insurance. So those are just some friendly tips on what to do. A before you leave for vacation and when you’re on vacation, have a great time. Uh, enjoy the fun and the sun on the beach with a cocktail or on the slopes, shredding some of that powder. Until next time, this is the insurer, you, Oklahoma, all original content podcast, signing them.