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Moving closer and closer podcast podcast 98, what can we talk about today and ensure you Oklahoma, all original content podcast that would be of any interest to you, John q insurance buying public to make you want to buy insurance from us? Well, but combined insurance from us professional insurance agents or you can buy from someone who is average and the average insurance agent in the industry has less than five years experience because it’s a big churn and burn type industry. People don’t know what they’re doing. They get into it. Just that kind of person you can call ensure you Oklahoma, which is an independent insurance agency and represents multiple companies. Home Insurance Tulsa you can call a captive agent that is literally kept captive by their insurance company and they will give you one quote. So in other words, to get five quotes you to call five different aged and get five quotes from us, no brainer. You can call someone who knows what they’re doing. A professional experience and his mentor and train their agents are owner, founder has over 27 years experience in insurance services are. You can talk to someone who’s just doing it because they heard insurance. Sales are great when it comes to home insurance.

There is no one better in all of Oklahoma. We specialize in home insurance, Tulsa and we specialize in helping mortgage brokers and direct writers get the insurance coverage they need to get loans closed. We know that insurance mean a mortgage. People do not get paid until the mortgage is closed and you can’t close a home without insurance and the insurance now has to be done at least four days in advance, so we know that we what we need to do and what we need to get for a mortgage person and what we need to get to them more to the title company to make sure that the mortgage person and real target. A lot of people need to get paid on this and we know that home insurance Tulsa can be a headache to a lot of people. It can be red tape. Well, what you need to do is ensure you Oklahoma.

Remove that red tape from the process and help ease your headache. Can get rid of the headache. One, two, three, four. Now maybe three. So anyway, that’s what we do. We get rid of it. Now. We’re not here to sell you anything crazy or weird over here to get your cupboard and get your shirt. We are Tulsa’s favorite. We’re Tulsa’s favorite independent insurances. We are Oklahoma’s premier independent insurance agency and we specialize in personalized coverage. We specialize in a home insurance and auto insurance and umbrella insurance. And that’s what we do. That’s what we write over and over and over. It’s elegant and simplistic, simple and elegant. Our business model is to a narrower focus on family and expand our opportunity to help as many people as we can. You know, there’s over 400,000 people on Tolson va, the strong areas. We’ve got a bunch A.

we’re here to help all of you. Well, not all of you made drivers, not the people have a lot of home claims, but we’re here to help everyone you know, responsible people, your you, your neighbors, the people your kids go to school with. The people you work with, unless you’re working at a strip club or something, Home Insurance Tulsa but anyway, we’re here to help you, your friends, your family, your clients, and uh, what we want, what we do is we provide white glove service and with the hopes that we will impress you enough where we get client referrals and we have to help people.

We have to help people and we’ve helped enough people where we get enough client referrals where the business keeps growing and as the business keeps growing, expanding, we can continue to grow and expand. Therefore creating more value to our clients and helping more people. The beautiful part about our businesses and more people we help, the better we do more people. We save money, the better review we are now offering a $25 just to give you a quote on your insurance. If you don’t, if you think you need your insurance quoted, well, heck, why not call us? Because we’re going to meet your $25 just lending as quoted. We’re gonna pay you to put us to work. How’s that sound? Hopefully we’re also able to save you a bunch of money, so it’s not just $25, it’s $525 or whatever it is that you’re going to get paid.

Uh, there’s no smoke and mirrors. Here. It is what it is. You give us your current Dec sheets, declaration pages, decks, and we will get you a competitive insurance clothes and hopefully we can do business together. Now, I know that if you are a brother in law is your insurance agent. Even if we can save you a bunch of money, you’re probably not going switch. And I understand that, you know, brother-in-laws don’t come along very often. Well, hopefully, I mean, hopefully you one brother and your sister to keep it together and stay married. But anyway, know if your current matters to you, if your home insurance also matters to you, then you want to make sure you have the right coverage and what better way to shop? Go ahead. Why don’t you call other agencies and say, can I have $25? They’re going to hang up the Atlantic. You call us at nine, one, eight, three, two, two 70, 100 or nine, one, eight, three, two, five, five, zero one and say, will you give me $25 and we’re going to say absolutely quote, your insurance will give you $25. Home Insurance Tulsa We’ll write you a check and you can take over at buffalo wild wings and you can have a three beers and so in Wilmington, surprise on us. Does that sound? That sounds pretty cheap.

So even better. Let’s say you’re buying a house and you need home insurance, Tulsa. Then why? I go to all the work and then other people quote your insurance where if you call it true, you will Moma, we will pay you for the honor of quoting your insurance. That’s how confident we are. That you will enjoy our white glove service and come to us because of our great service and our prices. We preferred to come to us for the service, but we know this is a big budget item for most people and we know that they probably want to save money. So how about you tell us your priority expert coverage, saving money, saving money, and we will tailor a plan to you. Just want a fast and cheap might not be real good. Home Insurance Tulsa If you want a good, in fact that could be cheating.

We’re going to do our best to give you the best coverage for the price. And that’s the best insurance value. Now, the best use of your insurance dollar is to have a high deductible. In other words, not first dollar insurance. You’re gonna. Pick up the first dollar coverage and, um, uh, and, and carry high liability because you know, if you should crash someone and you’re gonna have to take your car to Gerber collision and glass, uh, and you know, whatever kind of car that is. Ford under a, you know, a Toyota, I don’t know, it could be, could be a truck, could be a sedan, could be Chevrolet, could be a Subaru, could be a cadillac. Whatever it is, if you hurt and damaged someone else, Home Insurance Tulsa it’s your liability that’s gonna. Make you go broke. Not to collision, that’s covered or not. So he just had to honk at some moron in front of me about five miles an hour on memorial. Five, five little old lady can barely see over the steering wheel. All right. So anyway, that’s it for this podcast. We will come back to you later this afternoon with more. Oh my God. I just passed her and guidance from another Lordy, Lordy helped me later.