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All right. Good morning. This is the industry you Oklahoma podcast, the dangerous truths about insurance. So that’s how we’ll call ahead. Um, incredible truth about insurance and incredible truth about insurances. Uh, not all the same. It’s not all cookie cutter. And if you go to a captive agent, if you go to a state farm, farmers, Allstate, country financial, you’re getting cookie cutter coverage. Um, but if you go to an independent agency with agents, experienced agents who know what they’re doing, you will get the coverage that you need at a price that is affordable as called insurance value. Today’s podcast is brought to you by Equity Insurance Company, equity insurance out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a nonstandard auto carrier that we use for people who may have issues, Home Insurance Tulsa, auto insurance issues or pregnancy uninsured or they let it lapse or poor credit score or whatever it might be.

That’s your basic. We’ll get to legal for less company and if that’s what you need, that’s what we can provide you. Now we are not in the business of just getting people low cost insurance. We are making someone league and then you dropping it a week later or a month later cause we went to court, you got showed up. The point is we’ve got to get you something affordable that you can keep with you and be insured for the next time you get pulled over because the fact is in Oklahoma, if you are pulled over for driving without insurance, then it’s going to be a huge fine. It’s going to be a bigger fine than if you just kept the insurance. Now how do they know if you’re an insurance? Well in Oklahoma they have license plate readers and if you have all that kind of has to do is scan your license plate and you will be taken to a central database and you’ll see a fees then if you’re insured or not.

And if not that he’s going to pull you over. You get a big ticket, big finding that could go on your record. So what you want to do is get shirt and be insured. Well, we do it, uh, ensure you Oklahoma is we get you legal for less and then we can monitor your policy. So six months or a year from now, we will move you to a better carrier and get cheaper insurance rate, but you gotta pay that initial upfront cost. Um, you know, illegal then it might cost a little more in the first six months. But with these non standard carriers were able to get you legal for less. So today we’re not just talking about home insurance salsa, we’re talking about getting illegal, keeping legal and you can come in a productive member of society. Yes. Seems like a big kind of a big leap for us to do that to people.

But, um, that’s what we do. We’re not just in the business of telling you, you sure it’s over the phone. We’re not in the business of just giving you a cheap home insurance cultural policy. We are in the bid business, uh, uh, uh, uh, advising, leading and guiding our clients shift. Home Insurance Tulsa, because the more advice you get on your insurance coverage, the more likely you’re going to get a great insurance value. That insurance value is low lower premiums, not low, but lower premiums and great coverage. So you’re covered when you need it. And that just made you leave. Now you know, quite frankly, IBM’s zero assets and you just want to be legal. We can do that. But if you have zero assets, you’re probably not in a home insurance CALSA owner you probably rent, which is fine, but you know, responsible people have renter’s insurance.

So we will help you with the renter’s insurance, will help you with the auto insurance. We’ll get you legal and then we can move you from something like Equity Insurance Company too. Progressive or Allstate. We have different auto carriers that we can move you to. So whether you’re listening to this podcast or reading the blog post, Oh, you need to do is go to our website or you Oklahoma and.com or ensure you america.com and click on get a quote, fill that out. All you going to put in there as what kind of insurance you need, your phone number or not even phone numbers, email address is fine and we’ll get back to you and help you any way we can. The benefit of a independent insurance agency is Home Insurance Tulsa, we can shop your coverage with seven different companies and those different companies all have different appetites for different insurance or for different kinds of policies.

So what we need to do a shop, you would multiple but as, as opposed to a captive agent or an agent who just writes preferred business, like you know, some of the big five, we don’t need to mention their names and give them three publicity on our podcast, but all they want is your own insurance salsa, your auto insurance CALSA and they want to make sure you have no claims. Well that’s a pretty easy policy to underwrite. It doesn’t take anything if you promise never to have a client. Well that, you know what, that’s not real life. That’s not what happens out here in the hood out here. Things have my homeys are the people who shop at dollar general, which by the way is my favorite store. I love the dollar general, Home Insurance Tulsa, a and great prices, great products. I can’t believe their prices sometimes.

Um, but you know, I’m also shopping QT in a legacy. Today’s gases down below a dollar $80 78 in Bixby Oklahoma. So I’d much rather have dollars 78 guests in dollar 80. Yes. I mean it’s only 2 cents a gallon. If for 20 gallons in your tank it’s 40 cents. But you know, hey, 40 cents, 40 cents, 40 cents, 39 cents, that is good as 41 cents, but it’s good. So I’m going to stop here and get gas in a few minutes. I’m going to cross the Bixby speed trap bridge first and then we will, I’m going by memory bank. And you know, if you get your home insurance, Tulsa mortgage from memory bank, what you need is you need the right kind of coverage, the right kind of policy for a bank, for, you know, if you’re going to a bank, you’re getting better kind of mortgage and better kind of a better rates and probably a better house and you need to talk to a good independent insurance agency like ensure you Oklahoma.

Uh, once again, you can also go to ensure you America and we’ll get ahold of it. We can help you out there. Um, also call us at (918) 322-7100 or (405) 322-5501. And any of the guys at the office, Jeff Shannon, mica or mark, but be happy to help you or you’re a full service agency, fully staffed agency with multiple agents, Home Insurance Tulsa, representing the tristate area. We write business in Oklahoma and Colorado, sometimes in Arkansas, Texas 10. So we’re not in Missouri yet and that’s, I guess we’re talking about a five state area that’s, that’s pretty good area. And what we do is we write home insurance, Tulsa and all of those and will make sure that our clients are covered and have a great experience with us.

Happy clients make our job better and just more fun. We like every client. So if you’re reading this, if you’re reading this blog post or listen to this podcast sometime in February or March, I encourage you to check out our website and go to the Home Insurance Tulsa, incredible truths about insurance, otherwise known as the insurer you theater and you can, there’s many range of topics that we can educate you on there and show you why independence is the best, but also what you need to look out for on your home insurance. Tulsa. So that’s it for today’s podcast. It’s the last day of January. No, it’s nuts. It’s second to last day of January, which reminds me, it’s my sister’s birthday. And um, we will be recording one more podcast by the end of the month and it was started over in February. These podcasts should be uploaded sometime in the first week of February, and you can read the blog posts and till next time is the assure. You Open Oma, all original content podcast signing off.