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All right, here we are at the second part of what to do with your home insurance salsa. Um, as you know, well this is welcome back, first of all to the insurer, you, Oklahoma and a home insurance Tulsa podcast, one of many podcasts on the topic. So any information you might need home insurance salsa right here in these podcasts. So anyway, my name’s Mark Morley, I’m the owner and president of ensure you, Oklahoma. Uh, and these broadcast is brought to you by progressive insurance. A flow might, no insurance but your professionals and ensure you Oklahoma. No, and even better, so be sure you give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. Home Insurance Tulsa As of now we represent progressive insurance, auto insurance, but soon we’ll be able to offer progressive auto and home insurance, Tulsa, uh, uh, and then that just provides us one more avenue of savings for our clients as we have another company that we can offer insurance group.

Okay. As we talked about home insurance, Tulsa, the other day, or our last episode, we talked about what are good things to add to the policy and we’re not quite finished with that. We’re going to add a few more things and then when they’re talking about some things that you might not need on your policy. So we’ve already talked about adding writers or scheduling jewelry. Uh, this can be a nice wedding ring of your wife. I’m adding to your home insurance salsa. It could be a. We talked about first, Home Insurance Tulsa although in the south, not a lot of women were first or it might not be necessary to schedule it on your home insurance. We talked about baseball cards or other collectibles and we talked about the onus Wagner baseball card, probably the most valuable. Whatever the reason is, onus. Wagner was a shortstop and baseball cards at the time came in cigarette packs.

So in order to get baseball cards, you had new hire pack of cigarettes, and Onus Wagner decided he didn’t want his likeness or his name used to sell cigarettes because it might encourage kids smoke. So he demanded that it be taken off, which then of course became rare and uh, uh, you know, supply and demand made it worth more. But then also he became a great shortstop and if you look at his record, uh, one of the best ever to play the game. So if you haven’t noticed Wagner baseball card, you want to schedule it on your home insurance policies to make sure it’s covered a phasing champion to an event. And we talked about guns. If you have some nice guns, you might want to add those on your home insurance policy, you know, a nice browning over and under or a jelly or a Benelli or you know, there’s a lot of them.

There’s nice Israeli shot guns that we weren’t quite a bit of money and you want to ensure those on your home insurance policy. It had hit. The last thing we talked about was fine arts, which would be a, you know, a nice painting of Rembrandt Picasso or something like that. Hell, Home Insurance Tulsa if you have too many nice things, you know, we’re definitely going to be talking about her surplus line insurance company. Like Lloyd something, so I’m taking that you might want to add to have scheduled on your policy. None of example could be id theft or warranty appliance warranty stuff, which is almost the opposite of an insurance policy. A good insurance policy you want to have is higher deductibles. You can afford to carry because you only want to cover the major things like your rough or lightning strikes or tornadoes, but a warranty policies different than something just breaks down.

You want first dollar coverage or even a small deductible. Home Insurance Tulsa Yet now that we’ve talked about what can be added to your home insurance policy, let’s talk about things. You probably don’t need a. well. We live in Oklahoma and we do get earthquakes are. Earthquakes aren’t real big. They’re just like little tremors are insane. So if you have just a frame house and it was no brick on it, that could be cracked or broken. You might want to think twice about earthquake because you know, unless we’re able to have a big earthquake and you’re just not going to coverage that you’ll probably never use. But if you have brick and it gets cracked or brick or mortar, you know, even though it’s a small claim, I guess it could be what? One insurance to need. Flood Insurance. Well, flood insurance isn’t even available on your home insurance salsa policy, but it is available. Your agent can get it for you through the federal government.

Insurance policies are heavily subsidized for those in flood plains or on the coast by those of us who live in middle America. So if you are in Oklahoma and unless you’re in a flood plain, you probably don’t need flood insurance. But if you do need it, you want to make sure you get it at least 30 days before a flood. How do you over 30 days before a flood, you might as well you don’t. And that’s the purpose of insurance. You don’t buy it when you need it. You buy it when you don’t need it in case something happened. So if you’re in a flood plain, even a 100 year flood plain, you might want to get it. Now, if you are in a flood plain chancellor, you know this and your and your mortgage company is gonna, make you get on a mortgage company, the mortgage underwriter is going to make you get to cover.

So if you have a good mortgage company like total lending concepts not come over there, then you definitely, he will let you know if you need flood insurance and then you can talk to the guys that ensure you will homeland. They’ll make sure you get the right flood insurance anyway. What insurance is important if you’re in a flood plain because otherwise, you know, we’ve all seen the help us people on the roof when it’s flood. And guess what? None of that stuff’s covered. If they don’t have flood insurance, all those poor people in Houston last year during that hurricane and the flood, the water control by the state some water and to be led out, unfortunately that may be worse for some people they lost more of the personal property and unless they have insurance that was not covered. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.

Um, I think it would be better if it could be as to a home insurance policy, but it can’t and it’s a separate policy, so by the government and sometimes they don’t even offer it. Then other times they use, again, it’s just another one of those government run operation for your professional insurance agent and home insurance. Tulsa will be able to help you out. Just give him a call at nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero zero. But your a mortgage broker seep current. Jeanette [inaudible] dot com or total lending concepts, mortgage company, DLC, mortgage company. They’ll let you know if you’re in the flood plain during their underwriting and doing their due process of underwriting your policy and you won’t be able to close unless you have it. So if that’s the case, they’ll definitely let you know. But if you’re not live on a hill and you’re out here in the plane, Home Insurance Tulsa I probably don’t need flood insurance.

What else don’t you need? Well, you know, they offer id theft. I know I’m talking out both sides of my mouth because I said in the previous it might want it, but you know, if you have experience, if you have a, you know, different banks, different places, lifelock, they all offer id theft coverage and you may have one or two other places and not even know it. And by getting on your home policy, you’re just adding to your premium. And my recovery Jonique as ever come around. Definitely want to check that out because all the goal is to make sure that you are covered for what you need to be covered. And your home insurance policy is providing you the best value for your insurance dollar. Cheap insurance. Cheap insurance is like cheap Sushi. You don’t want it, you know, uh, you wouldn’t buy Sushi and a gas station.

Don’t find Home Insurance Tulsa from a captive insurance agent who has may have a stale policy that’s not doing any better. You’re paying too much for it. So that’s the end of a, another podcast of ensure you Oklahoma. This will be uploaded and then transcribed to our website soon, but for home insurance, also give the guys at ensure you Oklahoma. Call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. Sit Down with a professional insurance agent and get the policy that you need, not just some cheap cookie cutter off the shelf policy from a captive insurance company. Until next time, signing off.