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Let’s see what number 104 edition of this podcast slash blog. It’s all original content. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else. I don’t care if you go to Ford or Bill Knight, a collision or you know a little deeper. You can’t get this information. You definitely not getting it at payway or Zoe’s Zoe’s kitchen or those kitchen. I never know. I never know what it is, but I can assure you you’re not getting this information there. This is money. This is information that will save you time, Home Insurance Tulsa save you money. It’ll save you. Headaches will save you red tape. What else do you want? If you want headaches and you want to pay more money and you want to waste your time and you like red tape and don’t call, ensure you Oklahoma. If you, if you like saving money, saving time, getting rid of the headache and eliminating red tape and then call or email, ensure you Oklahoma.

You can email at Info at ensure you Oklahoma or you could, um, uh, you can call us at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One, zero, zero, four, four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five. Oh, one five. For those of you on the western part of the state, we are everywhere, you name it. We’re there. Home Insurance Tulsa uh, to be fair were there and in our underwear, but when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, you can’t go wrong. You cannot not find a better carrier or a better agency to find you. The best carrier that ensure you will. And I don’t care what kind of car you’re driving, you’re driving a Mercedes or a chevy or a Honda or a Ford or a Subaru or a poor shot or a smart car or a, a Toyota or a Mazda or a mercury is still making or you know, there’s just a lot.

You can be doing a lot of cards. You can be driving. There was only one place you can call it. It’s going to insure them all. And that’s ensure you will go to the shoe, you, Oklahoma.com. Check this out, that ensure you with capital you not with the y, O u, uh, to add to that list, you could also be driving a jeep or a Nissan, or a dodge, or a Kia, or a Hyundai or a GMC. And you could have a house in Tulsa, broken Arrow or Coweta or Verdigris or a Waso even Claremore or Bartlesville Sky Hook, uh, sand springs, a bixby Kiefer, Oklahoma City El Reno, a Yukon, more a broken Arrow, jenks, Ada, still water fairview Banca city, but Huska Hominy, my ama, Poteau Henrietta. We have an office Mogi, but you could drive any of those cars or you could have a house in any of those locations.

And, and ensure you Oklahoma. We can give you a home insurance. Well, we can write your auto insurance and it’s best to write both together. So if one of those things, and Dr Lewis get that you bought to get on our website, is [inaudible] dot com or call us at one of the number’s nine. One eight three, two, two seven. One zero zero four. One five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One for home insurance. Tulsa and we’ll get it taken care of a right in right the first time. What good is having home insurance call center if it’s not done right and you got some agent trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, you don’t know. Uh, if you’re getting the right coverage, Home Insurance Tulsa you’re not yet. Hey, they gave me a policy, that key policy when it comes same time because those captains, the only way they make it cheaper is by taking coverage away.

Home Insurance Tulsa, we don’t do that. We find better prices by finding a company you as a better appetite for your particular situation. So that’s how we do things and ensure you Oklahoma. We do it the right way. We value with our world class white glove service, and when it comes to home insurance, salsa, you’re not going to get better on your new home or your refi or your existing. All the best thing you can do is shop your insurance every two to three years and make sure that you’re being treated right. I’ve been, well, I’ve been in this industry since 1991. And I’ll tell you what happens. Insurance companies raise their rates and they can even raise them high and they know, and most of them lose less than 20 percent of their clients. That means 80 plus percent of their clients are just going to accept the rate and taped and pay the bills.

Why? Because a lot of them don’t even what the bills are because they escrow their insurance. And um, uh, so they don’t even know when they’re grades. Maybe their mortgage goes up a little, but they don’t know. Maybe that’s from taxes. Maybe that’s insurance. Who knows what it’s from, but I’ll tell you what, it’s a, uh, you’re not going to add in. If you’re a captive agency, you’re not going to have someone proactively call you and say, Hey, our rates are going up. We need to look at someone else’s shop. Someone else, no, we. But because they can’t find a good independent insurance agency life. Sure. You, Oklahoma, Oklahoma’s premier independent insurance agency. We will, we will, uh, uh, call you and we will take care of you. We will get you the best price, uh, for your situation. The first independent insurance agencies I went into and these guys were sitting around and I realized that’s basically what insurance agency send around a lot and wait for you to come to them.

They think that, you know, they’ve got such a great deal that you’re going to break down their door and come to them. Well, we don’t do that. We’re a proactive agency. We’re going to come to you. We will find you insurance. We’re going to find, and we know most people do need insurance. So we are, uh, we are quoting about 49 to 59 leads are a households a month, new unique household. Uh, if we can close 30 percent of those 15 households a month, it’s not bad. Home Insurance Tulsa We should probably do more than that. But that’s where we are today. And we are constantly getting better. We work with a particular mortgage brokers who refer all of their business to us because they know that we will get the job done. We’ll get it done right, get it done quickly and we’ll get it done in a good, fair price to make sure you could still afford your mortgage.

And the American dream, what’s a shame is that there are some times in Oklahoma where people can achieve the American dream because their insurance is so high. While you’re in churches, I’ve run a couple of reasons. One, because you have been a credit too, because the house is in a good shape or three, a big, big honkin house and it’s going to cost more to insure, but when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, you want to look nowhere else but ensure you oklahoma.com. We know what we’re doing. We’re not idiots. We know how to help people, what to do, how to talk to people, and how to help and how to get the rates that they need. Home Insurance Tulsa We just helped a nice nice couple. Today is buying a house. We’re not sure the closing date yet, but we got the house insurance. We got it all done and all I have to do is walk across the hall.

The case of Joel is a case of John’s going to take it and mark that file. Home Insurance Tulsa Check insurance is here. You know what their check mark also means. It also eliminates red tape. Red Tape in your life is your life more or less enjoyable? I will put it to you that your life is more enjoyable with less red tape, less headaches, more time with family, more time at work, making money last time, trying to round up something to get you the coverage that you need for closing. Because we’ve already done. We’ve already done it. We know what we’re doing. So it reminds me, we sent a quote to sally and I wanted her to know that that’s not a binder. It’s just a quote. Check mark it, check it, send them in the vault and the vault will not forget. So right now we’re driving up highway 75 and total center driving by about 500 homes that we would like to insure. So until next time, later.