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Good morning and welcome to a podcast, 68 of the original content and stir you will call them up a gas today brought to you by mercury insurance. Mercury, a little known company here in the Midwest, but a an a plus rated company, domiciled in California where they are at large name and player and they are a more of a regional company here in the Midwest, but mercury insurance as ben just killing it for our clients lately. We have one new homeowner in an older home and when I say older, I mean it’s home is a builtin late fifties and she’s a first time home buyer so she’s never owned a home. It’s an older home, doesn’t have central air, central heat. Home Insurance Tulsa I think it has a face for radio and we were able to insure it so get her a great price on it. Extra for this client was less than a thousand dollars which is on of in Oklahoma.

And then her auto insurance was a little more than 1200. So for this great client, we’re at about 2100 bucks for auto and Home Insurance Tulsa at less than $200 a month to ensure her auto and her home and that just shows you, you know, different companies have different appetites and different areas. She happens to be in Wagner, which is in wagoner county. We have some companies who don’t want to be over there and prefer to stay in Tulsa County and not that they don’t have rates over there, they’re just not as good as some other ones. So each company has an appetite for what they want. So anyway, brought to you by mercury insurance. And our fantastic representative susie current. She is just the best. She stopped by yesterday with a nice plaque for our wall, susie or the shout outs. Sue’s current EU, susie mercury insurance. Uh, but then we also helped another client yesterday with allstate insurance up in awhile.

So Oklahoma and the basic, what it comes down to is when you’re thinking about Home Insurance Tulsa you want to think about a good independent insurance agent who can shop different coverages for, you know, if one of these clients had gotten to a captive agent and that captive agent, a company maybe didn’t want to be up in north county or over and Wagner, you know, they would have tried to fit a square peg in a round hole. They would have to get the premium better by reducing or eliminating coverage and good independent insurance agency like I’m sure you, Oklahoma when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa we never have to do that. We never have to reduce or eliminate coverage to get you the best premium price. And uh, so that gets me to our business partners and I, I definitely want to give a shout out to total lending concepts, Tlc, mortgage.

They have chosen us to write all the insurance for all of their clients, um, for the closing because they know it’s going to get done. It’s gonna get done, right? Well, have a good premium and basically we’re gonna eliminate the red tape from their lives. Uh, the one, but then we had another, uh, a referral yesterday and this is from Josh. Josh is a fantastic mortgage broker in Tulsa and when I worked with this client or we got it all done, I said, okay, you don’t have to worry about your home insurance anymore. I was there to take care of it from here. You’d have the client was relieved and when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa no one’s going to relieve or eliminate debt red tape for you, like we can add, ensure you Oklahoma. Um, so I’m actually on my way this morning to meet with another mortgage broker who I was referred to because of our white glove service. Now I’ve talked about white glove service in the past. That is, that is concierge level of service that you did at a fine hotel or restaurant. We are here to serve you and eliminate red tape and make your life a little easier. And this mortgage broker has heard about it. He’s a big mortgage broker in town and he wants that level of service for his clients. He wants us to eliminate his clients red tape when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa So if you’re just reading or listening to this blog,

then you’re not going to be referred to us. Then you need to give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. If you’re self identifying as someone who wants concierge white glove service from an independent insurance agency like assure you, call me when you want your Home Insurance Tulsa. Done right. Call the right guy. I mean don’t. Don’t call some handyman. If you need your whole house talk, you know you don’t call some guy who doesn’t know anything about baseball to call you coach your son’s a high school baseball team. You got to go with the best and for Home Insurance Tulsa that’s ensure you will call them a.com or go to ensure you. Oh, dot com or call four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One or nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero.

And we will make sure that your home insurance Tulsa goes off without a hitch. Let us worry about the underwriters. Let us fight the battles. Let us go to companies that want your business, not companies who are just gonna. Keep going over you and over even over with a fine tooth comb and find out why they don’t want your Home Insurance Tulsa we have companies that want your business. They want to insure your home insurance salsa. They are all a plus rated companies. We don’t do any fly by night company and we are the home insurance Tulsa experts and Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Uh, we have a new agent joining us soon, Jeff, and he was still be, you’ll be serving clients in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Uh, Jeff is studying for his exam now. He’s going to get 100 because he doesn’t realize that a 70 is all you need to pass.

And he keeps studying and studying and studying and studying and studying and taking tests and tests and tests and practice exams and doing flip cards. And, but good for him. Bless his heart. He’s going to do well and he’s gonna. Make a great insurance agent for ensure you Oklahoma, and we’ll be writing a lot of Home Insurance Tulsa Now, why don’t we write home insurance Tulsa so much. Most people need it. That’s what most people’s largest insurance expenditure is in Oklahoma. It’s not their car insurance like there’s other places. It’s usually their home, so we take care of people’s Home Insurance Tulsa first, and then we’ll write their auto insurance of course to give them a discount on both the auto and the home so when we drive by these beautiful neighborhoods and were able to save people money and get the best coverage that they can, people are slowing starting to wake up and realize why you need to be with good independent insurance agent like the guys that ensure you Oklahoma for Home Insurance Tulsa

There can be so many different needs. There can be a, you know, there could be someone may have some jewelry or some guns that they need to be insured or some fine arts. You know, all of this takes a little finesse and need it takes you. Having the right agent with the right experience are a owner and founder has over 27 years experience in the insurance and financial services industry, so he’s seen a thing or two, you know, farmers talks about a thing or two. The average tenure of their agents doesn’t even five years. What did they haven’t seen anything when it comes to home insurance, they have no idea. All they. All they’re trying to do is fit a square peg in a round hole and make you take what they have to offer. That’s off. So get with a professional insurance agent for your home insurance.

Also, if you have a barn to ensure they can take care of it with your home insurance. If you have a couple of horses, no problem. If you have bad dogs, that might be a problem. We don’t like bad dog shirts. Companies don’t like bad dogs. Dogs bite, bite costs, lawsuits, but for everything else, Home Insurance Tulsa and ensure you oklahoma.com. You can not go wrong making one call and getting shopped for five different companies, five companies for home insurance to all set by calling. Ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero, or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One until later. With our next podcast. We’re signing off.