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It says, podcast of the original content, ensure you a podcast slash blog entry. Uh, we got emails today from all state insurance. Our representative over there, allstate, good hands. The board may have those guys, blah, blah, blah, said he can’t believe how much activity we have. Well, or one of the only independent agencies in the metro area that can write Home Insurance Tulsa through all state. And we’re thrilled about that. All state is a great carrier and they have great auto and home rates right now. So yeah, I’ll say it’s pretty happy with how many people that were putting with them. We don’t put people with all say to make them happy. We put people in all states, made the clients happy, and when the clients are happy and they have recoveries, they need at the right price and everyone’s happy. And we work for the clients.

We represent the clients, not the company. So for the best in Home Insurance Tulsa call ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, 2:55. Oh one. I just met with a mortgage broker today who just broke away from a large bank and that large bank, you know, banks love to do mortgages, but you know, once again you’re just doing business with that bank and that bank once just to service their own loans and have a big service department and they’ll care for the customer because that’s all they can sell mortgages. While these guys just broke away and went, became a independent with AMC mortgage and now they can move up at wells fargo. They can look at any number of mortgages, mortgage companies. And I explained to them how much better that is for the client.

That independent advice is better for the client. Then, uh, you know, some captive bank or agency and that they need to embrace their independence or independence is a big deal. It’s what’s best for the client. I think when it comes to home insurance, the or a mortgage in Tulsa, I think that the general population is starting to catch on, on how independent advice is better for them than sticking with the captive company. Tries to fit a round peg in a square hole. It doesn’t work or a work for very little, very few people. The best advice and the best Home Insurance Tulsa you’re going to get is from a good independent insurance agency, like ensure you Oklahoma. You have a lot of other independent agencies out there, but they don’t specialize in personal lines. Service like home insurance to also your auto insurance would they want is big commercial stuff to make the big bucks.

Whereas we are focused on you, the individual, the family, the home owner and when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa we’re the one stop shop that’s going to get it need. Get your needs filled and get it done when you need it. Um, we have a closing on August shirt for a client. We will have their insurance for them August second and they’ll get the coverage that they be the time and they’d need it. There will be no red tape or hassles at closing time and we’re gonna. Make them happy with the best coverage at the best price. So that’s how we roll in and ensure you Oklahoma. It’s about Home Insurance Tulsa to all stuff and getting people the right coverage at the right price. It’s about true independent advice and that of force you into something we have. We are going to help you give the right coverage or get the right coverage through your home insurance.

Tulsa and anything else is malpractice. Anything else besides true independent advice is malpractice and it shouldn’t be practiced. It’s unfortunate that these big companies have a given people a false sense of security when actually they’re not doing what’s best for the client. They’re doing what’s best for themselves. So for the best in home insurance cells, so you need to call a good independent like Home Insurance Tulsa for ensure you Oklahoma. That’s the best you’re gonna get. We’ll pick this up on the other side. So where were we? We were talking about the value of independent advice and mortgages and investments or an insurance. You’re not going to get better than good independent advice because these are people who have experienced in the industry and now they’ve ventured out on their own because they know that they can best help their clients.

And the wealth management side, the last thing you want to do is try to be, have your needs to fit into a square peg in a round hole. Uh, but insurance is the same way. You know, you’re either getting what they want to give you or you’re getting what you need and if you’re with a captive agency, you’re getting what they want to give you. And if you’re with an independent, you’re getting what you need. It’s as simple as that. You are good independent advice or do you want someone telling you what you need? And I’m forcing you into what they have to. Because the only way they can change the premium or get different premium is by taking away or modifying coverage. But if you’re with an independent good independent, like ensure you Oklahoma, who we specialize in, Home Insurance Tulsa is good. Independent advice from good strong insurance agents who know what they’re doing.

Our owner and founder has over 26 years experience and, and providing insurance advice and financial advice to his clients. Uh, what, what are you done is he’s, he saw the way and he knew there had to be a better way to provide insurance coverage and that better way is an independent insurance agency representing only a plus companies and focusing on Home Insurance Tulsa everyone with the home needs home insurance. And if we focused on Home Insurance Tulsa, we’re going to get the person’s home and their auto and we’re going to give them good solid advice and a, a stress free risk free and a pressure free environment. And that’s the way insurance should be sold.

We were talking about good professional advice from professional insurance agents giving you what you need at the price you need to fit a square peg in a round hole. The last thing we want to do, it’s a square peg in a round hole because oftentimes around round peg could fit in a square hole, right? Yeah. But a square peg fit in a round hole because of the corners. So it’s Square peg, round hole. So for the best home insurance Tulsa, it’s a, you want a round peg in a round hole, not a square peg in a round hole and that’s what the captain or and non independent insurance agents give you. They tried to force you into what they have and that is what they have in the only thing that they can do to change that coverage or change your premium is change your cover.

That’s the last thing you want because you know, I would rather talk to someone at the time of giving them a quote on their freemium or maybe it’s a little higher than someone else. Then at the time of a claim when something’s not covered and you’re not happy because I’ll guarantee every insured wants a cheap home insurance told to policy, but every claimant doesn’t care about it and he got to talk to both people. You got to talk to the guy who’s going to make the claim that the person who’s buying the policy, you want to make sure they have hyman as the best home insurance Tulsa, a policy that they can get. So we’re shooting for the best home insurance policy, then we’re going to have to search the right companies and make sure that those companies are giving us the right policy that we need.

If they’re not, we just don’t write with them and they may call all day long and bitch and Moan about how we’re not writing enough business with them, which means we don’t write business with a company because the company wants us to. We write business with the company because it’s the best company for our clients. We work for our clients. That’s a company. Sorry companies. Sorry. I know we’re all a plus companies, but we are an independent insurance agency looking out for the wants, needs and desires of our clients only. So if this is the kind of white glove service you’re looking for from your insurance agent, and give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, 55. Oh, one. And talk to the professionals and ensure you Oklahoma. We’ll look forward to hearing from you and becoming a business partners and clients for life. Home Insurance Tulsa Thank you.