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Alright, welcome. Good morning and welcome to podcast 65, the original contents of a where we help you save money and get better coverage on your home insurance. Also, passionate about this. This is what we do. It’s who we are. We Love, love, love helping people and getting them the best coverage for the price. Sometimes when people think they can do better or you know, when they’re, if you want to shop insurance long enough, I guess you could find it cheaper, but you’re not gonna find it better. What we do is we advise our clients and we get the best, uh, best coverage for the price. That’s what we call value. When you get the best coverage for the price on Home Insurance Tulsa a, we’re not talking about cheap, cheap insurance is like cheap Sushi or achieve airplane. Uh, you know, it may feel good in the beginning when you’re first paying for it, that that’s, uh, that you’re saving money, but eventually, and not too long, you’re going to regret the purchase decision to buy that Home Insurance Tulsa from the CBI agent somewhere that’s doesn’t care about you.

They just care about making a sale, so when it comes to home insurance, we will get you the best home insurance. Also, coverage for the price will get you the best value, if not always going to be the cheapest, if that’s what you want and but we’re going to make sure you know exactly what you have because we can rip a policy apart and make dirt cheap, no coverage, but when that big storms rolling in or tornado bearing down on your house, the last thing you want is cheap insurance. You know, cheap insurance feels good when you first get it because you’re saving money or dislike. The monkey got his tail caught in the fan. You know what are the monkeys say that got a tail caught in the not too long now. So it’s not each. You save money on cheap insurance or cheap Sushi, you know, not too long.

Now you’re going to be disappointed with that purchase. I guarantee it. So at home insurance Tulsa, or for home insurance at ensure you Oklahoma, we will shop a bunch of different companies for you. We will look at Safeco, progressive, mercury, allstate, travelers, metlife, you know, we can look at all the big, all a plus rated and what that means to you is when it’s time for a claim to be paid, the fees, companies financially strong enough to pay. Now, travelers stock is down five percent today because they got hit with such bad hail storms, but they still have the money in reserves and it has nothing to do with their stock price. It depends on how much money these companies keep in reserve and it’s the reserves that are important. How much money did these companies keep back to pay future claims and how much do they spend in advertising or paying dividends to their customers or their of their owners.

And so that’s, that’s called the reserve. And the reserve ratio is what’s important out. Some companies take it to the ridiculous and have just crazy amount of reserves and their policies and their premiums are probably a little high because of it, you know? But anyway, they uh, know when it comes to home insurance also, they’re going to be able to pay and we want to make sure that the companies we represent are a pos companies and they can always pay. So and ensure you Oklahoma. We’ve done our due diligence. We’re here to help you with the best home insurance costs you can have. Now if you live in a mobile home, you know, that’s not really our thing. We’re not big into substandard coverage or substandard companies. We just don’t write them. It’s not our thing. But if you have a nice home that you keep nice and you and you want, you have pride of ownership and good, you keep it in good working condition.

That’s kind of how we want to ensure that. I didn’t say a big fancy house. It doesn’t have to be as huge, great house. You know, you, if you have a 12,000, 1200 square foot house and you’re proud of it and you take care of it, good for you. Bully, bully, bully for you. That’s great. If you have a 12,000 square foot house and you have housekeepers and maintenance people taking it up all the time and making sure it’s in great shape, good for you. That’s what we want you as a client as well, obviously. So you know, if you have a newer home and you keep it in good shape, I just drove by a whole subdivision of Simmons homes and they’re very nice homes. They’re the kind of homes that we want to ensure all day every day. Um, and so for Home Insurance Tulsa like I said, it doesn’t have to where we are a preferred writer, but it doesn’t have to be a crazy nice house.

You know, I’m driving by a Nice House with a nice stone veneer and new roof right now and it’s beautiful, but it was probably built in the 19 sixties or seventies, but it doesn’t matter because these people are keeping a nice. They have pride of ownership and it’s the kind of insured risk that we want. Now I’m coming up on a subdivision of all brand new homes. These are, you know, easy to ensure that we can ensure these all day, every day. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I don’t know why they put such big roofs on these. Maybe it’s cheaper to put on the roof and make it really high and put a half story up there than it is text. You raised the walls up higher to a second story. Home Insurance Tulsa I’ll bet that’s it. But anyway, uh, these are nice. They’re all know that look like they’re vented nicely.

They’re all three d architectural shingle, which is great as probably a 20 to 30 year shingle. Although in Oklahoma it’s probably not going to last 20 to 30 years just because of the intensity of our weather. We don’t have any bad weather predicted for the next few days. Just hot, hot, hot down, driving by great commercial building with a metal rough man. If I was to build a commercial building, I would only put them out on it. I wouldn’t even bother. You know, I’m coming up on a realtor office here and it has asphalt roof. Eventually. That’s gonna have to be replaced probably sooner than later because we live in Oklahoma and put a metal roof on there. It just sort of been a lot better shape would be a lot nicer and for longer you’re not going to have a problem with hey, so that’s what we talked about how to save money on insurance and it’s just by giving the guys that ensure you Oklahoma call and letting them shopped at different companies with you.

I don’t know why you would call one of the captains and have them quote your insurance and you know, you’re just quoting with one company there and you’ve got to take it or leave it at that point. You have to take what they offer you. If you don’t like it, you know, that’s sort of a vineyard option is to call someone else and then go through the whole rigamarole with them. If you don’t like what they have to offer, do you to call someone else? What a pain in the ass when you can just call, ensure you Oklahoma and get quoted for the different policies. Different. Four or five different ones with one phone call with a plus rated company. Now, Home Insurance Tulsa if they’re not a plus rated, if they’re a or a minus rated, does that mean that they can’t pay their claims? No, it doesn’t, but it just means that they’re probably not, not probably, but they’re just not as financially secure or strong as the a plus rated companies and that’s why we only represent a plus rated company.

So when it comes to home insurance also when it’s time to shop your home insurance to also you need to look at ensure you Oklahoma. You look go to you Oklahoma.com or you can call us at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Or if you’re in the western part of the state or the city. Four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One a. We have agents everywhere to help and we promised white glove service with a smile and that means calling you back. When you call, it means service when you need it. It means getting you the right policy for the right price and not just hoping to stick with us in our one policy, but hope or committed to do the work to getting you the best policy for the right price. That’s value. Value Equals, or a good price with good coverage on home insurance, say equals value a three legged stool, good, fast and cheap. You can have a good and bad. It’s not gonna. Be Cheap. You can have it good and cheap or it’s not going to be fast. You can have it fast and good, but it’s not going to be cheap, fast and cheap, but it’s not going to be good. So you’re going to have two or three of the three legged stool and ensure you Oklahoma when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa We are here to serve you with white glove service and we appreciate your calls. Thank you for calling. We’ll talk to you soon.