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Welcome, Judy [inaudible], Oklahoma. A getting started. All right. Number two, work at ensure you Oklahoma. Well, how bout this unlimited income potential? No glass ceiling. There are more millionaires are millionaires as the result of the profession of sales than any other profession.

How about helping people? The more people you help, the more money you make, more money you make, Home Insurance Tulsa the happier your family. How about we have a product that everyone has to have. You are selling something everyone has to have and you are getting paid to do it. And your helping people. Why ensure you Oklahoma? Well, except for the obvious reason of why not? We have a really cool name and a cool website. Um, we are an independent insurance agency. So we are able to shop coverage for our clients with up to six or seven or even more company at one time. We should never ever lose on price. Our closing ratio should be dropped. Bomb. What? The average agent at one of the biggies, like state farm or farmers or country financial. So why come to ensure you Oklahoma? We paid some of the highest commissions in the industry. We reward you with trips to exotic locations for you and a get when as you work and build your business. So as you build the better you do. You get rewarded when we even pay for your vacation. How about that? Why Insurance? Why not real estate? Well, or 4,000 realtors in a general sense. Do we need another one? No, we don’t.

Does everyone have to use use? Everyone has to come. You know they don’t. What if you don’t sell anything this month? Guess what? You don’t get paid. What does your mortgage broker you don’t sell anything. That’s my guess what? You don’t get paid. What if you’re an insurance agent? You’ve been doing this for three or four years and you take a month vacation. Guess what? You get paid. You get paid whether you are on the golf course or you’re sitting in the office because every time a client pays their bill, you get paid. How bout that? I like them apples. I mean, you don’t get much better than that. So why insurance? Sales, residual income, you get paid as long as you have these clients and as long as you stick to our stick to what we do and that is provide white glove service to our client service that they never had from another insurance agent or agency, Home Insurance Tulsa then you will keep that client and you have to be proactive and keep that client happy and made sure that the rates are good and make sure you can help them with all of their insurance needs.

When you do that and you will live off referrals because people will talk about you when you’re good. People know what good looks like and they want to be with you. They want to ensure you Oklahoma and they want to do business at assure. You will call them a.com. What they don’t want is some fly by night company. They don’t want some agent who has no experience in trying to pick a square peg in a round hole. No. What they want is an experienced agent and looks out for them, is independent, is unbiased, Home Insurance Tulsa can put them with any companies they choose to and if they don’t work for any one company or independent. So why is a straight sales so great? No inventory, no cost of goods sold, no accounts receivable, no. Even billing company does all the billing for you. You don’t even have to take or bill our client company through that and threatened positive once a month and then you get paid. Is the agency here


There isn’t another business that has residual income that a residual income, no cost of good sold, no inventory, no feeling, no accounts receivable, all the only industry that has all of that is the insurance industry. It’s also an industry that people have to have your product. If you want to drive on the road, you have to have insurance. If you want to buy a house and you have a mortgage, you have to have insurance. If you have a house, you don’t have a mortgage insurance. If you have children, you need life insurance. If you are alive in our society, you need health insurance. We are selling a product that people have to have. People have to have it, and you know what? It ain’t cheap. In Oklahoma, we have some of the highest insurance rates in the country. We also have a low cost of living, so if you want to make a great living while you’re doing what you’re, as you’re helping people, and I’m talking about helping friends, helping family, helping loved ones, helping someone that needed a party, helping someone that you’re standing in line with at a grocery store.

If you’re using the three foot rule, everyone within three feet of you always knows what you do and who you are. Then a, and this is the career for you. It’s also the career. You can start late in life. I don’t care if you’re 50, 50, five, 10 year runway and you’ll never have to retire in 10 years. If you just build a $10,000 a year, Home Insurance Tulsa you’re going to have $100,000 a year of income in retirement and that’s your social security or 401k pension you might have and all you have to do with service these people and they’re not going to go away and you have a lifetime annuity. Maybe you work from 65 to 75, one or two days a week, taking a vacation every six weeks and you get paid for it. What else you gonna do? You’re not going to play that much golf.

You can’t hang around with your wife or your husband and you kill each other. Can’t travel that much. The greatest thing about grandkids and she gets released, leave them when you’re sick of him. You have nothing else to do and the more you keep active, the better off you are. The sharpie reminded the less chance for all the timers, the less of a chance for a heart disease. You’re physically active, you’re working, you’re doing stuff, you’re being productive. These are all the things that keep people alive that in cigars and Whiskey, but besides scars and Whiskey, selling insurance and having the business and your career is something that will keep you alive. Animals. It’ll keep you above. What if you decided to play golf three days a week? That’s a lot of golf. Could you work too? And what if you just wanted to maintain your insurance agency enough to pay for a trip every six weeks.

So if you made $50,000 a year or $60,000 a year, let’s say it’s $5,000 a month and you wanted to take a trip every six week, could you take a nice trip somewhere? Just you and your wife every six weeks for $5,000. Yeah, but you could. I bet it’d be really nice too. So what we do is we like we insure you Oklahoma and we specialize in home insurance, salsa and I haven’t done enough. We specialize in home insurance, Tulsa, which means people need Home Insurance Tulsa and we provide it for them. And those people always have cars, so not only as a home insurance, but we also have auto insurance. Home Insurance calls is where we begin because that’s the most expensive policy that someone could have. And if they don’t have the right home insurance policy is also the policy that can financially ruined them if they aren’t covered correctly.

So we provide white glove service and the best a home insurance Tulsa, you get at a great price. So that’s the of square peg in round hole. We want to stick a round peg in a round hole and give you the best home insurance salsa premium policy you can get if you are out to help your friends and family and cohorts and people at the golf course. If you could write for new home insurance policies a month, you’d be making about $6,000 a year from that. Then you get paid $6,000 of renewal and you have $6,000 of new business. And then you have $12,000 a rule. Then you have $6,000 on top of it. See how it just snowballs and snowballs every year. And every year, and then of course premiums go up on home insurance, so you get paid more on those premiums. So for the best, best part, time or full time job you can have selling home insurance also come to the guys and ensure you Oklahoma.

Sit Down with, let’s see if we’re a right fit for you and seeing if we have the career that you want. If writing a home insurance Tulsa, it’s helping your friends, then why not do it? Why not be the professional? I have a friend of mine who was retired and only works enough to pay his green fields and his country club dues. And that’s fine with me and home instead. Ensure you Oklahoma, uh, writing home insurance policy so we can provide that for you. So this is the last call. Go to home insurance or go. Don’t go to home insurance to also go to ensure you Oklahoma. And Click on the join our team tab and see why you should join great agency like ours. Until next time, this is the ensure you Oklahoma podcast. Signing off.