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Good morning and welcome to a Ada, ensure you will call them a podcast, but aux 88, 88, 88 is. It’s like it put it on inside as to infinity symbols and actually, and that’s what we can. We are, we are growing to infinity, you know the old saying no tree roads in the sky. Well this one’s going to baby. You got to keep growing. And uh, so that’s why the ADA is so important to us today. It is the, it is the symbol of infinity. These symbol of growth, of a prosperous making. People’s dreams come true. That’s what we’re all about, baby working and growing. We’re growing. All right. So uh, oh, is ensure you Oklahoma? Well, Home Insurance Tulsa we are the Oklahoma’s premier independent insurance agency. What does that mean to you? Well, uh, what that means to you is that because we are independent, we can shop five or six or 10 different companies on your behalf and we can get you the best policy for the money numbers, the best value.

And we only represent a bus company. So the thought of having to go to an all state state farm farmers captain, agent, and you know, call around to these captive agencies to get a quote. Those days are over baby. Those are gone. You don’t have to do it. You call it premier independent insurance agency is sure will call them up and we will get you the right policy at the right price and we’ll get you the quotes quickly. You need to call five different companies or you can call one and get five different quotes. What do you, what is it going to be? So let’s just say you’re in the market for Home Insurance and uh, you need it for the closing on the house. Home Insurance Tulsa Now you have how many other things you have to do to close on your house. What is the mortgage broker as a, your first born, you’re a 19, 67 tax returns.

What were you doing when the Beatles and Betas America? Uh, all this other stuff. So the last thing or the easiest thing to not worry about in the easiest thing, get the pants off and eliminate thread tape. The closing is the insurance, so you call a good independent insurance agency like sure you my, and we have and we are the premier independent of taking the students also Alma, uh, and we get to five quotes. We get you the best. We coordinate with your mortgage broker and we get everything you need to close it. Bada Bing, Bada boom. Over. One less thing to worry about your home insurance to all set. John. Don’t have to worry about it. Not have to worry about it again as you, uh, as you’re getting ready to move into your house or you’re excited about the move. That’s the great news. I mean, that’s what better. I mean, Home Insurance Tulsa what’s an insurance agent for except to eliminate some red tape from your life.

That’s what we do. And so, um, when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, we have helped hundreds of clients and we do it mostly when people are buying a house, refinancing a house, whatever it might be, because they need that annual policy deck and we love doing it and helping our clients. So I just remembered I put my sunglasses under the back seat to get those out because otherwise I’ll lose them and I’ll buy another pair that’d be a couple hundred bucks and then I will, um, Home Insurance Tulsa, find them next year or sometime when I go to get the jumper cables out from under there. So anyway, back to what were we talking about? Yeah. Independent Insurance Agency. Why, why work? Why work with us while you’re working with the best, you know, we’re not easy to find. You have to know someone and they have to be referred to us.

We’re not easy to find, you know, state farm, Geico and progressive, all spend over $1,000,000,000 on advertising. That’s a lot of money. The companies we represent don’t, I mean all state does with me, but you know, if you heard of mercury above Safeco, what about the others? Well, they don’t spend a lot, which means that they can keep their premiums lower. I mean, when they, when a company spends a lot on advertising, that money has to come from somewhere and yeah, you’re right, it comes from you and your premiums. Uh, do you want your home insurance premiums to be higher? I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s what you want. I think you want to know, you want something fair, Home Insurance Tulsa, you understand what insurance is. His bottom line is a bunch of people getting together and pooling their money. So if something happens to one of them, there’s enough money in that pool to fix that house or pay that life insurance claim or whatever.

It’s the whole concept of big risk of money. So when it comes to home insurance, also you want to make sure that are in the right risk pool. You are in with a bunch of people who don’t have, who don’t have, are to have a bunch of bad claims and that’s about the underwriter and insurance companies and who they’re representing. So you want to make sure that you’re with a good company and doesn’t take a lot of risks. Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, that goes for health insurance too. That’s why health insurance for everyone doesn’t work because the concept of insurance is if I’m going to pull my money in a giant pool with people, I don’t want to. I don’t want unhealthy people in that pool because then my then we all have to pay more and I don’t want to pay for someone else. Paid for yourself.

Yeah, I get it. I get it. It’s not fair. We’re the richest country in the world, but when it comes to home insurance, you definitely know you don’t want to be an expensive in a high risk pool. You want to be a. You want to be in a good pool with good people and that’s why a preferred carrier and a plus rated company is so important to you. You know it’s not just your ability to pay claims is durability keep rates low because they have good insurance on the books. Get it. I mean, if you’re. If you’re. If you’re with other good homeowners, people have pride of ownership to keep their house nice, to keep it up, then that’s a good tool to be in because they’re not going to raise the rates as much as people that, Home Insurance Tulsa uh, you know, you have high risk people. Do you really want to be an insurance pool with a bunch of $50,000 houses and people who don’t give a crap about, you know, what the House looks like?

No, because you have a beautiful quarter of a million dollar house and a big beautiful house like that that you take care of. You want it to look nice and you keep it nice and you are a, a nice touchy into homework without a crazy wife. I guess everyone is crazy anyway. So when it comes down to it, when your mortgage broker says you need to get your home insured, you need to call the right people. We actually have some great a plus rated companies that quite frankly, no one can touch no one. It’s just not, you know, when we’re shopping your coverage with five different companies, you’re just not gonna. You’re not going to be able to. People we have now. That gives me also back. Y’All always want your home and auto insurance bundled together. There’s never a time when it makes sense not to do it for a long time.

You didn’t have to do what you can have your home one place, your auto somewhere else, but it doesn’t exist in Tulsa, Oklahoma anymore. And Tulsa. You need to have, you need to have your home insurance and auto insurance in the same place. A bundled together to get to multi policy discount and hopefully, hopefully your, uh, you know, you could also, if you have a motorcycle or if you have a, a, a boat or an rv or any, you know, toys, you can insure those same company to. Now Home Insurance Tulsa if you’re just a motorcycle rider, we can put you in the dairy land or aggressive and all state. We have, you know, a bunch of good ones for just motorcycle insurance, very lanes, higher risk. So, you know, we also have haggerty insurance for, you know, the classic cars and the hard to insure cars. Haggerty. You just can’t go wrong with that. In fact, I think we’re looking at during a, a Lamborghini with angry today. That’s a nice sweet. Right? So anyway, that.