All right. One seven, eight. Um, this is ensure you America. Go to ensure you or ensure you or visit our Facebook page just under insure you Oklahoma and find out who we are, why we’re the best independent insurance agency in Oklahoma. Find out why people are switching to us from the captains. Find out why people are switching to us for the unbiased professional insurance advice of insurance changes with 20 plus years of experience instead of someone who was just hired. And if you’re with the captain agency and some new young hot shot a insurance agent, let me tell you what happens. They hire anyone who can fog a mirror. Believe me and the good agents become managers because that’s the only way you can make money in those captive environments. And so then you don’t have the good agents and you have a few older agents who, uh, will get some work done and make a little money.

But by and large, the captive agents is a never ending circle of people moving in and out of the agencies. And the people who get hurt most by that are the clients or in their case the customers, they’re very transactional. They only meet with people when they have to and then they will immediately turn and try to cross sell you life insurance. You had that experience. Have you had the experience where you wanted home insurance, Tulsa and then they on the cross selling the auto and quite frankly it makes sense that you have your auto and home together because if you don’t, you’re just paying more than you need to for both. Um, but then they immediately start talking about life. And why is that? Well the captive companies made a lot of money selling life insurance and so they require their agents all life insurance.

Now whether they can build a PC book or not, managers don’t care. The company doesn’t care because all they want is life insurance production and um, they actually have contracts that need to be validated based on this. So if you aren’t buying life insurance from them, then they don’t, then you are a little interest in them. I was actually in an office one time where a client called in and our agent’s name was Steve Cruz. Steve has since passed. I miss Steve a good mentor, a good man. But he was uh, had someone call and complain and say, please tell him to stop calling me about life insurance. I don’t want life insurance and I don’t need life insurance. Well that’s the job of the multi line agent with the captive company and it’s to sell as much like you transfer and they will have, they have trips based on it.

So are they telling you like your friends cause you need it or because they can prove to you why or London or grand Cayman, wherever it might be. Yeah. So you need to be wary of the captive. Now you’ve come to a true independent insurance agency. Like you’re sure you won’t call him up. Uh, we’re at a hundred and first and Memorial or just East of Memorial. We have a location in old Porgy, but you come to us and we will do the right thing and we will make sure your home insurance houses done right. Insert correctly. We’ll make sure your auto insurance have good. You know what, if you need life insurance, all you have to do is ask and we will take care of it for you. But one thing we’re not going to do is shove it down your throat. We don’t try to force a square peg in a round hole.

We do what’s right for our clients. So, uh, at seven 45 this morning, got our first person to call up and say, well actually send us an email and say, Hey, I need a quote on my home insurance Tulsa. That’s great because what we’re gonna do is a, I have a meeting here at nine, but when I get to the office around 10 30, I’m going to call the person, collect the information, and then we’re going to shop his home insurance. Tulsa was six different companies and it’ll depend on a lot of things and which company we go to, part of town, um, age of the house, size of the house, his credit, it’s a he this time, uh, his credit rating, um, if it’s bro bro or urban setting, um, if it’s new, how old the roof is, if they’ve had claims in the past.

So there’s a lot of things that go into underwriting a home and that’s why it’s beneficial though with an independent insurance agent because they have the ability to shop multiple different companies. In our case right now we’re shopping six different companies for people on their home insurance, Tulsa. So just think about it. You can call six different captive agents for companies and here’s the little trick, call agents from the same company and see how different their quotes are. You’ll be amazed. Um, you can make six different phone calls or you can call one and call us and get six different quotes and we will guide you, lead you and guide you to the best insurance policy for your insurance dollar.

And that’s how we do things at insure you Oklahoma. It’s why we have happy customers. So you can have happy customers get online and read our Google reviews. Um, I believe we have over a hundred and just short of 120. We need to keep growing obviously and keep making people happy. You can get more reviews would be great. Um, so if you’re a happy customer or happy client, you’re listening into this, we sure would appreciate a good Google review and uh, you know, just saying how great we are or, uh, we like claimed videos. So if we’ve made you happy with your home insurance Tulsa, you know, let us know and we, we really appreciate it. If we haven’t, please let us know and we will make it right. We’re going to change it and make it better. So if you bought your house from McGraw, that’s great.

Give us a call. We will do what we can to help. If you bought it from Coldwell banker, great. Give us a call. We’ll see what we can do to help you regardless of who your mortgage broker is. Uh, we will be probably, we probably work with your mortgage broker because we represent all different companies and the mortgage broker wants the best for the client. We had one mortgage broker yesterday and the yellow from there estimated the insurance at $130 and we were able to get it for um, 92 or $93. So that was $40 cheaper than what the loan officer estimated. And that’s, you know, right off the mortgage. That means this person’s mortgage is going to be that much cheaper, which is great because of the house is more affordable if the house is more affordable and it’s better for the client. And believe me, that’s all we want.

So this one just happened to be a special case where everything came to gather at once and people are chomping at the bit to get in. They have bunch of their stuff in self storage. Um, I think his name was James and uh, he’s about ready to get in and the house and they have good credit and have a lot of good things going for him. So, and we’re going to be able to get them in at a great price. Uh, the insurance will be good. We’re actually saving money on their auto insurance, but, and this ding-a-ling ass one, if he was happy with his current auto insurer, well, you know what? If you have auto and home insurance, if you have home insurance, Tulsa, it’s always going to be cheaper to have them together for both of them. And this one, it saved him $250 a year, have his auto insurance with us, and we saved him $5 a month or $7 a month on his auto insurance. So what, what is this signaling what I’m happy with my auto insurance coverage. You’re happy paying more for the same coverage? Doesn’t make sense. So anyway, that’s how we do things at insure you, Oklahoma. Give us a and that’s the letter U between insurer you between insure in Oklahoma. It’s the letter U, but showing you that you are most important.